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Roundup of 8 DIY Mickey Mouse Ears for Your Next Disney Vacation

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DIY Mickey Ears

If you’ve ever been to a Disney park, you’ve probably seen the famed Mickey Mouse ears on many of the guests. They’re typically sold as caps or headbands, and you can find park vendors selling them throughout the park.

If you buy your mouse ears at the park, it’ll cost you between $14.99 and $24.99 before tax, or more. Like all Disney souvenirs, buying in the park is the most expensive way to get your Disney items.

Minnie Mouse headbands cost even more – Disney just raised the price to $29.99. Disney ears on Etsy are cheaper than this, but they’re hardly customizable and you may be ordering one of many. While mouse ears are a Disney park staple, it’s cheaper to make your own custom ears at home. 

How do you make no sew Disney ears?

There are lots of ways to make no sew Disney ears with just some fabric, ribbon and a hot glue gun!

These ears cost much less to make than what you’d pay at a Disney park, and they’re far less generic. Even if you’re visiting Disney on a budget, everyone in your family can visit the Happiest Place on Earth in style!

When buying craft supplies, keep in mind that materials with official Disney prints, characters, and patterns on them will cost more than generic pieces. If you’re hoping to spend as little as possible, consider getting creative with non-specific fabric and ribbons.

I’ve searched the web for some of the best, easy to make ears from some great crafty bloggers so before you pack for your trip to Disneyland or Walt Disney World, grab some craft supplies to make your own Mickey or Minnie ears.

Any of these crafts can be altered to fit your needs, so you’re not “stuck” buying these exact materials!

Head to these great sites for step by step directions:

If you don’t have a sewing machine at home, you can customize some generic mouse ears (you can buy a pack of 12 Mickey headbands for just $14.99). Grab some hot glue, fabric, and ribbon (for Minnie ears) to make these ears your own!

Photo via Pretty Providence

Try some of these Disney-inspired fabric and ribbon combinations:

101 Dalmatians Mouse Ears: dalmatian-print fabric and a red ribbon

Lilo and Stitch Mouse Ears: Hawaiian-print fabric and a white ribbon

Frozen Mouse Ears: baby blue fabric with sequins (alternatively, sparkly baby blue fabric) and some silver tulle 

You can also make pizza ears using a yellow-orange fabric, a fabric marker, and some colorful felt. After you’ve attached the fabric to the ears, create 6 slices using a marker. Then, cut out your felt into toppings and glue them on.

These Moana-inspired mouse ears are easier to make than they look! Using a plain headband, hot glue, and floral wire, you’ll first create the mouse ear shape. Then, attach some moss, fake flowers, and seashells to give it some Polynesian flair that will remind you of the popular 2016 movie.

Photo via The Inspiration Edit

If you replace the pink and yellow flowers with white ones, you can turn these into Lilo and Stitch ears!

These glittery Maleficent ears don’t require a sewing machine. Instead, just use a hot glue gun and scissors to turn foam sheets into a work of art.

diy mickey ears
Photo via The Purple Pumpkin

You don’t even need to buy Mickey headbands to use as a base – you just need a plain headband for this craft. 

For those obsessed with The Nightmare Before Christmas, these Jack Skellington ears are adorable! Using a Cricut machine and some transfer vinyls, you can create Mickey ears that are simply meant to be. If the flowers are too feminine for the person who will be wearing them, you can leave those off of the headband.

diy mickey ears
Photo via A Pumpkin and a Princess

Alternatively, you could make a pair of Sally mouse ears. Use an image of Sally from these Nightmare Before Christmas .SVG files and some patchwork fabric

For this craft, you’ll need some plain Mickey ears as a base. If you don’t need 12 headbands, try this 2-pack for $5.99.

diy mickey ears
Photo via Treehouse Threads

Braid some brown string until you have a long rope; then, glue one end to the middle of an ear and wrap it around that piece until you’ve covered the entire ear. Repeat on the other side and add a large bow. It’s that simple! 

Using a glitter canvas sheet, zip ties, white craft foam, and a fabric-covered headband, you can make some sparkly Minnie Mouse ears for less than the cost of a Subway sandwich. For as much as one Minnie headband from a Disney park, you can make 6 of your own!

diy mickey ears
Photo via Mommy of a Princess

Since these Minnie ears aren’t designed to fit a theme, you can make them any color you want. Here’s a great opportunity to make some silver, gold, or champagne-colored ears – metallics look great with glitter.

To make Ursula-inspired mouse ears, you’ll need to hit up your nearest Hot Topic for a bow. As a store that caters to both Disney fans and lovers of all things dark, you should be able to find a suitable bow in no time.

diy mickey ears
Photo via Big Bear’s Wife

Using this tutorial, you can also make Star Wars Minnie ears. Instead of going to the store, order this bow and some black or white fabric.

You’ve probably seen beautiful floral Minnie ears on Etsy, but you’ll likely spend more than you have to if you buy them pre-made. Make your own using 12-gauge wire and some fake flowers.

diy mickey ears
Photo via A Wonderful Thought

Since these Minnie ears aren’t meant to resemble a character or movie, you have a lot of freedom when it comes to your flowers. If you want to make them a bit more thematic, try these flower colors:

Buzz Lightyear Minnie ears: green and purple flowers with a silver ribbon for the bow

Tangled Minnie ears: purple and gold flowers with a lavender ribbon for the bow

Dory Minnie ears: blue and yellow flowers with a white ribbon for the bow

Nemo Minnie ears: orange and white flowers with a black ribbon for the bow.

What a crafty bunch of bloggers! Do you make your own ears for your Disney trips?