4 Ways To Get More Laughter Into Your Life

If you look at little children, they are always laughing – everything seems funny, and they giggle with abandon as much as possible. As we get older, that ability to laugh seems to fade away, and by the time we’re adults, laughter is – relatively speaking – a rare event. 

get more laughter
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This is a sad thing to have happened; laughter is good for you, lowering your stress levels and enhancing your well-being. So it’s important to get more laughter into your life if you feel it’s lacking. Here are some ways to do it. 

Watch A Comedian

Of course, watching a comedian do their act is a brilliant way to laugh more, and one that we would thoroughly recommend. Not only do you get to experience someone else’s sense of humour and allow it to tap into yours, but the whole event is an experience in itself. Firstly, there are jokes and sketches, but there is more to it. 

When you go to a comedian’s show, you are going out to enjoy yourself – you know that you are going to laugh, and that’s exciting, especially if you don’t laugh a lot usually. You could also combine the night out with drinks and a meal, and by being with friends and family that you love, making it a truly special night out. 

Search Online 

Although we are often told by many like The Independent there are bad parts to the internet, for the most part, it is life-affirming and even life-enhancing or changing. Search for funny videos, or amusing memes, or laugh out loud stories, and you’ll soon find that you are enjoying a good giggle. You might even discover videos of comedians you hadn’t heard of but whose work you really enjoy. 

There are many things that can make you laugh online. Cat videos are popular, or playing games at Unibet and winning could make you laugh with happiness.

You might download a funny book, or even read a review that has been written for laughs. Laughter can be found everywhere if you take the time to look. 

Be A Child 

If children are the ones who laugh the most, then why not be like a child and allow your laughter to come whenever it wants to? It’s not easy to do this if you’ve been in the adult mindset for a long time, but it can be done. The best time to start is when you’re on vacation, and you don’t have to worry so much about the responsibilities of ‘real life’ that can hold back your laughter sometimes. 

get more laughter
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Just go with the flow and enjoy life for what it is. Run around, try new things, experience everything, and find the funny in every situation. The more you practice, the easier it will become, and the more you will laugh. 

Remove Negativity 

Sometimes there are things in our lives that are blocking out ability to laugh more. Remove these negative influences and laughter will be more readily available. The negative might come in the form of certain people, a job you dislike, your financial situation, or even your health. 

Take the time to deal with these issues and solve them, and happiness and laughter will follow. 

America’s Most Amazing Theme Parks – The History of Amusement Parks

The rides. The food. The adventure! Year after year attendance at amusement parks rises regardless of the financial, social or political climate. Let’s talk a little about the history of amusement parks.

History of Amusement Parks
Photo via Amusement Park History

Many want to relive their childhood memories or create new memories with their family. Some are thrill seekers searching out a roller coaster adrenaline rush.

To understand the obsession with amusement parks, it’s important to learn a little bit about the history of amusement parks.

This post is the first in a series of posts about America’s Most Amazing Amusement Parks. 

Where did the idea for amusements parks come from? Most Disney lovers think it was Walt Disney but that isn’t true.

The First Amusement Parks

The first amusement park opened in 1583 in Bakken, Denmark. It was until the 19th century that America started creating fun spots for families. In 1875 the first railroad to the Brooklyn seaside of Coney Island began bringing waves of visitors to the area.

Photo via RochesterSubway.com

Coney Island until that time had been a playground for the wealthy but was now attainable for Americans of all classes. Developers quickly began erecting attractions to entertain and amuse the masses. Fortune tellers, games, vaudeville acts and cabaret were followed by a carousel.

Coney Island grew more popular and in 1884 the first real roller coaster – Switchback Gravity Pleasure Railway – started the roller coaster craze. The ride reached 6 mph and made Coney Island the heart of the amusement industry.

Photo via Hyde Park Historical Society

At the 1893 World’ Fair in Chicago the George Ferris Giant Wheel made it’s debut. The wheel stood 264 feet high and offered panoramic views of the city. This World’s Fair exposition which included rides, games, food, penny arcades and shooting galleries was the prototype for the amusement parks of today.

Around the same time trolley lines were being constructed across the country and parks were built at their end points with picnic areas, dance halls, restaurants and rides. The turn of the century brought trolley parks and amusement parks and all of America was hooked.

In 1903, 40,000 people showed up at the opening of the new Coney Island Luna Park. By 1910 there were 2,000 amusement parks across the country. Many of these were existing gardens, playgrounds and zoos that evolved into amusement parks with the addition of mechanical rides, pools, theaters, moving pictures and pyrotechnical shows.

Just as Americans were beginning to really enjoy amusement parks, along came the Great Depression and a rapid decline of amusement park attendance. Hundreds closed and those that were able to stay open (Hersheypark and Knott’s Berry Farm) suffered financially. They struggled until well after the end of World War II in 1945.

