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A Step-by-Step Family Destination Wedding Planning Guide

There are several options you can choose from when planning the location of your wedding. You can opt for a traditional wedding at your church or place of worship. You may even explore having an intimate wedding in your backyard. Then there’s the dream wedding in your exotic destination of choice.

Destination Wedding Planning Guide
Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash

Destination Wedding Planning Guide

If you’re uncertain of where to start, you might want to think about the following:

Research Your Wedding Location

Location is the first thing you should consider when arranging a destination wedding. Consider the area’s background or ask yourself: what makes it a perfect wedding venue?

  • Immerse yourself in research to get a sense of what it’s like.
  • Find out what their passport and visa requirements are. Start preparing for them ahead of time and the people in your family who will be joining.
  • Verify their health standards to prevent illness and extra costs.
  • Remember that scheduling it during a busy time may result in price increases.
  • Research local weather patterns.

Choosing Your Wedding Location

When considering a list of wedding ideas in your chosen location, you may consider the following:

  • Couples searching for a domestic getaway often choose the Hawaiian islands. Planning a beach wedding in Jamaica is also a good choice if you’re considering the Caribbean. Bali and the Thai coasts are also excellent options.
  • If you want to be adventurous, look for a stunning mountain or hilltop. Olympic National Park, Grand Teton National Park, and Glacier National Park are a few favored places. You can also see the secluded lodge in the Alps.
  • Napa, Tuscany, Provence, and Mexico’s Valle Guadalupe promote themselves as vineyard wedding destinations. These stunning locations allow you to say “I do” while sipping your favorite red or white.
  • Historic property weddings happen at villas or chateaus in Italy and France. And castle-themed weddings are available in England, Scotland, and Germany.
  • In the crowded cities of London and Paris, city wedding venues are enticing. You can take advantage of the variety of possibilities to personalize the décor for your ceremony and reception.

Set a Budget

You may begin working on your excel spreadsheet to plan your budget at this point. Your budget doesn’t have to be sky-high as long as it can cover the items in your wedding plan you deem essential. Remember, it’s YOUR wedding, so you don’t have to impress your guests; instead, consider your fulfillment as a couple.

Choose a Local Wedding Expert

To make things easier, look into hiring a local wedding planner. They can make trusted and seasoned recommendations for locations, florists, photographers, and other vendors.

Local wedding planners familiar with your location can remove most of the difficulties in wedding planning. They’ll act as your on-the-ground representative, which is essential to guaranteeing the seamless operation of the entire planning. Consider their strong working relationships with vendors, local activities, and excellent chefs. Hiring a wedding planner is vital, especially if you don’t speak the language. On top of that, a well-versed planner can act as a translator and point of contact with your vendors.

Know the Way to Make it Official

Remember that procedures can differ from state to state or country to country. So, be sure to complete the required marriage license paperwork. Schedule an appointment in your city if necessary. And remember that extra measures will be needed if you both want your marriage recognized in the nation where you plan to wed.

Send “Save the Dates” Early & Keep Guests Informed

For your official wedding invites, sending them out three to four months before your wedding date is a good time. Doing so helps restate the travel needs and considerations for your entourage.

Check with Your Wedding Suppliers

Follow up with your musicians, photographers, florists, caterers, and décor rental companies. Do get updates and answers to any minor issues that may have come up. This is to prevent severe problems on your special day with the aid of your planner.

Look for Lodging Recommendations

The comfort and safety of your entourage are additional things to consider. You can also offer options for various budgets. So, consider several locations close to your event, including transportation to and from your destination.

Amplify Destination Wedding Theme

Your guests will feel your destination’s wedding ambiance through the setting, food, flowers, and local culture. Even subtle decorations can assist in establishing your wedding theme. You can include wedding menus, table decorations, favors, signs, and wedding hashtags.

Extend Your Trip as Your Honeymoon

You can extend your stay or visit surrounding towns and nations for a practical, enjoyable honeymoon. Traveling from one place to another can be cheaper since you have already arranged everything for an extended stay in the area.

Prepare Tours and Activities Your Guests Can Enjoy

Take advantage of being with family and friends at a remote and different location—it doesn’t happen often! Making small day trips, spa appointments, or city exploration plans with your wedding party will make it a memorable occasion.

While at it, set a realistic deadline for yourself and your financial situation. Remember that choosing a wedding location can be scary due to the potential cost, but thoughtful preparation can help you save a lot of money.

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