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Family Travel Guide to San Antonio, TX

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family travel san antonio

San Antonio, TX is one of the coolest places that you can visit in the US. It looks great, it has a mysterious vibe and it’s also known for giving access to some rather iconic locations too. There’s definitely a ton of stuff to enjoy when you go to San Antonio, especially if you want to visit it with your family. With that in mind, we created a list with some interesting options for you to consider. Whether you are traveling from within the U.S. or visiting from Europe (we’ll let you know what documents you need), San Antonio makes a great family vacation! 

River Walk

A lot of people consider the San Antonio River Walk to be one of the most iconic places in San Antonio. Here’s you can find most of the coolest adventures and the beautiful locations here are definitely worth checking out. People always love the idea of exploring new locations and this is definitely one of the better options out there for sure.

The Alamo

The Alamo is a part of the local history. There are plenty of highlights here, but for the most part you will appreciate the outstanding attention to detail, great focus on history and all the quality that comes with stuff like this. It’s definitely well worth it and rewarding, which is exactly why you want to try it out for yourself. Keep in mind that the views here are extraordinary and you will enjoy the old architecture too. There’s a ton of stuff to see and enjoy here, so you do need to check it out for yourself if possible. You won’t be disappointed.

The Magicians Agency

The reason why a lot of people love The Magicians Agency is because it’s great for kids and adults alike. It’s super fun and intricate and is full of options for the entire family. It definitely manages to deliver a great amount of fun and something like this will be super entertaining and enjoyable for any magician hopeful.  With that in mind, you don’t want to go to San Antonio with your family without going to The Magicians Agency.

Morgans Wonderland Photo Credit:

Morgan’s Wonderland

As you can imagine, this is another stellar place for kids. A lot of people enjoy it because it’s unique and it brings in front unique options that you will like a lot. The benefit is that a ticket to visit is not that expensive for a full day of fun (adults $17/children $11) for full access to the entire park.

San Antonio Missions National Historical Park Photo Credit:

San Antonio Missions National Historical Park

People that love history will surely enjoy the San Antonio Missions National Historical Park. It’s an iconic, distinct place that everyone will love and the best part is that the tickets are not that expensive if you go there either. It’s one of the nicest and most interesting things to consider when you visit San Antonio, so you should totally check it out.

De Bexar Cathedral

When you check the De Bexar Cathedral you will love its beautiful appeal and the interior too. It really is unlike any other place that you might have seen. It’s visually astounding, distinct and it will be one of the coolest locations that you have ever discovered in this city, you can rest assured of that.

St. Joseph Catholic Church

Speaking of churches and locations like that, you will appreciate the St Joseph Catholic Church. This really is an astounding church that will be quite impressive for most people which visit it. The church stands out thanks to the way it’s illuminated, the beautiful attention to detail they put in here and the overall quality. You just can’t find stuff like this anywhere else nowadays, which is a shame as it’s simply stunning!

Briscoe Western Art Museum

Since you are in the middle of the old school western places, the Briscoe Western Art Museum is a good place to visit. That’s the best way to connect with western memorabilia and you can also learn a whole lot about the western places among others. It’s definitely worth a shot if you love western culture in general, so just give the Briscoe Western Art Museum a shot.

Natural Bridge Caverns Photo Credit:

Natural Bridge Caverns

Many people that visit San Antonio start with a visit the Natural Bridge Caverns. There’s a reason for that, they are really exciting and the cool thing about them is that you can visit them at any given time during the day and basically have a different experience. It all comes down to exploring and enjoying all these cool options with the entire family.

San Antonio Botanical Garden

When you visit the San Antonio Botanical Garden, you will get to see just how impressive these places can really be. They give a tremendous quality and value and the overall experience is just amazing in the end. The sheer idea that you can see hundreds of plant types is astonishing, and you do get to have a great set of results here.

San Antonio is one of the coolest places that you can visit and it will give you lots and lots of amazing locations to explore. If you love the idea of visiting new places, checking out the local history, culture and architecture, then this is the right way to do it. Visit these great places with your family and remember to be prepared and be safe!

ESTA for International Travelers to the U.S. and San Antonio

What is ESTA? If you’re an international traveler then you need to focus on getting either a VISA or an ESTA. These show that the US is allowing you to travel for a short amount of time. It’s a very good idea to check these out and see for yourself if you will enjoy the experience or not. With that in mind, you will need to go to the local authorities or apply for an ESTA online. Aside from that, you will be more than OK once you have the ESTA ready to go.