Disneyland Tickets at 2018 Prices!

Unless you’ve spent the first week of 2019 hiding under a rock, you have most likely heard the big news that Disneyland ticket prices went up unexpectedly, effective immediately.

However, I have some great news – Get Away Today is still able to sell their Disneyland Resort tickets at the old pricing through Tuesday, January 15, 2019 at 11:59 p.m. MT!

Since you will want to lock-in the lower ticket prices, this week is the time to buy your Disneyland tickets! 

Also, I’d like to point out that this ticket price increase does NOT affect the low prices of Get Away Todays’ spring offer I told you about recently. The spring offer is valid for travel now through May 23, 2019 with blackout dates of April 14 – 22. With this offer, you will save up to $111 per ticket!

If you are planning on visiting the Disneyland Resort during any of the most popular travel seasons; the summer to experience the opening of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge (June, 2019), Halloween Time or Holidays at the Disneyland Resort, NOW is the time to book.

Here is how much you can save over the gate price on Park Hopper tickets by booking with Get Away Today by next Tuesday, January 15, 2019:

Disneyland Resort Park Hopper Tickets

2-Day: $22 savings per person

3-Day: $30 savings per person

4-Day: $30 savings per person

5-Day: $40 savings per person

Visit Get Away Today to take advantage of these prices by Tuesday, January, 15!


Can’t pay for everything in full? Take advantage of their interest free Layaway Plan.

For just $125 down, you can plan your 2019 vacation for 2018 prices. With so much to see and do in 2019 at the Disneyland Resort, you won’t want to miss out on any of the fun!

To book your 2019 spring Disneyland vacation today, visit getawaytoday.com or call 855-GET-AWAY to speak to one of their travel experts directly.

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Family Activities For The Beach

The beach is the type of place where worries and troubles leave those shoulders and listening to the sea lap on the shore is akin to every relaxing moment we are told about. Aside from hopping waves, and playing in the rocks, there are other fun things to do at the beach. Once you’ve got your water shoes for rocky beaches, some beach toys and some sunshine, here are some suggestions for having the best time at the beach as a family.

Photo: Pexel.com



One of the best things about the coast is the winds you get. There is nothing quite as much fun as flying a kite. Even Mary Poppins loved it. Also if you aren’t lucky enough to get a really strong wind, you can get the kids to run as fast as they can to get the kite lifting up into the air. If you love the idea of a kite but don’t have one handy, if you still have plastic carrier bags and sting you can make your own.


If you have a super sandy patch, you can play as many games of Hangman as you like. Simply cover the sand over once you’re finished and start again. This one is great for older kids and adults.

Make Like Anna

Do you wanna build a sandman? All of those mornings spent rolling snow into giant balls to create the best snowman can be put to use. How about a shell for eyes? Or seaweed for hair?

Treasure Hunt

But without the treasure. The aim of the game is to find the coolest stuff in the sand. You can bring along some metal detectors and judge the best treasure at the end. Remember to dig with a spade and not your hands. If you dig any large hole be sure to fill them in as best you can for the safety of other beach users.


Frisbee or throw and catch games are a lot of fun on the beach. The slight wind can make the trajectory a little more challenging to calculate, and many of us have been victim to an escaping blow-up ball. Another way to play is to set up targets like a water bottom on a basket. Best out of three, or for those less competitive don’t put a numerical value on it at all. You can have hours of fun in the sun with these ones.

Build Build Build!

If you don’t fancy building a sandman, then perhaps a whole settlement is something you would prefer. Bring along some sand castle bucket molds, and you can create an entire fort. Just remember that you’re going to get a better result using heavy wet sand than you will with dry sand!


Most people won’t risk lenses and phones getting clogged up with sand. So this is the perfect time to ask some questions and connect with your friends and family. Talking with the sea making those spectacular whooshing waves is worth a trip to the beach any day.

What is Vacatia – Space of a Home / Services of a Resort – Resorts You’ll Love

I know when I travel with my entire family, it’s expensive. Staying in a hotel we require at least 3 rooms for everyone to be comfortable and have enough space. Do the math. We aren’t budget hotel stayers so reserving 3 hotels rooms is expensive. Since I’m the one usually paying, I try to keep expenses as low as I can without giving up comfort and quality.

Enter Vacatia!

Vacatia makes vacation planning easy and affordable.

Villa del Palmar Resort Cancun – Photo Credit: Vacatia.com

Vacatia is a large family, group and multi-generational traveling family’s greatest resource. They offer hundreds of locations – from studio to 6 bedrooms – in all of the popular vacation destinations.

Resort residences combine the space of home with the services of a hotel. They offer the spaciousness and necessities of a private vacation rental with the comfort and convenience of onsite check-in, housekeeping, and a full-time staff. All at a fraction of the cost of multiple hotel rooms.


