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Everything You Need to Know About Disney Vacation Club (DVC)

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There are so many different types of accommodation choices when you are visiting Walt Disney World Resort. You can stay in anything from a value resort all the way up to Vacation Club accommodations. 

Disney Vacation Club Tips

What is the Disney Vacation Club?

Disney’s Vacation Club is Disney’s unparalleled version of a timeshare. The idea of a timeshare may not sound appealing, but this isn’t like any timeshare you have ever heard of. This is Disney’s way!

What Makes This Different Than Other Timeshares?

Disney approaches the idea of a timeshare in an unheard of way. With Disney’s Vacation Club you are not locked into a specific time of year. In fact you aren’t even locked into a single type of vacation or accommodation at all.

Instead you purchase points to use how you see fit at any time during the year.

How Much Does This Cost?

Any Disney trip is pretty expensive but, when you are part of Disney’s Vacation Club you are paying a discounted rate for an upgraded trip. The best part is that while the numbers may seem overwhelming when purchasing, it is extremely easy to find something that fits into your budget. 

Disney Vacation Club Tips

Disney has their own financing program that doesn’t report to credit bureaus so it won’t impact any important purchases in the future. 

How Does the Point System Work?

Disney has assigned each Club Level Resort and other Vacation type point values. The type of vacation you book and the time of year you book to travel will determine how many points are needed. 

Where can the Points be Used?

There are thousands of places that your Disney Vacation Club points can be used. You can use them at any of the Disney Club Level resorts but, if you want a break from the crowds of the Disney parks, you can book a Disney Adventure. You can find a whole list of destinations here.


Disney Vacation Club Tips

You can also use your points to book a cruise on Disney Cruise Line.

Other Perks of Disney’s Vacation Club

  • Even as prices increase, your price is locked in for the entirety of your contract

  • Discounts on dining, admission and even shopping. There is a full list here.

  • Special event invitations

  • Room discounts

I Don’t Have Enough Points, Now What?

If you want to plan a bigger vacation once in a while that is completely possible. In order to plan a bigger vacation or to stay at a more expensive place you have several choices. 

Banking Points

Banking points is when you choose not to use your points for a year and roll them over to the following year.

Disney Vacation Club Tips

DVC Member Lounge in Epcot

Borrowing Points

If you’re wanting to splurge a little this year but you just don’t have enough points you are able to borrow points from the following year. 

I Won’t Use my Points

Life happens and sometimes a vacation just doesn’t fit into the plans as you had hoped. If that is the case and you don’t want to bank your points you have the option to rent your points out to other people. You can rent them to other Vacation Club Members or you can rent them to a non-vacation club member. 

This Sounds Great, Now What?

If saving on your Disney vacations and adventures sounds like something you would love to do (who doesn’t love a good deal?) than all you have to do is Contact Disney. If you have a Disney trip planned soon you can even schedule a tour by talking to one of the Vacation Club Cast Members. 


If your family loves Disney and you plan to visit often, then Disney’s Vacation Club could be for you. This makes it super affordable to visit Disney any time your heart desires or to have an adventure of a lifetime. 

The experience of being a Disney Vacation Club member is second to none. The sooner you become a member, the sooner you can enjoy worry free travel.