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The Somewhat Crazy Side of Disney Themed Facebook Groups

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I love to help people plan trips to Walt Disney World. It’s really one of my favorite topics. When helping someone plan, I’m always careful to say, “This is what worked best for my family.” Or, “My kids liked this but your kids might not like it.” Just because I love a food, event or location – it doesn’t mean everyone else will. Planning a trip to Walt Disney World can be overwhelming for some but there are many good and reliable resources available to help you plan, if you know where to look and what to ask. 

Disney Themed Facebook GroupsThere are so many Disney themed Facebook groups, it’s sometimes hard to keep track. Everyone has their favorite groups. Everyone has the groups they have removed themselves from or ignore. Everyone has that small handful of Disney Facebook groups that have forged friendships and travel buddies. Those special groups where people share really good information and tell you stories of their latest trip. 

There are many that I have stopped commenting in but do continue to follow for certain bits of Disney information. Unfortunately, Disney is one of those Facebook topics that bring out the “expert” in everyone. Everyone that has ever visited turns into an expert giving advice to others. Often times the advice is horrible and wrong but disagreeing in even the nicest of ways turns into a debate or a problem. Sadly, it’s easier to just move on.

Then we have those really nasty Disney Facebook groups that allow name calling and nastiness. Those groups that some people belong to because – gee I don’t know. I can’t think of one good reason why people belong to those groups, but they seem to be some of the groups with the highest membership. I like to refer to those groups as “the not so magical side of Disney Facebook groups.” Those are a topic for another day!

There are some things about Disney Facebook groups that make me crazy. Now I know I should just scroll right on by (which I do 99.9% of the time) and not give a second thought to some of what gets posted. Today, as I scrolled by most of the silliness, I actually started yelling at my computer screen. There are just some days that patience is non-existent. I really wish people would think – or heaven forbid – GOOGLE – before asking some of what they ask. Why do people answer or reply to some of what gets posted and asked? Yet, the replies and answers are many – must be lots of people with crystal balls out there! Those asking the questions seem to think that because “Disney” is in the name of the group, there is some sort of magic to the answers they will receive.

Here are some of my favorite questions from today (a few followed by my thoughts on the question):

What will the weather be like at WDW in October, 2019?

I have no way of knowing what the weather will be like at Walt Disney World in October of 2019 – no crystal ball.

Will my son eat the chicken tenders in the Magic Kingdom?

I have no idea if your child will eat the chicken tenders at Magic Kingdom. Does your child even like chicken tenders? I don’t know your child – I would hope you do!

Will it be hot on August 18 at Walt Disney World?

Well, I guess it depends on what you consider hot!

Will the line be long at the Frozen ride in Epcot in January?

Gee, again – no crystal ball!

Where should I eat? What will I like to eat? What should I eat? How long will it take me to eat?

REALLY! If you don’t know what you like to eat – how should I?

I’m in Epcot right now – where can I . . . . (insert any number of things) ?

Who thinks – Gee, let me take to Facebook and wait around for an answer – I won’t ask the Cast Member standing 2 feet away from me.

Will $400 be enough spending money for food and souvenirs for my family of 6 for 8 days? 

People actually said yes! OMG!

Will I like . . . . ? (insert any number of things here!)

I will be visiting WDW two years from next July – how much money will I need?

Can you give me the links to . . . .  

Sure, let me do the research and google everything for you. After all, I’m sure you are much busier than I am!

Do I need a stroller for my 2 year old?

Do I need a stroller for my 9 year old?

What shoes should I wear? Should I wear socks?

My son hates Star Wars. Should I still sign him up for Jedi training?

What should I do – The people in the room next to us at Coronado Springs are making noise. It’s ruining my vacation.

How many people will be in the Magic Kingdom on Christmas?

The scariest and most upsetting to me are questions that strangers should not be answering, such as:

Will my daughter have an allergy attack at Crystal Palace?

Now, I can only assume it’s a food allergy the parent is worried about. But we all know what happens when we assume. When I saw this question posted recently, I scrolled through the replies to see if anyone gave proper or good advice because this is one I would try to help with since my own daughter suffers from multiple food allergies. What I found was 22 people assured this woman that her daughter will not have an allergy attack at Crystal Palace. REALLY! 22 people that have no idea what the child’s allergies consist of. What if the child has environmental allergies and the woman sitting next to them had recently taken a bath in perfume? If this mother is naive enough to take those 22 replies and run with them – how sad and scary.

I finally reached reply 23. Someone with good sense. Someone I wanted to jump through the computer and hug! The 23rd response went something like this:

I assume you are worried about food allergies and apologize if that isn’t correct. What triggers an allergy attack? What is your child allergic to? There are lots of great Disney Food Allergy groups you should join and I can send you names of some of the best via PM.  Also be sure to list your daughter’s allergies on your dining reservation so the restaurant is aware of any special accommodations that might have to be made. You can speak to a manager or chef when you arrive at the Crystal Palace and they will be able to guide you better.

I realized I could most likely list hundreds of silly questions that show up each day in Disney Facebook groups so I will finish with this:

I have no way of knowing what the weather will be like, what the crowd numbers will be, what your child will or won’t eat or what shoes won’t hurt your feet. All those people that reply and answer your silly questions – guess what? They have no idea of knowing any of that either! Why are you asking complete strangers what your child likes? Why are you asking complete strangers to predict what will happen a year from now. Why? Why? Why? Better yet – why are complete strangers answering? It’s all just a little bit crazy!