Using their website to choose the perfect vacation accommodation is easy. You’ll see large photos, floor plans and detailed information about what makes each resort special, and up-to-the-minute rates and availability.

Live chat is available to ask questions about resorts and booking, all you can call and speak to a representative too.

Westgate Flamingo Bay Resort Las Vegas – Photo Credit: Vacatia.com

Vacatia works with 600+ select professionally managed resorts and resort residence owners at leading hospitality, vacation ownership (timeshare) and premier independent resorts. There are NO private homes or hotels allowed! 

Look for Great Values at Vacatia

  • Family & Friends rates for members 
  • a best price guarantee
  • military rates
  • large group discount
  • extended stay discount

Some of the Vacatia Destinations Available

Orlando ♦ Miami / Fort Lauderdale ♦ Myrtle Beach ♦ Aspen / Snowmass ♦Breckenridge / Keystone / Copper Mountain ♦ Steamboat Springs ♦ Vail / Beaver Creek ♦ Park City ♦ Lake Tahoe ♦ Whistler ♦ Branson ♦ Phoenix / Scottsdale ♦ Las Vegas ♦ Daytona Beach ♦ Panama City ♦ Pensacola ♦ Destin ♦ Gulf Shores ♦ Big Island ♦ Kauai ♦ Maui ♦ Oahu ♦ Cancun ♦ Cabo San Lucas ♦ Puerto Vallarta ♦ Aruba ♦ Bahamas ♦ Dominican Republic ♦ Puerto Rico

Lake Buena Vista Resort Orlando – Photo Credit: Vacatia.com

Join Vacatia Family & Friends

You can join for free and enjoy the benefit of MEMBER RATES that are an average of 10% lower on select resort residences, as well as exclusive member only promotions.

Booking is Easy

You can book easily on line. Forms of payment accepted include credit card, Apple Pay, Amazon Pay, apply for financing, or in 2 to 4 interest-free payments (for select residences). Vacatia will also hold a reservation for 48 hours for you.

Vacatia will coordinate all details with the resort. Since Vacatia is handling the necessary essentials there are no keys under the flower pot. No contracts or back and forth with the owner. Vacatia will be sure the resort’s on-site staff are ready for you at the front-desk when you arrive.

Why not give Vacatia a try and book your next vacation using their site. You won’t be sorry or disappointed and you’ll save some money too!

Asian City Breaks That Won’t Make You Sing-A-Poor

Asia is a fast-growing and vibrant place. Over the last 50 years, nearly two-thirds of global population growth came from the continent, leading to the development of dozens of hyper-scale cities, all with interesting people and cultures.

There’s just one problem: enjoying all these new development on a budget can be a little tricky. Like city breaks in Europe and North America, staying in a built-up area can be expensive. So what can you do to reduce the cost of Asian city breaks and where should you stay?


If you’ve ever been to Hong Kong, you know how exhausting it can be to travel to an Asian city. Hong Kong lights up like a Christmas tree, with all its stunning skyscrapers, meaning that you’re bathed in light 24-hours a day. But if you think Hong Kong is bad, then you should pay a visit to Bangkok. The streets here are alive with people, no matter what time you venture out, with tourists particularly singled out for sales.

Wikimedia Commons

The good thing about Bangkok, though, is the prices. Wages are still relatively low for many people in the hospitality industry in Thailand, meaning that things like hotels, transfers, food, and entertainment are all still very cheap. Family holidays to Bangkok, excluding flights, can cost a fraction of the European equivalent.

What can you do with the family during your stay? Plenty, actually. There’s the Grand Palace temple that can be visited by boat, as well as many other restaurants near the river. Bangkok is much cheaper than Hong Kong, with prices for a four-star hotel room about 45 percent of the price you’d pay in the Chinese city.


A trip to Bangkok, with the noise, smog, and street-life, can be exhausting. If you and your family want something a little more relaxing, then a trip to Singapore might be what you’re looking for. Traditionally seen as a business or merchant location, Singapore is increasingly embracing its own culture, helping to establish it as a global tourist destination in its own right.

Wikimedia Commons

The authorities in Singapore are notoriously authoritarian, but the country isn’t a politically dangerous place. In fact, the laws and regulations can make life quite nice for people who are just passing through. The streets are clean, the transportation system works well, and most of the people who live in the city make a lot of money.

Staying in a rental house in Singapore doesn’t have to be a costly experience. What’s more, many of the people in the city speak English, making it easier for Western travelers. Why not visit the Botanic Gardens, the colonial areas of the Asian Civilizations Museum with the rest of the family? You’ll be glad you found out more about the history of this fascinating place.



