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Visiting Dollywood with Food Allergies

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Dollywood Food Allergies

With summer comes planning great family fun and adventures. All of my planning must always consider my daughter’s allergies. Her food allergies are many and it is sometimes difficult to travel without knowing what accommodations can be made so that she can eat at the same place and same time as the rest of the family.

If you plan to visit Dollywood in the Great Smokey Mountains in Tennessee, you can rest assured that the allergy sufferer in your family won’t have to worry!

Not only does Dollywood offer a variety of options for visitors with special dietary needs and considerations, but they also offer anyone planning to visit the opportunity to call their Food Department before arrival to ask any questions they may have (865-428-9428).

Best Tips for Your Visit:

When planning your trip, visit the Dollywood website to review the restaurants.

Gluten Friendly Offerings:

  • Front Porch Café – any of the sandwiches on the menu, all salads, select side items, Grilled Chicken Entrée can all be prepared gluten friendly. Just ask to speak to the chef who will gladly prepare a customized meal to fit your dietary need
  • Victoria’s Pizza – cheese pizza
  • SkyView Snacks & Midway Market – Veggie and Fruit Snacks, and Select Snack Trays
  • Kettle Chips – Bacon Ranch Kettle Chips or Plain Kettle Chips
  • Bakery – Udis Muffins and Bagels, Brownies
  • Red’s Drive In – House Salad can be prepared to be gluten friendly
  • Grandstand – Southern Salad
  • Miss Lillian’s BBQ Corner – Hickory Smoked Turkey Leg, Ear of Roasted Corn

Vegetarian Options:

  • Front Porch Café – select side items, entrée salads, Alfredo Penne Pasta entrée can be prepared vegetarian, Veggie Melt Sandwich
  • Lumber Jack’s Pizza – Cheese or Roasted Vegetable Pizza, House & Caprese Salads
  • Victoria’s Pizza – cheese pizza, side salad
  • Red’s – House Salad
  • Miss Lillian’s & Aunt Granny’s – salad bar and select side items on the hot bar
  • SkyView Snacks & Midway Market – Veggie and Fruit Snacks and Select Snack Trays
  • Ham N Beans – Vegetable Skillet
  • Grandstand – Fried Macaroni & Cheese Bites – Served with Seasoned Fries
  • Bakery – Select soups and Fuji Apple Salad can be prepared vegetarian

Dairy Free Snacks:

  • Dippin’ Dots – Rainbow Ice

Inform the host who is serving you about your dietary needs. You will have the opportunity to discuss your dietary needs with the chef of the restaurant you are dining at, who will do his/her best to accommodate you.

Dollywood does not allow visitors to bring outside food or coolers into the park, however, if you feel your family member’s allergy restrictions can’t be met at their restaurants, call the Food Department to discuss alternatives. After reviewing the offered options and/or calling the Food Department with questions, you may still feel your family member’s allergy restrictions can’t be met. Don’t worry! As a last alternative you can bring your food with you and leave it in a cooler in your vehicle. You will be able to leave the park to eat and return when through – don’t forget to have your hand stamped!

Overall you will find that the Food Department will be as accommodating as needed and I know you and your allergy sufferer will have a great Dollywood visit.

General Dollywood Tips:

Check the website for special events or park closures during the time you plan to visit as well as special offers on pricing. You will find special offers on park tickets as well as resort stays.

Look at all the rides and attractions that will fit your family.

Purchase Refillable Mugs for inexpensive refills of soft drinks throughout your visit.

Dollywood is super family friendly so the perfect adventure for all you multi-generational travelers. We always travel with four generations and Dollywood offers something for everyone.

If your time at Dollywood is limited, think about adding the extra cost for the TimeSaver add-on. TimeSaver allows you expedited access to lines at select rides and shows. TimeSaver helps you maximize your visit so you can spend less time waiting in line.

I know you’ll “Love Every Moment” visiting Dollywood! My family does!

Kimberly Renee Miller

Thursday 8th of July 2021

My 1.5 year old granddaughter has a tree nut allergy. We are planning a trip this weekend. What restaurant is tree nut free in Dollywood?

Janice Brady

Friday 9th of July 2021

Front Porch Café is the go-to restaurant for food allergies and special diets at Dollywood. This sit-down restaurant can accommodate multiple types of food allergies and a Junior Chef is almost always there to answer any additional questions you might have.You can also call 865-428-9422 before your trip to get dietary information. This link is also a great resource for information:

Wednesday 6th of June 2018

Did you actually visit Dollywood and with what allergies. This isn't anything that can't be found on thier website and doesn't seem like a true user experience. Per ADA and at least one court case, people who need special food for medical conditions can't be forbidden from taking personal food into areas where food is consumed. Their right to health and safety is greater than the profit motive of the business.

Janice Brady

Saturday 9th of June 2018

My daughter suffers from multiple life threatening food allergies and if we need to bring our own food we do. If bringing our own food means going out of the park to a picnic area to eat we have no problem with that. Her eating is more important than challenging any park or attractions policies.