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Disneyland Food and Fun Facts

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All of the Disney parks are full of fun facts that many who visit don’t know about. Disney is a master at hiding things in plain sight with references and images. Walt Disney himself as a master of creativity and imagination.

If you are a frequent Walt Disney World visitor you’ll be surprised to learn that although there are some similar snacks, Disneyland food is very different.

Disneyland contains so much history that most people visiting the park don’t know. Here are some fun facts most people don’t know about Disneyland.

Disneyland Food

Tarzan’s Tree House used to be Swiss Family Robinson’s Tree House

Before the movie Tarzan came out, the tree house used to be modeled after the older movie “Swiss Family Robinson”. I personally liked the Swiss Family Robinson Tree house more since the gadgets seemed to be more interesting. Disneyland decided to update the times by using a more recent movie like Tarzan for the tree house.

Animatronics from Older Rides like “America Sings” have been Recycled

Most of the animatronics in Splash Mountain are from America Sings. America Sings was an old attraction that is no longer there. They took the Animatronics that they used in America Sings and now use them as the animals in Splash Mountain. They also use two of them in star tours as the robots when you first come in. If you look at the Robots feet they are still webbed, so you know they were previously used as a animal on America Sings.

Small World Attraction Recognizes it’s Designer

Mary Blair was the designer of most of the Small World Attraction. To honor Mary Blair, Disneyland has made a Doll that looks like her within the Small World Attraction.

When Disneyland First Opened You had to Purchase Ride Tickets

When Disneyland opened you used to have to buy separate tickets to each ride and pay a lower admission price. Ticket booths can still be seen today, but are no longer used for that purpose since now you just have to be the more expensive admission. One example of the old ticket booths are located at Alice in Wonderland where the mushroom is.

The Windows Above Main Street Use Names of Real People

The windows above main street and else where in the park reference real people. They are their to honor those who have done good service to the park

Laughogram Studio Reference in ToonTown

You can find a reference to Laughogram studios in Toon Town, which was the first Studio Walt Disney worked for.

Wishing Well’s Official Name

The Wishing well’s official name is Snow White’s Grotto. You can see Snow White and the Seven Drawfs statues on the side, and Snow Whites voice can be heard from the Well. Also all the statues are the same size, but they use force perspective to make it seem that snow white is larger.

What the Gold Initials Stand for on the Pirates of the Caribbean Entrance

The railing above pirates of the Caribean have W.D. and R.D. in gold. These initials Stand for Walt Disney and Roy Disney. It is a tradition that is used in New Orleans, and Disneyland replicated this in memory of both Disney Brothers.

The Skeletons on Pirates of the Caribbean Used to be Real

Real skeletons were used in the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction when Disneyland first opened. When Disneyland first opened they did not have the technology we currently have to make realistic looking skeletons, so they used real ones instead. Once new technology was developed, Disneyland replaced the real skeletons with fake ones. After replacing the real skeletons, they also gave them a proper burial in their home countries.

The First Character Created by Walt Disney

Mickey Mouse was not the first character created by Walt Disney. The first was Oswald the Lucky Rabbit created by Walt Disney when he worked with Laughogram studios. Due to copyright issues, Walt Disney created Mickey Mouse.

Disneyland Food

Disneyland is the happiest place on earth and offers awesome rides, entertainment, and FOOD! There are many places at Disneyland that offer delicious and yummy food items. Do you ever wonder what to order or where to go for a good meal at Disneyland?

Here are 10 Best Food Items at Disneyland that you definitely want to try.

Mickey Mouse Pretzels

Mickey Mouse Pretzels are one of the best snack foods to get at Disneyland. These Pretzels are salty, delicious, and shaped like Mickey Mouse’s Head. Mickey Mouse Pretzels cost between $4 to 5 dollars and are sold all around Disneyland Park in carts and snack shops. They are especially delicious when dipped in mustard or cheese sauce.

Bangel Barbeque Tiger Tails

If you are craving a small bite or quick snack then Bangel Barbeque’s Tiger Tales are very delicious. Tiger Tales are yummy breadstick items that look like a tiger tail and taste good with skewers or even by themselves. The prices of these treats are about $4-5.

Turkey Legs

Ever at Disneyland and are craving a food item that is filling but can also be eaten in a line or while waiting for a show? Well Disneyland has the biggest and juiciest Turkey Legs that will feed your appetite. Disneyland’s Turkey Legs are easily found at many different food carts around the park. They are very inexpensive to buy at only $7, and are also very portable to eat. My favorite way to eat a Turkey Leg is with a little ketchup.

Hungry Bear Chicken Sandwich

Are you craving some fast food? Then Hungry Bear is the place to go for a mouth watering chicken sandwich. Disneyland’s Hungry Bear chicken sandwiches are served on delicious hamburger buns, and a big chicken breast. Also eating at Hungry Bear is inexpensive and a chicken sandwich is between $5 to $8 dollars depending if you get fries with it.

Bangel Barbeque Skewers

Do you love skewers? Well if you are craving them at Disneyland then don’t worry because Bangel Barbeque serves the best skewers and sauce to go with them. Bangel Barbeque serves chicken, beef, bacon and asparagus skewers. Skewers cost between $5 to $8 dollars at Bangel Barbeque, and are definitely worth the purchase.

Carnation Café Potato Soup

Sometimes when you are at Disneyland you are craving something more fulfilling and that will warm up your taste buds. Disneyland’s Carnation Café has the best potato soup and once you try it you will enjoy and scoop every bit of it. Carnation Café’s Potato soup includes big chunks of potato, in a creamy topped with sour cream, cheese, chives, and bits of bacon. You can purchase a cup of potato soup or a big bowl of it. This cost of this yummy food treat is between $3 to $5 dollars at the Carnation Café.

Royal Street Veranda Steak Gumbo

Do you love Gumbo? Well if you are at Disneyland then you are definitely in for a treat. Disneyland’s Royal Street Veranda Steak Gumbo will make your taste buds very happy. Royal Street Veranda Steak Gumbo has so many mouth watering ingredients and is served in a delicious bread bowl. This treat costs between $8-10.

Blue Bayou New York Strip

Ever at Disneyland and want a fine dining savory meal? Then Blue Bayou’s New York Strip will definitely please your craving. This piece of steak is full of Cajun style flavor and is cooked to perfection. Just make sure to make a reservation ahead of time for the Blue Bayou so you can experience this treat.

Café Orleans Monte Cristo

Want to experience something different to eat at Disneyland? Then try the Monte Cristo sandwich at Café Orleans. The Monte Cristo is an experience within itself. This sandwich is both savory and sweet. It includes Ham and cheese that is deep fried in a batter served with powdered sugar and sweet jam sauce. The taste is can not be explained, but I recommend that you try it for yourself. This sandwich is definitely delicious.

Any Dish at Club 33

Club 33 at Disneyland is a exclusive restaurant that is open to members and their guests only. However, if you are lucky enough to get into Club 33 and make a reservation then your taste buds are going to be in heaven. Any dish at Disneyland’s Club 33 is to die for! They have mouth watering beef, snow crab appetizer, delicious salads, cheese course, and much more. The cost to eat at Club 33 ranges between $69 to $130 dollars depending on what courses you decide to pick. This may seem very expensive, however, remember that getting into Club 33 is a treat within itself if you are not a member so enjoy every bite.

These are just some yummy food items that are available at Disneyland. Remember when eating at Disneyland to enjoy, have fun, and pick something that will make you smile!