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Places to Stay in Maui: Explore the Island’s Different Areas

The beauty and appeal of Maui’s different areas

The Magic Island, the Valley Isle, is the second-largest in the Hawaiian archipelago – Maui. The island has won the Conde Nast Traveler’s readers love 16 times.

The island, where you can find black sand beaches, volcanoes, lush valleys, breath-taking views, pineapples everywhere, and that’s still a very small portion of everything you will find there. However, if you have a specific focus of your trip and want to choose your accommodations based on it, read this article and discover more about Maui’s regions and everything they have to offer.

A Quick Rundown of the Areas

Splitting Maui into areas is somehow troublesome. You can look at the island in a more geographical way and separate it according to the four main directions: North (Upcountry area), West, South, and East.

Politically speaking, though, the county is separated into four areas: Lahaina, Wailuku, Makawao, and Hana. After landing in Kahului, you will most likely head to one of the resort areas. The most popular cities in West Maui are Lahaina, Kapalua & Kaanapali. In the South, you have Kihei and Wailea. East Maui is known for Kipahulu and Hana. North Shore and the Upcountry is where you will find Huelo and Paia. Wailuku and Kahului are situated between West Maui and Upcountry.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to remember all these names, but while on the Island, you might keep hearing some of them, so it’s a good starter.

Now, we will look closely at the most noteworthy regions and what makes them special.

Lahaina and the West Region

Lahaina is among the major towns on the whole island. It has become a buzzing hub for all types of activities and visitors. There is something for everyone. From exquisite dining to historical attractions to water adventures and spectacular nightlife – you will find it here.

Once a capital of the Kingdom, Lahaina holds onto its old and traditional vibe, but the town is also infused with modernity and luxury.

If you’re going to Hawaii with a large group or your family, consider getting one of these Maui beachfront rentals in Lahaina as chances are, it’s where everyone will find something that suits their tastes and everyone will be happy. Spend the day watching whales, snorkeling, eating, or simply take a walking tour through the old historic district.

Lahaina and the West, in general, are where most luxurious accommodation types are located, so if that’s your cup of tea, search this area first.

Let’s Go South!

If you want to taste the breeze each morning from your villa on the shore, the best way to go about it is to explore the South Maui beachfront rentals and find one that suits your budget and needs. There are plenty of choices. If you have a penchant for spending time on the seashore daily, staying in the South part of the island will tick all the boxes.

Explore Maui Areas

Consisting of Kihei, Wailea, and Makena, this region offers some variety in itself. The beaches here get a lot of sunshine and are the less crowded option which draws in people who don’t like sharing their patch of sand with too many people. If you are one of them, now you know where to start your search for Maui accommodation.

Heading East to the Road to Hana

Home to the end destination of the popular Hawaiian scenic route, the road to Hana, the East has a lot to offer. Even though it is hard to go wrong with picking a place to stay on Maui, for some visitors and their preferred style of traveling, some choices are better suited than others.

On the East side, accommodation is far more limited compared to the rest of the island’s regions. It is more remote, so it often gets picked by people who are looking for a picturesque escape from the presence of many people. Simply said, it’s where hipster tourists go. Artist gatherings in the backyard of an organic cafe flocked with surfers – it’s the hippie paradise.

The Upcountry: Secluded, Yet Close to Attractions

The Upcountry is a fine blend of everything that Maui has to offer, with a very authentic feel to it. It is where you will find more locals, and it is definitely considered an off-the-beaten-path alternative for accommodation.

If you are a hiking enthusiast and want to be close to the highest peaks of the island, you might consider staying in this region. The Haleakala National Park is nested here, and its crater is a magnet to many sunrise-catchers from the 10,000 feet high peak. If you find the simple things in life fascinating, this region is perfect for you. It has some great rural activities, and its main centers are Kula and Makawao.

As you can see, Maui is such a colorful and diverse place that it manages to congregate so many different areas in just about 727.2 square miles. It is one of the things that increase its tourist appeal so much. Now that you know a lot about its main regions, choosing where to stay should be beyond easy. Whatever you choose, you won’t go wrong.

Explore Maui Areas

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