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Seven Family Friendly Things to Do in Texas

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Texas is not exactly the first state people would think of when they are planning a trip for the entire family. Due to the size of the state, there are actually a lot of things that everyone in the family can enjoy. Visiting the best Texas beaches should be one of the top priorities in a Texas family vacation.

Family Friendly Texas

Here are some other family-friendly activities you must try on a family vacation to Texas:

Surround Yourself With Legos

Legos have an enduring appeal that transcends generations. Because of this, the whole family will surely enjoy being surrounded by Legos. Everything in the LEGOLAND Discovery Center in Dallas Fort Worth is LEGO-related, elevating the meaning of fun to an even higher notch.

In the LEGOLAND Discovery Center, there is a Ninjago training camp where aspiring Ninjago masters can learn to master their craft. They will be undergoing a short training course under Sensei Wu.

Visitors may also stop by a LEGO factory tour. In this part of the park, people will get to see how LEGOs are made.

Other attractions include the animal-themed LEGO villages, DUPLO Village and the DUPLO Jams.

Visit A Big Cat Refuge

If your kids are avid fans of National Geographic, it is likely that they like seeing big cats like lions and leopards onscreen. Texas gives you the opportunity to take your kids and see these big cats in the flesh.

The Tiger Creek Big Cat Refuge is a sanctuary of tigers, lions, leopards, pumas, cougars and other big cats. This sanctuary occupies 150 acres, with a walking tour of about half a mile, giving your family enough information about felines to talk about for the next few days.

The great thing about this sanctuary is that a not for profit organization runs it, ensuring that all of the animals are well taken care of.

Become Temporary Lone Star State Trailblazers

The Wildcatter Ranch Resort and Spa offers an opportunity for the entire family to ride a horse and become Lone Star State Trailblazers even for a few hours. The resort has 35 horses, which means you have enough choices for the horse you will be on. You can go on a group or private guided horseback rides as you go around the resort’s 1500-acre property.

Shop and Dine at the San Antonio Riverwalk

The San Antonio Riverwalk is arguably the most visited tourist destination in the state. While it was first made as a means to control the flooding in the area, it has become a place where foodies, shoppers, and artists converge. There is always a major event taking place with parades, festivals and artisan shows among them. It is also a chance to look at the historic San Antonio River, which was a major waterway for much of the past.

Immerse the Family in the World of Space Exploration

The Space Center Houston is the official space learning center that is affiliated with the NASA Johnson Space Center in the city. Visitors will be able to learn a lot about space exploration and the STEM subjects at the center.

The museum also has an extensive collection of rocks and other particles from the moon from the multiple lunar expeditions on display. There are even theater shows that are presented from time to time.

Ride Thrilling Theme Park Attractions

The Zero Gravity Thrill Park is not your typical theme park. With incredibly daring rides, the entire family will surely enjoy it. What is great with this is that safety is a top concern by the administration so they always make sure that they do the proper safety precautions.

Watch Dolphins

Are your kids fascinated with dolphins? The South Padre Island Dolphin Research and Sea :Life Nature Park will be heaven for them. This center operates to ensure the protection of marine life especially in the Gulf of Mexico. They also aim to improve education and conservation-related efforts for these marine animals.

The center offers dolphin tours, where visitors are taken to the middle of the Laguna Madre Bay via a chartered boat to see how dolphins live in the wild. This will help your child have a deeper understanding and appreciation of dolphins

There is also a Sea Life Center in the actual facility of the organization. This center has touch tanks and aquariums where guests can interact with starfish, crabs, and fish.

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The number of things to do with family in Texas is not limited to the activities mentioned above. As Texas is a vast state, you can find so many worth-visit tourist attractions around. It depends on the number of days you have on hand to explore this big state. Visit The Travel Love to find other travel related information about destinations from around the world.

Ryan Biddulph

Monday 14th of May 2018

I would visit the big cat refuge for sure. One thrill of my world travels was sitting with big cats in Thailand, petting the 400 pound tigers, giving them love. Maybe the peak of my life LOL. An experience I will likely never have again. Until I travel to a developing nation with lax legal standards.