Enter Walt Disney

When Walt Disney had an idea for a family-friendly amusement park, the industry found new life. In 1954 Disney broke ground on 160 acres in Anaheim, California. The park opened in July of the following year. 15,000 people were invited to attend opening day but 33,000 people showed up.

Disneyland Construction – Photo via A Real Treasure: Disneyland

The attendance was so overwhelming the park ran out of food within hours. Lines began forming at 2 a.m. for the next day. During Disneyland’s first year, it welcomed 3.6 million visitors.

The beginning of Six Flags

After visiting Disneyland Angus G. Wynne, a Texas businessman, was inspired. In 1961 he opened Six Flags Over Texas. Like Disneyland it was broken into “lands.” The park opened with rides like a stagecoach, railroad and Wild West Show. Before he knew it, Walt Disney had some competition. 

History of Amusement Parks
Photo via Flashback: Dallas

Within a few years Wynne opened Six Flags in Georgia and in Missouri.

Other Parks Start to Open

After watching the success of Walt Disney and Angus Wynne new parks began to open. Cypress Gardens, Busch Gardens, SeaWorld in San Diego, Universal Studios in Hollywood to name a few all opened during this time.

As the competition grew, Walt Disney began looking for a second location. His next venture included a theme park, hotels and recreational facilities in Orlando, Florida. On October 1, 1971 Walt Disney World opened to 10,000 people.

History of Amusement Parks
WDW 1971 Map – Photo via Time Magazine

Unfortunately Walt Disney died before the project in Florida was completed but the company continued and grew after that first park and launched Epcot, MGM Studios (now Hollywood Studios), Animal Kingdom, California Adventure, Disneyland Paris, Tokyo Disneyland, Hong Kong Disneyland and Shanghai Disneyland. In 2017 more than 150 million people worldwide visited a Disney park.

Disney Rivals Begin to Expand

Like Disney, all of it’s rivals began to expand nationally and beyond. Six Flags has more than 24 parks in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico and is currently expanding into Dubai, China and Saudi Arabia.

Universal Studios opened locations in Florida, Japan and Singapore. SeaWorld opened in Florida, San Antonio and Abu Dhabi. Legoland, which was originally a European park, opened first in California and then in Florida. A new Legoland in New York is in the works to open in 2020.

As of 2019 there are over 400 amusement and theme parks in America with a combined revenue of over 22 BILLION dollars.

Next up will be – America’s Most Amazing Theme Parks – #1 Walt Disney World (of course!!)

History of Amusement Parks

Be a Princess! Take A Bite Of The Alternative Princess Lifestyle

Do you remember the blessed time in your life when you thought that becoming a princess what a genuine career option? There’s something deeply appealing to the princess dream; it makes little girls feel special.

Just because you’re not a little girl anymore doesn’t mean that you don’t have the right to feel special once in a while. Granted, princess is not a real job. But nothing stops you from feeling like one for a day!

Princess Lifestyle

Dress like a princess

If you’ve watched on repeat Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty when you were a child, hoping to one day have a dress just as beautiful as the Disney princesses, you might have faced serious disappointment in life. Unfortunately, fashion has taken a different direction and, it’s tricky to get on with your everyday life wearing a fancy cocktail dress.

Besides, the typical princess outfit is quite expensive! But there is a way around. For one special day, you could check an outfit to hire, such as a prom dress or even a sophisticated empire dress that makes you look like a Greek goddess.

Your very own Cinderella carriage

Cinderella might have had only a pumpkin, but she ended up with the help of her fairy godmother with a magnificent carriage. It’s modern days now, and the giant pumpkin pulled by horses might not fit the 21-st century lifestyle.

You can, however, try a service such as Go Luxe Limo to hire your very own chauffeured limo van to get you to the best parties and events in town. Another fantastic bonus of having your very own chauffeur is that you can misbehave a little as a princess and order a drink at the bar.

An enchanted meal

What is the best food for a princess? If there’s one thing you’ve learned from your favorite Disney movies is that the food has to be enchanting. Magic, thankfully, still exists in some of the most exciting kitchens in the country.

If you’re heading to Walt Disney World, you should embrace the real Taste of the Magic Kingdom food tour, that starts with a Mickey-shaped cinnamon bun. If you’re after something a little more sophisticated, take a look at some of the best Michelin-starred restaurants around.

Spend the night in a fairytale castle

What better than a night in a fancy castle for a princess? Go big and book yourself a night at your favorite spa hotel – take the deluxe suite. However, if you want to wake up in fairyland, you need to keep your eyes open for some of the most magical lodgings in the world. The Ice Hotel in Quebec is a quick flight away and will make you feel like a Frozen princess.

In the end, you’d be surprised to know how easy it is to organize your day like a Disney princess. Why should you give yourself the princess treatment?

Living one day like a princess is an expensive hobby. But you deserve something beautiful. If you’ve been working hard or have been going through tough times, remember to look after yourself.

Your princess day is nothing more than a declaration of love to yourself!

