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Food Allergy Chronicles: EpiPen Tips

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EpiPen Tips

I think we all know at this point that the EpiPen® is the staple of an allergy sufferer’s life. Sadly, far too often though we hear about people not having their EpiPen with them when they need it. Here are my tips to making sure you’re always prepared:

  1. Find a way to comfortably carry at least one EpiPen at all times. I have a waterproof, insulated clutch that works great but there are lots of options from belt clips to ankle holsters. The most important thing is that you are comfortable with it. If you aren’t you are less likely to want to carry it everyday.
  2. Keep an extra EpiPen at places you frequent that are a part of your everyday life like schools, work, a boyfriend/girlfriend’s house. I know the price has gotten a little out of hand but having multiple sets is something to think about. Keeping them in your desk drawer is a lot easier than digging thru your purse if needed.
  3. Keep the temperature in mind. Unless you are currently driving it, your car is the worst place to store your EpiPens. They are meant to be kept at room temperature – something your car very rarely is.
  4. Keep track of expiration dates. If you register your EpiPen you will receive reminders. Pay attention to that email.

Ending up in a situation where you need an EpiPen and don’t have one is a very avoidable problem in my opinion. It’s plain stupid to not be prepared and you won’t care if you looked cool or not when you can’t breath.