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Best Tips for Amazing Family Travel with the Kids

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Having children does not mean having to stop traveling. Although there are still many families who wait for children to reach a certain age, or leave them with other relatives to take long trips, the trend of taking the little ones with them and traveling as a family is on the rise.

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Family Travel with the Kids

Here are some tips for amazing family travel with the kids.

family travel with the kids

Find a Destination that Suits the Little Ones

You can find many countries that have amazing attractions for children. Water parks, amusement parks, theme parks with animals, hotels where there are activities for them or places frequented by other families where our children can meet more children.

Try to find activities in common according to their age and that attract their attention. For example, in Asia you should introduce them to snorkeling and enjoy the seabed. In the jungle they can see different types of animals, jump on a zip line or play sports.

Choose Direct Routes

If you travel by plane, avoid flights having layovers. If they do, then don’t be too long. Also try to ensure that the schedules are good for children and that they do not break their biorhythms.

During the trip, sit them near the windows, so they can contemplate the landscape and have one more distraction. If the flight is at night, be sure to ask the flight attendant for a blanket and pillow.

The more rested they arrive at their destination, the better they will feel. For long trips, we recommend bringing them some entertainment.

Some companies have sheets and paintings to distract them, also with drawings to color and with magazines where with the maps on the last pages you can take the opportunity to teach them geography.

Include the Essentials

Depending on the country you are traveling to, it will be convenient to take everything that our children need as a basic necessity. It is better not to leave anything to chance, especially in medicines.

Remember! You should carry a first aid kit with yourself. You never know if you will be able to find the drugs easily or at what price.

Do Not Be Afraid

Many families admit not taking their children with them for fear of something happening. However, there are many safer countries than ours. If traveling alone or as a couple does not happen any mishap, why would it happen with our children? What’s more, taking children with us will open more doors for us.

In some countries in Asia or Africa, families tend to be very large, so they will be happy to help you, get to know us and possibly your children end up playing with ours.

Slow Down on Your Family Trips

Although they seem unstoppable during the day and have more energy than we do, children tend to tire sooner. Avoid long days full of visits, museums, meals made up of something fast and wanting to make the most of the trip.

Learn to enjoy a relaxed pace, with longer breaks so children have time to eat and rest. The days will end sooner and you may have seen less things, but you will have enjoyed them with more time.

Adapt to Their Schedules

It depends on the age, the child will have pre-established habits. Even if you are in the other part of the world and we have the feeling that time does not exist, it is best not to alter them.

Try to make sure that the different meals are at the same time, that they get enough sleep or that they are in bed at the established times. This will prevent fatigue from leading to tantrums and ultimately being an uncomfortable situation for everyone.


If your child does not walk, then here the question arises: Carriage or baby carrier? The answer is only destiny. If you are traveling to a city where the streets are paved

and easy to get around, then you can afford to bring the chair.

If what you have in mind is to go on a mountain excursion, visit old towns or do outdoor activities, then the most comfortable thing is a baby carrier.

In your trip you will notice that many parents have also chosen this option. Forget about cribs, changing tables or other items. Many hotels already have it.

Entertainment Kit

Children need to be distracted all the time. To withstand the long plane trips, train or queues, it is best that he has his own kit with toys or things that he likes.

Depending on his age, you can put a stuffed animal that is important to him, a notebook with paintings, a toy that he appreciates or books.

If it is already a bit older, then you can also carry several games on a mobile device such as the tablet. The more entertaining you are, the more enjoyable the trip will be.

Get Closer to Other Children

Meeting people from other cultures is one of the most enriching parts of a trip . If your child ends up playing with the young people of the place, he will have learned to be more tolerant, possibly he will end up breaking a word in another language and will have a much more open mind.

They say that the best school is to travel the world, and what better way to instill it in them from a young age. The worst thing that can happen is that you end up making a lot of friends and don’t want to go home.


Traveling as a family will be very different from how you were used to doing it. This does not mean that it is bad, but that now you can enjoy other things that you previously would not notice.

It will also be much more fun, we will see the world through the eyes of our children , we will have much more time to observe the place and we can share our hobbies and great moments with them.