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11 Fun and Cheap Things to Do When You Visit Milwaukee

Milwaukee is the perfect place to go for a quick trip with lots of fun on a budget. When you visit Milwaukee, make sure you try these budget-friendly things.

Cheap Things in Milwaukee

Milwaukee has a rich history and great sites to explore. It has great ethnic influence having been the home of Melleoki, an Indian village. It has also had its fair share of visitors including French Missionaries, Canadian fur traders and German immigrants.

People refer to Milwaukee as German Athens of America. You’ll find many tourists attractions, including the river-walk pedestrian path, bronze Fonz statue, among others. If you have a vacation coming up, and find that you don’t have a huge budget for overseas trips, you should visit Milwaukee.

Fun Things to Do When You Visit Milwaukee

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Make time to visit the following places.

1. Harley-Davidson Museum

If you’re a bike enthusiast, you should visit the Harley-Davidson Museum which combines the old and the new. The region is known for its history with motorcycles; the earliest dating back to 1901.

Photo via Harley Davidson Museum

You’ll get a chance to see more than 450 motorcycles and the ‘serial number one’; the oldest Harley. You also get to know more about the people behind the bikes, visit the store, and eat at the fun themed restaurant. If you have a bike, make sure you participate in the Bike Nights where you get a chance to display your machine.

2. Betty Brinn Children’s Museum

If you’re wondering what to do in Milwaukee when you have the kids with you, make sure you visit the Betty Brinn Children’s Museum. The kids will have a ton of fun why learning critical skills for later years. The museum has interactive activities to help the kids learn in a fun environment.

Bring any other caregiver along so that they can get some wonderful tools on childcare through the educative programs available.

3. Old World Third Street and the Third Ward

The Old World Third Street is the best place to understand the influence of Germany on Milwaukee. The buildings are spectacular to look at to-date despite their age. You get to eat and drink to your fuel from the numerous eateries and bars on the street.

Photo via Visit Milwaukee

The Third Ward is an excellent summary of Milwaukee things to do. If you have fashion and artistic flair, make time to visit the third ward. There’re so many places to explore, eat, drink and shop.

4. City Hall

The City Hall manages to stand its ground, despite the tall buildings around it. Completed in 1895, it has the distinction of being one of the tallest nineteenth-century skyscrapers of its kind. It features an interesting mix of German Renaissance revival and Flemish Styles.

You can take the guided tours on every second and fourth Wednesday of the month where you get a chance to climb the bell tower.

5. Milwaukee Art Museum

If you have a thing for art, make sure you visit the Milwaukee Art Museum for a chance to marvel at over 20,000 works of art. It features both new and old pieces ranging from photographs to drawings, among others.

You also get to view collections from Asia and Africa. The architectural structure of the museum is also a marvel on its own.

6. Pabst Theatre and Mansion

Built in the 20th century, the past theatre incorporates the style of Europe Opera Houses. It has a baroque interior, the chandelier centerpiece, and a staircase made of Italian Carrara marble. If you’re looking for fun things to do in Milwaukee, make sure you make time to go to the theatre to watch the musical on stage Productions.

Cheap Things in Milwaukee

Photo via Pabst Mansion

The Pabst Mansion features a Flemish Renaissance revival-style. It’s a marvel to see during Christmas events and celebrations. The guided tours are worth taking.

7. The Domes: Mitchell Park Conservatory

Built-in 1959, the architectural marvel, the first-of-its-kind during the construction time, has three gigantic glass domes. You get to see a variety of plants from the desert and tropics. Each dome stands at 85 feet and covers 140 feet in diameter. The show dome hosts events during the Christmas season. You also get a farmer’s market and Aberdeen railway.

8. Visit the Milwaukee County Zoo

Some of the fun things to do in Milwaukee include a visit to the Milwaukee Zoo. You’ll get to see 1800 animals over a 200-acre spread. There’re many fun activities and educational programs. Some of the animals you must make a point to see are the pygmy chimps. The kids can enjoy the safari train, sea lion show, among others.

Cheap Things in Milwaukee

Photo via Milwaukee Zoo

Other animals you’ll get to see are moose, different bears, penguins, Bonobo, gorillas, and cheetahs.

9. The Discovery World

One of the things to do in Milwaukee this weekend is to visit Discovery World or James Lovell Museum of Science economics and technology. It doesn’t matter what your age is; you’ll enjoy the experience. Some of the things to see include the Raymond aquarium, and a showcase of legendary guitar makers in the house of sound.

You also get the live theatre experience and a great collection of artifacts.

10. The Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church

The Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church is an architectural marvel which has an out worldly appearance. If you feel the need for some spiritual nourishment, you can attend the church services. It’s also the site for the Greek fest which celebrates Greek Culture music and food.

11. Milwaukee Public Museum

Don’t plan for many other activities on the day you decide to visit the Milwaukee Public Museum. You’ll not even realize how much time has passed as you explore the exhibits and collections. Get ready for astounding historical displays, life-size dinosaurs, reconstructions of tropical forest, and streets of old Milwaukee, among others.

You will experience displays from Asia, the Arctic, and Africa. Make sure you visit the planetarium-style theatre to watch the shows. Truly an experience worth having.

Time to Take a Trip to Milwaukee

We have shared with you great places and things to do when you visit Milwaukee. Boredom will never feature in any of your days; you can explore, take a hike, and go for a good meal, among other things. Travel on a budget always means looking for free and cheap things to do on vacation and Milwaukee is full of lots to do!

Cheap Things in Milwaukee

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