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Tips for First Time Cruisers

If you’re planning to take your first cruise you may feel slightly nervous. It’s easy to get anxious about your first time on the sea in a large cruise ship. The idea of not knowing what to expect and not knowing the ropes of cruise ship traveling can be overwhelming to your mind. Today I’m going to help alleviate those worries with these simple cruise tips for first-timers.

First Cruise Tips

Will You or Won’t You Get Sea Sick

If you have never cruised before and don’t know if you will get sea sick, be prepared. Once you get sea sick it’s too late to do anything about it. Chances are you won’t feel right for the remainder of the cruise. You can easily prevent any sea sick episode by visiting your doctor before your trip and asking for a prescription for a sea sick patch. You simply put the patch behind your ear BEFORE boarding the ship. Each patch lasts 3 days. Why risk getting sea sick and ruining your trip. Even if you have never experienced sea sickness on a small fishing boat or ferry, that doesn’t mean you won’t feel sick on a large cruise ship. There are many forms of sea sick prevention on the market. I have found the prescription patch works best.

Don’t Worry About Cash

During your time on the cruise ship, everything is paid using your room key. This means that you won’t have to worry about carrying cash during your time aboard the ship. While you may want to have some cash on hand for port shopping, when you’re on the ship there’s no cash necessary or accepted.

No Body Scanners

Some cruise ships don’t have body scanners and all of the high-end security measures that airports have, just yet. They do have metal detectors and your bag will go through an x-ray machine, but otherwise, there aren’t any highly intrusive body scanners on board to check you before setting off on the cruise.

Go for an Interior Cabin

While you may want to experience a full-blown cruise ship packaged experience, having a balcony for your first cruise may not be the best idea. Consider going for an interior cabin room as that will cost less and allow you to get used to being at sea without dealing with the balcony. Find out if you enjoy cruising before going all out on cost with a balcony cabin.

Board One Hour Before Closing

Unless your cruise ship offers staggered boarding hours, you’ll be best suited to wait until one hour before the time your cruise ship stops boarding passengers. This will allow you to quickly get checked in and on board rather than waiting in the long line of early arrivals.

Don’t Worry About Money Exchange

Many cruise ships dock and port at locations that obviously don’t use US currency, but the good news is that most ports that have high tourism rates will accept US currency. These ports have grown accustomed to making life easier for cruise ship visitors.

Room Service is Free

Be sure to check this out, as not all cruise ships offer free room service, but for the most part, you can expect that your room service is included with your cruise ship package. This means, unlike living in a hotel for a week, you’ll be able to order what you want and get it when you want for free. This is perfect for late night snacks or breakfast in bed! This is one time when having a little bit of cash will come in handy. Be sure to tip your room service delivery steward.

There you have it, a few simple tips to help you survive your first cruise. These tips will surely have you ready to get out there on the open sea and enjoy yourself during your first cruise. 

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