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Need to Get Away? How to Plan a COVID Safe Vacation

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Covid Safe Vacation

Spring Break is a highly anticipated time by children and adults alike each year, but after 2020, Spring Break is more necessary than ever. Now vaccines are being more widely distributed and restrictions are lifting, it seems family travel is finally a safe option once again. Between virtual education, event cancellations and general home boundedness for the past year, this has been a long-awaited and much-needed break for families everywhere. 

Many airlines are now requiring negative COVID-19 tests before you fly, but not all community testing centers or clinics can accommodate very young or very old people. If you’re looking for children’s same-day COVID testing before your trip, an in-home service such as Drip Hydration can provide tests to the entire family to help you meet travel requirements. It’s also important to get tested after you return from your trip to ensure you didn’t accidentally bring the virus home with you. 

Even with all the anticipation, it’s important to keep in mind safety is crucial for any kind of family vacation experience as COVID threats still exist. Furthermore, family vacations can include many moving parts even without a global pandemic. Here are some things to keep in mind when planning a COVID-safe family vacation this Spring Break. 

covid safe vacation
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Choose a Location

Due to the fact vacationing is still in the early stages of restarting since widespread closures last year, consider a getaway spot that feels different from home while not requiring too much travel. Due to strict international travel restrictions, it’s safe to say domestic travel is the way to go during this time. Consider trips and cities within the U.S. you’ve never been to but always wanted to visit. This could look like a road trip down the coast of California or booking one of the Sullivan’s Island rentals in SC for a low-key family beach week. 

The key here is to avoid hot spots and crowded locations to ensure the safety of your family during your vacation. Now is definitely the time to take a Spring Break vacation to a destination where you and your family can enjoy time in a new place while remaining comfortably and socially distanced from others. If you plan on traveling to another state, you can use this tool to check the health department websites of other states, view COVID numbers and plan travel accordingly. 

Choose a Mode of Transportation

Depending on your chosen destination, you might have multiple options in terms of how to get there. Over the past year, airlines and car rental agencies have drastically improved sanitation protocols to keep up with CDC recommendations and federal regulations. This should give you some peace of mind when choosing your mode of transportation.

If you choose to fly, know you’ll need to wear a mask at all times, both at the airport and while on the plane. Most airlines give travelers individually wrapped snacks and alcohol wipes to avoid any contamination during the flight. Some aspects of flight service, like alcohol purchase and other amenities, have been suspended due to increased safety measures. 

If possible, driving your own vehicle to your Spring Break destination is likely the safest and most comfortable way to travel at the moment. This way, no one has to wear a mask while in the car and your belongings stay with you at all times. Taking your own vehicle also ensures social distancing during the duration of your trip for you and your family. 

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Make Reservations in Advance

Many businesses are currently operating at capacity levels lower than normal. That being said, it is crucial to pre-book as many aspects of your trip as you can. If you plan on staying in a hotel, make this booking process a priority to avoid any last-minute stress. You might also consider a private vacation home for even more social distancing, like a mountaintop Airbnb in Asheville, NC or a beach-oriented Charleston, SC rental

Much like hotels, restaurants are also operating at limited capacity in many states around the country. As part of your pre-Spring Break planning, research local restaurants and make reservations wherever possible. Keep in mind, some restaurants have capped the amount of people per party as well, so it’s best to call them directly regarding large party reservations instead of booking online. 

Pack an Essentials Bag

Even without a pandemic, you can never be too prepared for a family Spring Break trip. Before you hit the road or head to the airport, gather a small supply of extra travel essentials you might need while you’re away. Your essentials bag should include things like hand sanitizer, extra masks for children and adults, sanitizing wipes, single-use latex gloves, hand soap and a thermometer. Some of these may seem arbitrary, but it’s better to have them handy than to be without them when you need them. If nothing else, your essentials bag will give you an added peace of mind throughout your trip.

Stay Outdoor-Minded

Now is the perfect time for you and your family to take advantage of the great outdoors! When planning activities for your vacation, consider making outdoor activities the bulk of your itinerary and skip indoor activities like crowded museums and attractions. Fill your trip with engaging outdoor activities like biking, hiking or even camping. If you’re in need of a few relaxing activities during your trip, consider stops at a nearby quiet beach or lake, or even a leisurely family stroll through one of the nation’s National Parks

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Prepare Your Kids

Traveling with your children is a way to show them new places, cultures and people. However, traveling at this time might look a little different to them when compared to pre-COVID vacations. Before you leave home, walk your kids through situations you all might encounter while away from home, like staying socially distanced from others, wearing a mask when in public and washing their hands frequently. Remember: This is all new to them too! Consider it a learning experience for your children to practice COVID safety measures.

Most importantly, enjoy some well-deserved time away from home with your family. Take photos, try something new, live in the moment and create lasting memories with your loved ones. No matter what your destination might be this Spring Break, have fun while keeping family safety at the top of your list when planning, enjoying and returning from your vacation.