Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort

I will admit – I am a bit of a resort snob. I would always stay at one of Disney’s deluxe resorts if I could. However, due to the number of times I travel to WDW, I have to stay moderate most of the time. I rarely, if ever, will stay value. I recently stayed at Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort. I had not stayed at this moderate resort for many, many (at least 20) years since I prefer to stay at one of the Port Orleans locations or one of the Boardwalk area resorts. It was a last minute trip, the rates were reasonable so thought I would give it a try again.

cbrmapThere is no doubt that the Caribbean Beach Resort is huge. I had forgotten just how big it really is. I was fortunate that my agent made sure to book my reservation in one of the buildings within walking distance of Old Port Royale, the building that houses the eateries and shops (Destinations in Florida Travel Agents think of everything!). If my room was located further away, I would have had to take an internal bus or my own car to get to Old Port Royale. The resort has well over 2,000 rooms spread among six “villages” on over 200 acres. Caribbean Beach is just a little bit too big for my liking. I like to take a walk in the morning, get some coffee, stroll for some exercise, sit by the pool – Caribbean Beach is just too big – if I were in any of the “outer” buildings I would not be able to enjoy my normal routine.

I really have no complaints regarding the room, the well-kept grounds or the service. I wasn’t thrilled with the selections offered at the food court. It seems to me the food court at Port Orleans Riverside has a much larger and nicer selection of foods but that could just be that I am used to that particular location. The few things I selected to eat were decent and the prices in line with all other food courts on Disney property. The worse thing I could say was that one morning my scrambled eggs were not hot but they were replaced for me with no problem and the second serving was fine.

I will most likely always go back to my favorite, Port Orleans Riverside. I do think the food court offers more choices, I am used to the lay-out of the resort and it just seems much more quiet. But for those of you looking for a nice moderate resort on property, Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort is not at all bad. There are many children’s activities taking place around the resort that make it a good fit for families.