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Disney Gift Card Website Now Lets You Combine Smaller Cards Into One Larger Card

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disney-gift-cardMany guests save money on their Disney vacations by purchasing Disney Gift Cards at various locations (Costco, Sams Club, Target, grocery store reward programs) at a discounted rate, then use those gift cards to pay off their reservations. I often do this myself since purchasing $1,000 worth of Disney Gift Cards using my Target Red Card saves me 5% off the face value of the gift cards saving me $50 right off the bat! If you are paying for a trip valued at $4,000 or $5,000, that’s a great savings. I have never paid for my trips this way but do this for the spending money I take with me and sometimes prefer having the smaller denomination gift cards to budget my spending money by day or to dole out to the kids.

The problem that many face when doing this is that when they call in to pay off their balance, the cast member on the line will sometimes only accept a certain number of gift cards per transaction. I usually recommend that you make smaller payments toward your reservation as you purchase the cards so that you don’t stumble upon this problem on the day your  final payment is due.

Disney has now introduced a new way to manage all of those $25, $50 or $100 Disney Gift Cards that you purchase from Target and other locations. Although many are saying Disney has recognized the need for you to have an easier way to pay for your vacation with gift cards – in reality it in no way makes it easier for you. It does however, make it easier for cast members taking payment and your Disney travel agent if you use one.

Available now via the Disney Gift Card website, you can combine all of your small amount gift cards into one larger gift card – up to $1,000. What they are failing to tell you when announcing this wonderful enhancement to the Disney Gift Card website is that you will have to register each gift card into the site in order to transfer the amounts to a larger card. So, depending on the number of cards you have, this can be quite time consuming and frustrating to many. In reality this saves lots of time for Disney employees who sometimes take payment via multiple gift cards which makes it necessary for them to spend much more time on a call.