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Cruising is Not for Everyone – What About You?

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You either love it or hate it. There doesn’t seem to be any in-between when it comes to cruising. Every year hundreds of cruises sail the world. They go to a wide variety of destination and last from one day to months. While there are people who swear by cruising, for other people, there are some very compelling reasons for not taking a cruise. The disasters that have befallen several cruise ships in the past few years has been noted by many people as a compelling reason to stay away from cruising. Here are some of the other reasons why cruising may not be a good choice for you.


Cruises are not cheap. They can cost thousands of dollars. While you get a lot for your money, if you are on a budget, a cruise may just be more than you can or want to spend. The price for the cabins is per person not per room and this can make the price higher than at a resort. There is often the price of getting to a cruise port as well to consider. For families, the price can be very prohibitive especially since children are not usually free but there are sometimes reductions for 3rd or 4th person in a room.

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Fear of Sea Sickness

One of the main reasons that people don’t want to go on a cruise is the fear of sea sickness. Most people can control sea sickness with medication, not everyone however is willing or able to take the medication that is necessary to manage sea sickness. The time of year is a big factor when it comes to how rough the seas will be and often lower prices coincide with the times when seasickness will be the most likely to occur. Spending your vacation in the bathroom feeling ill is a valid reason for not wanting to take a cruise.

Fear of Being at Sea

There are some people who need to see land at all times or who have a great fear of being in confined spaces. The thought of being out to sea without any land in sight gives them a panic attack. On most cruises, there are days at sea and there will be no land in sight. For people who suffer from this fear, a form of agoraphobia, the feeling of being out to sea and not being able to escape if they feel the need to will be a real deterrent. Another aspect of this fear is not being able to just get off the ship whenever they want to.

You are on an Endless Diet

Cruises are notorious for the amount of food that is available 24/7. Admittedly, it is not easy to stick to your diet on a cruise when there are delicious meals and delectable smells just about everywhere you are on the ship. If you have iron will power you might be able to control yourself but for a serious dieter it really is not worth putting yourself in the way of temptation.

Getting Bored

Finding a cruise boring is often cited as a reason for not cruising. There are not any interesting things to do on the ship. It is hard to dispute the fact that some people on certain cruises could be bored which is why it is important, when considering a cruise, to choose one that is a good fit. There are some cruise lines that are much better at entertaining the masses than others – choose wisely!

Too Many People

There is no doubt about it, cruise ships are getting larger and larger and they carry lots of people. There are crowds of people waiting to get on the ship, crowds of people in the dining rooms and often crowds of people at the pools. While there may be some places to be alone, if being around a lot of people is disturbing, then cruising is not a good option.

There are many reasons why people choose not to cruise. Cruising is loved by many travelers but it is not for everyone. If you are one of the people who prefers not to cruise, it’s okay, there are lots of others ways to enjoy your vacation. If you aren’t yet sure because you have never cruised you can read some Tips for First Time Cruisers.