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Family Travel Tips from Best Buy- Family Always First! Stay Connected!


In these hectic, frantic, busy on the go times, there is nothing more important than spending time with family. Family togetherness and family travel stands out in my mind as one of the most important things in life! If you had asked me a few years ago how important it was to stay connected when traveling with family I most likely would have rolled my eyes. But now that not all of the family can go where we go and our lives are take us in all different directions, staying connected is one of the most important things when we travel.

Best Buy knows that family is important and is a leader in offering all the items any family needs to spend time together while staying connected at the same time! They offer some of the best tips for family travel at  and I have been working my way through the list of ways to enjoy life with my family!

So far, my favorite tip is “Middle of Nowhere!” because with my family’s busy schedule it’s often hard to get everyone to commit to any trip or activity that requires a few days. We love to camp and can easily take a quick over-night or long weekend at a great camping spot or camp ground not too far from home – but, with all the new technology available at Best Buy, we can go anywhere, anytime, anyplace and enjoy family time even if it’s only for a few hours!

One of my absolute favorite little devices is my AT&T Unite 4G (prepaid mobile hotspot) that let’s my family extend our internet connection for up to 10 Wi-Fi-enabled devices and take our internet connection with us on camping trips, hiking trips, or even just a day at the beach. It lets us have family travel time anywhere! The battery lasts up to 10 hours which means we can watch movies, play video games or even have face to face chats with family that couldn’t join us on our camping trip! A mobile hotspot means Internet connectivity for multiple devices, wherever there’s a cell signal. You can go camping and kick your camping experience up a notch with your very own outdoor streaming theater. A hotspot, a laptop, a Wi-Fi smart projector, plus some camper’s ingenuity and you’re watching your favorite travel flicks in no time. S’mores and popcorn recommended!

Spending a day at the beach when you just have too much work to do sometimes seems like just a dream. Not with a mobile hotspot – take your laptop with you. Believe me, working on the beach for a day is so much nicer than being closed up inside and really gets your creative juices flowing! 

If your family isn’t a fan of the great outdoors, Best Buy Family Travel Tips has some other great ideas that will help you get your family on the the road to togetherness! Don’t give up the idea of a great family road trip because you worry about staying connected with those at home and dropped cell service along your route. 

Disclaimer: The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free. All opinions are my own., Best Buy Family Travel Tips, #ad, #FamilyTravelTips, #BestBuy

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