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Family Activities For The Beach

The beach is the type of place where worries and troubles leave those shoulders and listening to the sea lap on the shore is akin to every relaxing moment we are told about. Aside from hopping waves, and playing in the rocks, there are other fun things to do at the beach. Once you’ve got your water shoes for rocky beaches, some beach toys and some sunshine, here are some suggestions for having the best time at the beach as a family.




One of the best things about the coast is the winds you get. There is nothing quite as much fun as flying a kite. Even Mary Poppins loved it. Also if you aren’t lucky enough to get a really strong wind, you can get the kids to run as fast as they can to get the kite lifting up into the air. If you love the idea of a kite but don’t have one handy, if you still have plastic carrier bags and sting you can make your own.


If you have a super sandy patch, you can play as many games of Hangman as you like. Simply cover the sand over once you’re finished and start again. This one is great for older kids and adults.

Make Like Anna

Do you wanna build a sandman? All of those mornings spent rolling snow into giant balls to create the best snowman can be put to use. How about a shell for eyes? Or seaweed for hair?

Treasure Hunt

But without the treasure. The aim of the game is to find the coolest stuff in the sand. You can bring along some metal detectors and judge the best treasure at the end. Remember to dig with a spade and not your hands. If you dig any large hole be sure to fill them in as best you can for the safety of other beach users.


Frisbee or throw and catch games are a lot of fun on the beach. The slight wind can make the trajectory a little more challenging to calculate, and many of us have been victim to an escaping blow-up ball. Another way to play is to set up targets like a water bottom on a basket. Best out of three, or for those less competitive don’t put a numerical value on it at all. You can have hours of fun in the sun with these ones.

Build Build Build!

If you don’t fancy building a sandman, then perhaps a whole settlement is something you would prefer. Bring along some sand castle bucket molds, and you can create an entire fort. Just remember that you’re going to get a better result using heavy wet sand than you will with dry sand!


Most people won’t risk lenses and phones getting clogged up with sand. So this is the perfect time to ask some questions and connect with your friends and family. Talking with the sea making those spectacular whooshing waves is worth a trip to the beach any day.

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