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Essentials for a Fun & Successful Road Trip!

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cartripphotoOur contributing author Dawn finds as much fun and comedy as she possibly can in all situations. You’ll definitely see that attitude come through in her list of road trip essentials! Here is what she has to say:

The essential items for a fun and successful road trip to Walt Disney World Resort (or anywhere else!)

  • Well you first need your family members, all of them even the teenagers
  • A good freaking attitude by all to help start the trip off right, are your ears on fire kids
  • Have a list to make packing easier and less stressed
  • Pack your car correctly; the things you need to reach quickly should be within your reach, such as medicines, cold drinks, music, a stick to swat the kids or something to throw at them
  • Have all CF numbers and ID cards (hotel if using points for room) for proper identification.
  • Cell Phones, Computers
  • Headsets (have backups) for kids- Trust me, it makes everyone’s life easier.
  • Cooler of drinks
  • Staple snacks such as gum and candy for impromptu bubble blowing contests, Pringles, Funyuns (weird name, huh), peanut butter crackers, you know trash food. Last but not least, stop off at a Stuckey’s Travel Center and buy a pecan roll~ also explore the unique store.
  • Movies for car; long car rides deserve trilogy’s like Star Wars, etc.
  • Cell phone car chargers and if you need an AUX cord
  • Great music and especially your favorite Disney podcast MQ Podcast available to play
  • Wet Wipes/Paper Towels for messes (because there will be messes)
  • Trash bag or two or ten
  • Sunglasses for all
  • Blankets and favorite pillow
  • Pen and paper for car games, etc.
  • Camera for funny pics along the way
  • Change for toll roads, readily available
  • Road Map or directions to your next stop if you don’t have a navigation system
  • Red Bull (hubby)
  • Play a great “slug bug” game. (Slug Bug, for the uninitiated, is the game of riding in the car and noticing a Volkswagen Beetle, then calling out “SLUG BUG!” and slugging your neighbor in the upper arm.)



  • Hopefully a reliable vehicle
  • Full tank of gas (duh)
  • All current car registration, license plate & driver’s license
  • Charged batteries in car (duh)
  • Recent oil change
  • Jumper Cables, just in case (should carry anyway)
  • Good, recently checked aired up spare tire
  • Umbrellas

All you need is a little preparation and any road trip can be magical. For a great Disney podcast on this topic check out:  and/or my blog at: 

Have an amazing time!