Princess Lifestyle

4 Tips for Staying Safe in Your Rental Car

Have you ever been driving a rental car when it starts to rain and you can’t find the wiper switch? Here are some great rental car tips.

Rental Car Tips

The experience of driving a rental car can actually be pretty sweet, as it’s always fun to take a different set of wheels for a spin while your own car’s in the shop or when you’re out of town on vacation. The fact that you’re driving something completely unfamiliar to you can definitely make you a little tense though, especially if you’re also trying to find your way around an unfamiliar city.

The following tips can help you stay safe and drive more confidently.

1. Look Your Car Over First

Resist the urge to hop right into your rental and drive off into the sunset without a second thought. Take a few moments to perform a quick inspection first.

Are the fluid levels where they should be? Is there gas in the car, and are the tires full? Make sure you also look the car over for dings, scratches, and flaws. Check out the mileage as well, as you don’t want to find out you’re driving a heavily used vehicle under the wrong circumstances.

If anything at all doesn’t seem right with the car, you’ll definitely want to bring it up before you leave the lot.

2. Get to Know the Car

Every car has its own little quirks and anomalies, so always take a minute to become familiar with a new vehicle before you hit the open road. Figure out where all the controls are located, and be sure you know how to operate each of them.

Make sure your mirrors, seat, and temperature control system are adjusted to your liking. Then drive around the lot a couple of times to get your bearings and make sure you’re comfortable. 

3. Know Your Location

If you’ll be driving your rental to or around an unfamiliar area, you’ll definitely want to spend some time studying a map of the area in question before you embark on your trip. Plan your route in advance, and make sure you understand how the in-vehicle GPS system works.

You should also always make sure you’re aware of local traffic laws in your rental car at all times. Some states have some quirky laws in place that you may not be expecting. 

4. Avoid Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is a major safety hazard no matter what car you’re driving, but it can be especially dangerous when you’re behind the wheel of an unfamiliar vehicle. In addition to making sure your radio and settings are the way you like them before you start driving, consider powering your phone down or stashing it completely out of sight.

Even hands-free methods of making or taking calls while you’re driving are considered unsafe, so err on the side of caution and take your phone completely out of the equation. Avoid eating, drinking, or talking too much to any passengers you have traveling with you as well.

A little preparedness and caution go a long way when it comes to feeling comfortable behind the wheel of a rental car. Always make safety your number one priority, and all will be well. 

Rental Car Tips

Teach Your Kids By Example: No Cellphones While Driving

Let’s talk cell phones while driving.

If you’re like most parents, your kids are the most important people in your life. You do everything you possibly can to protect them and make their surroundings safe and happy places. You also do everything you can to instill values and habits in them that will ensure their growing up to become responsible adults.

cell phones while driving
Photo via TechAdvisor.com

But are you unknowingly teaching them to become unsafe drivers?

Distracted Driving

Every time you and the kids get into the car, you make sure everyone is bucked up before you turn on the ignition, right? And you put your cellphone in your pocket or purse where it stays the whole time you’re behind the wheel, right?

Let’s talk cell phones while driving!

Wait. You don’t? You mean you sometimes actually use it while driving? That’s not being a good role model for your kids. Studies show that if they don’t see you using your cellphone while driving, they stand a drastically reduced chance of using one themselves when they start driving.

Distracted driving has reached epic proportions in the U.S., and by far the biggest distraction is people using their cell phone while driving. Last year, 4,637 people died in a car crash on American roads because of cellphone usage. In 2017, such usage caused approximately 1.5 million U.S. crashes.

Other alarming statistics include the following:

  • At any hour of the day or night, about 7% of drivers are using their cellphones.
  • Cellphones are the major, if not the only, factor in about 14% of all fatal crashes.
  • When you answer a text while driving, you become distracted for an average of five seconds. During this time your car travels well over 100 feet, the length of a football field.
  • When you talk or text on your cellphone while driving, your reaction time decreases by the same amount as it would if you had a 0.08% blood alcohol concentration, most states’ legal maximum.

Hands-Free Is Not Risk-Free

Even if you have hands-free technology in your car that allows you to use your cellphone while driving without actually holding it, this does not protect you. It’s still a highly dangerous practice. Why? Because your brain cannot do two things at the same time.

cell phones while driving
Photo via YourMechanic.com

Consequently, when you use your cellphone hands-free while driving, your brain can operate at only 67% capacity to see and process movement around you. Worse yet, it can operate at only 50% capacity to see and process stationary objects around you.

Role Model

You serve as a role model for your kids the whole time they’re growing up. What you do and don’t do influences their future behavior far more than what you say or don’t say. This is just as true when it comes to using a cellphone while driving as it is with anything else.

Therefore, if you want your kids to become safe and responsible drivers when they get their licenses, you must be one yourself. Every time. All the time. Never use your cellphone while you’re behind the wheel. Let those calls and texts wait until afterward.

I’m a huge promoter of unplugging to connect with your family. Try it in the car too!