Shanghai isn’t the capital of China, but it might as well be. The city is actually much larger than Beijing – so large in fact, that the weight of buildings is causing the entire place to sink over time slowly. Don’t worry though: you’re still safe, and the Chinese authorities are already taking actions to make sure that the city survives over the long term.

Is Shanghai cheap? Hotel stays in a four-star establishment are about half of what you’d pay in Hong Kong. What’s more, if you choose a central location, you’ve got access to practically all the sight-seeing that you’d want.

Shanghai is an exciting place architecturally. In the center, near the river, there are three imposing skyscrapers, with the next taller than the previous. The most recent was only completed a few years ago and is one of the tallest buildings in Asia and the tallest in China – for now at least.


Beijing is the home of Chinese civilization and is a city that’s been on the map for more than 4,000 years. As a result, it’s full of fascinating cultural marvels, making it an excellent place for the whole family to enjoy. You’ll be able to visit Tiananmen square along with the Forbidden Palace.


But Beijing is much more than it’s political history: the city is also home to some great nightlife and traditional Chinese restaurants. Although the Chinese are famous for their rice paddies, the primary staple crop in the north is actually wheat, meaning that many restaurants in this part of the country use dim sum as their primary source of carbohydrates.

Do you like dim sum? If so, then you’ve got a lot of choices. Steamed buns, dumplings, and many different sauces, broths, and meats make a meal out in Beijing a real treat. The kids will love it.


Although Japan is a rich country, and Tokyo a prosperous city, that doesn’t mean that you can’t do a family break on the cheap here. There are numerous opportunities to save money if you know what you’re doing.

Wikimedia Commons

First thing’s first: look for budget sushi restaurants. Avoid going to restaurants in the tourist districts or the airports as these will attempt to charge well above the going market rate. Instead, look for special budget sushi restaurants which prioritize the quality of the food over the service. Markets are a great place to find bargains, especially the Tsukiji Fish Market. You can usually find full sushi meals here for under $8.

Second, look for cheap places to drink and relax. There’s a bar in Tokyo called 300Bar. The name of the bar comes from the price of its drinks, 300 yen. While that might sound like a lot, it works out at about $2.5 – an unheard of price in the middle of a city with more than 30 million inhabitants.

Finally, keep your eyes peeled for where to take the family on the cheap. There are many traditional religious sites and museums near Tokyo’s Ueno Park. Kids will love the National Science Museum and adults will enjoy the Metropolitan Art Museum.

So will you be heading out for a cheap Asian city break in any of these cities soon? Make sure you save money if you do.

Step Outside Your Comfort Zone With A Trip To The Slopes This Winter

As families, we often stick to the same vacations each year. Let’s face it, most of us have spent a large part of our time away at Disney resorts and the like. These are fun locations that our kids love, and we can guarantee a good time when we visit. Sometimes, though, doing the same thing every year can start to lose its shine.

That’s why we think it’s worth stepping outside of that comfort zone sometimes. And, with the cold weather well upon us, you’ve chosen the ideal time to try something new. The year-round hot weather may be the thing we love most about trips to Walt Disney World in Florida. But, what if you stepped outside that box with a winter vacation this year?

Trips to colder climates can be ideal for family travel. Where you get cold, after all, you get snow. And, more often than not, snow comes complete with ski and snowboard slopes. Getting stuck in could see your kids seeking thrills akin to their favorite roller coasters. The only thing is, they don’t have signs and seat belts to hold them in place here. That’s why you need to take the following precautions to help them feel safe.


Suit them up with safety gear

Before you head off, make sure to stock up on safety equipment. For the most part, this means things like shin pads and helmets. Helmets are the most crucial aspect, so make sure to take your time when selecting these. If you check out this sizing guide for your head, you should be able to find a perfect fit for you and your kiddies. Then, you can be sure that you’re as safe as possible when it comes time to hit those slopes. That alone could give your youngsters the push they need to step outside their comfort zones.

Research child-friendly slopes


It’s also worth looking out for resorts with child-friendly slopes. This shouldn’t be difficult, as most ski and snowboarding results accommodate families. By starting small, you can help your kids to develop their confidence. You wouldn’t have expected them to go on Big Thunder Mountain during their first year at Disney, right? So, don’t make them tackle the largest slopes without some practice first. Who knows; they might be riding with you adults by the end of your trip.

Image Source Max Pixel

Let them take it at their pace

It’s also worth noting that a trip like this can be strenuous. Your kids may not be used to that. That’s why you also need to let them take this at their own pace. It may be that they can only cope with an hour on the slopes at a time. That’s fine; most resorts have cafes and shops you can head to between goes. You may even find that they enjoy this trip most when they spend half the day skiing, and the rest exploring. By accommodating these needs, you ensure that trips like this also win a spot on your regulars list.