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Food Allergy Chronicles: The Face Your Risk Campaign

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Face Risk Campaign

Mylan launched the “Face Your Risk” campaign in April to help consumers become more aware of and educated about their potential risk for a life-threatening allergic reaction.

This PSA being aired on television shows a party full of teenagers or young adults with one of the party goers going into anaphylaxis. The point of the whole thing is to promote the use and carrying of emergency auto-injectors. I’m all for the message. However, the execution is awful.

Problem One: a fellow party goer notices the hives and swelling ~ not the person with the allergies. The allergy sufferer person then goes to check out her hives in the mirror (the makeup is terrible not at all what hives look like). The whole scenario isn’t the most realistic. You know when you’re having a reaction, it’s definitely very obvious. You shouldn’t (and don’t) need someone else to point out that you are having a reaction.

Problem Two: the allergy culprit was peanut butter in a brownie. The video states the person asked what was in them and the person who made them forgot. Everyone seemed to know she was allergic. Everyone panicked. Would you really not remember your friend was deathly allergic to peanuts?

Problem Three: the overall shock tactic used. I have said this before and I will say it again. If you can remember to carry your iPhone with you everywhere you go, you can remember to carry an EpiPen. You shouldn’t need to be scared straight as a teenager because it should be habit by the time you reach that age. A teenager or young adult should know how to handle their own allergy.

Face Risk CampaignAll and all I think the idea behind the campaign and the commercial is great. We need to face our risks everyday. We need to not be afraid or embarrassed. We need to accept our situation and make the most of our lives. Most importantly, we have to use the tools we have everyday to prevent, and treat severe allergic reactions. Most importantly, we MUST have an EpiPen with us at all times.

Things to Remember

  1. Don’t eat things you didn’t see prepared or prepare for yourself if your allergy can be fatal. It’s crucial to do everything YOU can to avoid what you’re allergic to.
  2. Don’t expect others to remember or be able to accommodate your health needs. It’s not their job.
  3. Be prepared ANYWHERE and EVERYWHERE you go. It’s important to understand that allergens can find you when you least expect it ~ BE PREPARED!

Real, every day life is on you.