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Guide to Using the Disney Disability Access Service (DAS) Pass

The Disney Disability Access Service

I truly believe that everyone should experience Disney at least once. However experiencing Disney means lots of walking and standing in line. For some people standing in super long lines just isn’t possible due to a disability or condition.

Due to multiple knee surgeries, my daughter uses the service when visiting the parks and it works well for her. When my mother (in her late 80′) travels with us we are able to use the service for her as well, since she can’t stand for long periods of time to wait in line.

Disney has created their DAS Pass to ensure that everyone is able to get the most out of their Disney Vacation.

What Does DAS Pass Stand For?

DAS Pass stands for Disability Access Service Pass.

What Does the DAS Pass Do?

The DAS Pass assists those with disabilities (both visible and invisible). Those who are unable to wait in the conventional attraction lines are able to bypass standing and waiting in the long line.

The DAS Pass is essentially a virtual placeholder as it holds the parties place in line while they wait somewhere else that is more comfortable.

The DAS is fully digital and integrated into the resort’s wristband or park pass identification, so no additional card or media is needed.

Who is Eligible for a DAS Pass?

DAS Passes are available for those with disabilities (or conditions) that do not allow them to wait in a normal line for any length of time.

Disney Disability Access Service

Paper Pass

It should be noted though that the DAS Pass does not cover those with mobility issues. Disney has other ways to help those with their mobility needs.

Where Do I get a DAS Pass?

DAS Passes are given at Guest Relations at the front of each park. It is here the cast members will ask you and your party questions to determine the best use of your DAS Pass. This can include things like waiting in a quiet area if needed as well.

Once the cast members determines you qualify, they will scan everyone in your group’s bands or cards and take the pass holders picture. 

Disney Disability Access Service

On the MDE App

The primary user must be present when the pass is issued and when the pass is used. The maximum is six guests per card. If you have more than six in your party, speak to Guest Relations on the best way to handle this situation for special arrangements.

How Long is a DAS Pass Valid for?

Once a person is granted a DAS Pass it is valid for the entire length of their stay or 14 days (whichever comes first) and it works in all of the parks.

If you will be at Disney longer than 14 days, you will need to re-do the pass at the end of the first 14 day period.

For Annual pass holders, a DAS is good for up to 60 days.

How are Return Times Obtained?

Getting return times is easy. All return times will be based on the current wait time of the ride or attraction you want to ride.

Walt Disney World:

To get a DAS Pass return time approach a cast member at the front of the ride or attraction and ask for a return time.


Throughout the parks there are Guest Relations kiosks. It is here that a return time for rides and attractions are given.

How long is the Given Return Time Good for?

Once a return time is given it cannot be used any earlier than the time given but, is good for the rest of the day.  For example: If a return time of 1:10 pm is given the pass holder and their party can show up at 1:10 or anytime after. 

How are the Return Times Used?

Once the return time window opens, the pass holder and their party are able to get on to the ride or into the attraction. Approach the fast pass line and the pass holder scans their band or card. After the pass holder has scanned their band or card the rest of the party can follow through the fast pass line as well. 

How Often can the DAS Pass be Used?

DAS Passes can be used as many times as needed. The only stipulation with them is that the current return time has to be used before another one can be given.

What if a Return Time is No Longer Wanted?

If a pass holder and their party get a return time for a ride or attraction and no longer want to use it, but would like to get one for another ride that can be done. The pass holder and their party need to approach the new ride or attraction and let them know that they have a current return time that they no longer want to use. The cast member can remove the current one and give a new return time. Just remember that the time you waited for the first one no longer counts and your waiting time starts over again. 

Does the DAS Pass Interfere with Fast Passes?

Having a DAS pass doesn’t interfere with your fast passes. Guests with DAS Passes still schedule their normal fast passes. In fact it is encouraged for a pass holder and their party to use both the DAS Pass and their fast passes to get the most out of their time in the parks.

If you are unsure if a DAS Pass would be helpful for you or someone else in your party, stop in to Guest Relations (or Guest Services) and ask. If other accommodations are needed as well, let cast members know and they will do their very best to make your Disney Vacation magical.

Disney Disability Access Service

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