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Family Camping Do’s and Don’ts

Family camping is surely the most exciting outdoor activity you can do once in a while, but the thought that you are with your family makes the preparation even more demanding. You have to prepare this and that for the kids, and this and that for the elders, etc. However, as most campers say “prepare, prepare, prepare. “ In preparation, you can never go wrong. 

family camping dos donts

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To help you prepare the things you need to bring and be aware of, below is a helpful list of do’s and don’ts. 

Camping Do’s

1. Do list all the necessary camping gear and necessary equipment 

Before the camping trip, you must make a list of all the things you will be bringing to the campsite. Otherwise, you might forget packing it before the day of the trip. On the day of the camping trip and even after it, always make sure you have the list with you. Double-check if all the things are already packed and you have not left anything in the campsite. 

2. Do check the weather forecast before the camping trip

The weather conditions of an area are not stable. It might or might not rain anytime. Thus, before going to the campsite, it is important to check the weather forecast first to know what kind of weather you will expect. From this, you will know the appropriate camping gear and equipment to bring. 

3. Do select the right tent for the family

There are many available tents in the market. Including which are offered on sites, like When selecting a tent, whether for purchasing or renting, make sure to count first the number of people you will be with. If you’re with a larger group, select the bigger one. 

Also, since no one knows what will happen during the camping trip, making it waterproof would be a lot better, especially during an unexpected rainy night.

4. Do prepare emotionally, physically and financially

The camping trip is not for everyone, as some would say. Perhaps, it is. However, there is nothing so detrimental and risky if you prepare yourself emotionally, physically and financially before deciding to go on a camping trip. Meditate, exercise and plan the budget for the trip ahead of time. Camping might be exhausting as everyone might think, but it is a rewarding and satisfying activity only campers know.  

Camping Don’ts 

1. Don’t leave your food unattended on the campsite

There are many animals and insects in the campsite, and leaving food unattended would be a bad idea. Before going to a hike or rest, your place should be cleaned up. Follow the proper food safety, so you won’t have to encounter problems regarding animals and insects. Also, make sure your food is properly stored in a container to avoid easy spoilage as well as animals from opening it easily. 

2. Don’t litter

Empty cans, bottles, cups and many more – these are the most common trashes campers leave after the camping trip. With the worsening conditions of the environment, littering around the campground would be mean. Pick up your trash and leave no trace of human wastes. 

3. Don’t be too strict with the kids

Many parents would say “don’t do this” rather than “do it” during a camping trip. Some may even be stricter than that. However, always note that camping is an outdoor activity. It is the best time to teach kids new skills they can use for survival. Don’t restrict your kids too much. Let them run, try new things. Let them be kids. As long as they are in a safe place and not playing with fire, let them enjoy the camp while they still can. 

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