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Safety Tips for Your Next Cruise Vacation

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You are finally on the vacation of the lifetime cruising the waters of a vast ocean. You have nothing to do for the next week but to relax and enjoy yourself and anyone else that came along with you. But, like anything else in life, anything can go wrong and change the whole vacation for the worse.

While there are no guarantees for absolute safety here are some tips to increase your chances of enjoying your cruise vacation without incident.

cruise vacation safety tips

Do not climb on things

Every now and then a story hits the news that a search is in progress for a person that has fallen over board from a cruise ship. If you have ever been on a cruise ship you know that the railings are very high around the edges of the ship. In order for a person to have fallen into the ocean they would have had to climbed up on the railing to a point that it could no longer offer any barrier between them and the water or in some unfortunate cases they had help going up and over.

Do not get so drunk that you can not walk

For some people drinking is the best part of the cruise. While in moderation it’s a great time, don’t let it get out of hand. When you have had too much to drink your sense of propriety and reasoning are not going to be your strongest traits. Without these traits you have an increased chance of hurting yourself or doing something stupid. 

cruise vacation safety tips

Do not forget your room keycard

Your room keycard is your identity on the ship. It is available so that you can purchase items on the ship, if it gets stolen someone could use it to make purchases against your account on the ship. It can also be used by someone to get into your room and steal your belongings. Do not under any circumstances lose your room key or give it to someone to borrow. 

Most importantly your room keycard is your ticket back onto the ship after visiting a destination. If you do not have it with you to get back on the ship this can cause problems that you most likely won’t want to deal with on your vacation.

Groups only at destinations

Never ever under any circumstances wander off by yourself when you are visiting your cruise destinations. While some destinations are safer then others, it is best just to stay in a group or with a tour guide when you are off of the ship. There is always safety in numbers no matter what situation you may find yourself in.

USE the hand sanitizer or wash your hands frequently

Unless you want to spend your vacation sick, it is recommended that you wash your hands frequently and use the hand sanitizing wipes that most ships provide. Bring your own hand sanitizer on board. There are numerous viruses that love the close proximity of a cruise ship because they are easily spread from one person to another.

Also when you have visited a foreign country you unknowingly pick up viruses and bacteria that you may not have an immune resistance built up for that can make you very sick. 

cruise vacation safety tips

Do not get left behind

Unless you have a pocket full of money to burn, pay attention to when you are to be back on board your ship. If you are left behind you are completely on your own and it is your responsibility to find a way to meet your ship at its next destination. This means that you will have to find a way to pay for a ship or a plane to get to the next place you would have travelled to on the cruise ship. If you are visiting a foreign country the difficulty of getting there will be compounded if you do not speak the language.

Taking a cruise is a great and relaxing vacation. Keep in mind some of these safety tips to make sure everything goes well and the seas stay calm!

cruise vacation safety tips