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Have a Disney Themed Staycation this Summer!

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Disney Themed Staycation

Going away on a vacation isn’t always something families can afford to do. Don’t let that stop your family from having a blast. Have a Disney staycation!

Use your family’s favorite movies, characters or Disney food, add a little creativity, and you will be able to have fun filled days making your house into your own personal Disney World.

Save all that money on transportation and hotels, and you just might find that your whole family will have a great time ~ right in your own home. Here are some of my ideas on some  ways to help with planning your own Disney themed staycation.

Make each day it’s own theme ~

Disney Themed Staycation

Olaf Bowling

There are so many loved Disney movies and characters. While planning for your staycation, pick a different movie or character for each day using the ones that your kids are currently most interested in. Let the kids vote on what day will be “Mickey Day”, “Goofy Day” or “Princess Day.”

Once you’ve got some ideas of what the kids would love, start planning a specific theme for each day of your staycation ~ “Frozen Day”, “The Little Mermaid Day” or “Star Wars Day”, the possibilities are endless! 

Use some of the photos you took on your last Walt Disney World® vacation as decoration! Or, better yet, create your own Disney game using the photos. Put them all in a box and let each child pick one out and tell their favorite part of the attraction or park the photo is of.


Spend an afternoon doing some Disney baking!

Have a “Find Hidden Mickey” afternoon. Once the kids are bed spend some time hiding little Mickey’s throughout the house for the next day. The one who finds the most Mickey’s wins!

Disney Themed StaycationSpend an afternoon creating some great Disney crafts!

Have movie nights ~

Once you have your daily themes, you’ll know just what to watch. A lot of the different characters have multiple movies they’re in. You could spice it up by watching sequels that your children might not have seen, of course, there’s nothing wrong with the original movie, even if your family has seen it 10 times before. It’s loved for a reason! Don’t forget the popcorn!

Disney Themed Staycation

Set the mood at mealtime with Disney food ~

There are many different ways you can make meals exciting for your staycation. If you want to stick with the theme of the day, take to Pinterest to look for neat Disney food ideas. For example, look up ‘Little Mermaid food’ or ‘Little Mermaid recipes’; you’ll be surprised at what neat and creative dishes people have put together.

Also – Disney parks are known for specific foods. Lookup Disney copycat recipes on Pinterest. Just because you’re not going to one of the actual parks, doesn’t mean your family can’t enjoy delicious treats such as the Dole Pineapple Whip.

Don’t forget to start each Disney day off with a hearty Disney breakfast!

Disney Themed Staycation

Disney Themed Staycation

Plan activities to do ~

At first glance, this might seem a little hard – trying to come up with new things to do with your kids and fit it into Disney themes. Really – it’s much easier than it looks. Make paper plate crafts of characters your children like or make them out of clay. Take games and activities your kids already enjoy and just put a Disney spin on it! Get the whole family involved in a game of Pin the Nose on Olaf – which is just Pin the Tail on the Donkey but with a snowman and carrots. Make a matching game based on Disney movies. How much fun would it be to play Disney pictionary with the family? Get some paper, markers, and clues that your kids can draw, then have a blast working in teams to see who gets the most right.

Stop by Walmart, Target, your local party store or the Disney Store to pick up prizes that fit into your daily theme, matching t-shits, paper plates, balloons, etc. Use your imagination and turn your staycation into a Disney staycation!

Download Disney Coloring pages and print out a bunch to have on hand to color with Disney themed crayons from Walmart! 

Tour Disney on line ~ no long lines for attractions when you park hop on the Disney website!

Vacations are all about having fun, letting the stress melt away, and doing things that aren’t the daily norm. Keep up that same kind of fun with your staycation. Turn off the computer and social media and lose yourself in a Disney staycation that your children will absolutely love!