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Delectable Dubai: Why You Need to Visit This Middle Eastern Gem

If you’re looking for a total change of culture on your next trip, why not travel to the middle east? In particular, the gorgeous and glittering city of Dubai.

Photo via Walid Ahmad on Pexels

Not too long ago, Dubai was just a barren wasteland of desert, but now it’s the fastest growing city with one of the fastest developing economies in the world. Truly a spectacular destination, that over thirteen million tourists come to visit every year.

Are you considering booking it for your next getaway? Here’s what will make your trip extra special.

Enjoy some delicious food

The cuisine in Dubai is an interesting one, and something that foodies will love. It takes inspiration from all over the middle east and Asia, meaning there are some delicious flavour combinations, ingredients and cooking methods.

Dubai is a Muslim destination so you won’t find pork dishes on the menu, but it’s certainly not all vegetarian if you enjoy eating meat. Chicken, lamb, beef and even camel are popular, so perfect if you want a mix of the familiar and the new!

Photo via Jose Aragones on Pexels

Being a tourist destination, it’s no surprise that there are plenty of restaurants and other eateries featuring all kinds of cuisines, so regardless of your tastes or budget, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for.

Whether you’re looking to try the independent stalls, go for picnics in the park or enjoy fine dining in Dubai, you won’t be disappointed.

Go boating

Take a look at photos of the Dubai cityscape, and you will notice how many of them are taken from the water.

Photo via Walid Ahmad on Pexels

The reason for this is that it provides you with some of the best opportunities to see the dynamic views. Look out for companies that offer yachts and other boats to rent while you’re there. You could self-drive or pay to have a driver and staff on board, or just take out a smaller vessel if your budget is small. Getting out onto the water to take in the views is a must while you’re there, so it’s worth adding a boat ride onto your itinerary.

Take in the architecture

Dubai is glamorous and glittering, and is full of breathtaking architecture, including luxury hotels, five-star restaurants and huge malls.

In the Mall of Dubai alone you’ll find over one thousand two hundred individual stores, and on top of this, there’s an Olympic sized ice skating rink, a swimming pool and several cinemas.

Photo via Pixabay

The Burj Khalifa is currently the tallest structure on the planet, and on it you will see beautiful fountains, and an observation deck to view the city which is particularly pretty at night. There are of course hotel rooms, restaurants, shops and everything else you’d need. To top it off, the building is even surrounded by beautiful parks that you can take a walk through in the morning or evenings before returning to your room.

Is Dubai on your bucket list? What is it about the city that appeals to you?


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