Family Fun in Fort Worth Texas

If you’ve never been to Texas, you’re missing out on an adventure. The Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex has a lot to offer.

There are more than 92 attractions in a 10-mile radius of downtown Fort Worth. Fort Worth is the fifth-largest city in Texas and the 13th-largest city in the United States. Fort Worth has historically been a center of the longhorn cattle trade. It still embraces its Western heritage and traditional architecture and design.

Today, it’s a modern city, with international art institutions and the Fort Worth Stockyards are home to rodeos, and the National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame.

Downtown Fort Worth is a place unlike any other. It’s cutting edge, fresh, and exciting, but it still maintains the authentic Texas roots that make it unique. It’s super close and convenient to another of my favorite Texas spots – Grapevine!

Here are some of my favorite things to do in the Fort Worth, Texas area.

Amon Carter Museum:

If you’re a fan of “cowboys and Indians” then you will really enjoy a visit to the Amon Carter Museum. The fantastic artistry of Charles Russell and Frederic Remington is on display. Each piece of art and sculpture has a detailed story to go along with it, explaining the bits and pieces of cowboy life depicted in the art.

Amon Carter Museum of American Art, Fort Worth, Texas. Photograph by Steven Watson.

Call 817-738-1933 or visit their website for more information.

Texas Civil War Museum

The Texas Civil War Museum is a must see for any Texas or Civil War buff! The museum is home to the largest collection of Civil War artifacts west of the Mississippi.

You’ll find weapons, soldier uniforms, Victorian dresses, photographs, and a movie detailing the role Texas played in the Civil War. 

Stockyards Museum

Here you’ll learn the history of the Fort Worth stockyards, the meatpacking industry, and how Fort Worth came to be known as “Cowtown”.

Fort Worth Texas

Be sure to bring your camera since there are a lot of great photo opportunities here.

Thistle Hill

Thistle Hill is a mansion that was originally built in 1903 during the era of the rich cattle barons. The mansion has been carefully restored to its full opulence and beauty. It has also been designated a Recorded Texas Historic Landmark in 1977 and has been placed on the National Register. Tours and rentals are available. 

Thistle Hill is a magnificent brick Georgian Revival style house built between 1903-1904. The home was commissioned by wealthy cattle baron William Thomas (“Tom”) Waggoner as a wedding gift for his daughter Electra (Waggoner) Wharton. It was Electra who named the home “Thistle Hill”

Fort Worth Texas
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Though it has not been used as a private residence for decades, there have long been rumors of apparitions of the original occupants who supposedly still haunt the house.

Sundance Square

This historic area is best known for Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. The entire area has been restored and is like a city within a city.

There is always something to see and do at Sundance Square. You’ll find a lot of places to shop, but they aren’t the run of the mill every day places, which makes Sundance Square the perfect place to find an eclectic gift!

After shopping, it’s easy to find something great to eat, no matter if you want a quick burger or a more luxurious sit down dining experience. If you’re looking for entertainment you’ll find music halls, exhibits, galleries, museums, theatre performances, etc.

Fort Worth, Texas has so many more things to do than I have listed here, but these are among my top favorites.

Ya’ll be sure to plan a visit soon – you won’t be disappointed!

Fort Worth Texas

Why Your Family Should Take a Camping Vacation

When it comes to the ideal vacation, everyone has different ideas about what it is that they want. Some want luxurious city breaks; others want cocktails by the pool. If you’ve got kids, perhaps your ideal trip is Disneyland to keep them happy!

Many people shy away from camping or caravan based vacations because they dislike the idea of ‘roughing it.’ On the contrary, vacations that are camping or caravan based have so much to offer to you and your family.

You’ll find experiences that you just wouldn’t get in another type of vacation. Let’s jump on in and take a look at just why you might be grabbing your campers clothes and heading for the hills! 

The great outdoors  

Whether you’re staying in a caravan or pitching your tent somewhere a little more rural, you’ll be immersing yourselves in the great outdoors in a way that’s highly beneficial for your bodies and minds. When you are leading such busy and digitally dependent lives, sometimes what you need is a break from that to reconnect with nature.

Experiencing the natural world is always praised for its therapeutic benefits; the ability to raise our endorphin levels and allow us to feel more connected to the earth. 

Beautiful Destinations 

Camping doesn’t have to be limited to your local area nor conjure images of struggling in the rain! There are so many beautiful caravan and camping parks all over the world for you to choose from.

One excellent spot where you’ll get the great weather too is Australia. One of the popular touristic parks to stay in a caravan, or to camp, is Kalbarri National Park. You’ll find beautiful forestry, mountainous terrain and stunning waters that make this the perfect spot to get away from it all.

Another famous place for camping is America’s Yellowstone National Park, famous for being the world’s first national park. A beautiful area of mountains, wildlife, and hot springs. If you’re looking for beautiful locations with family-friendly caravan parks, you can’t go far wrong with these. 

Ditch technology 

In our current society, sometimes it feels like we are daily experiencing a technology overload. It’s far better for our health, and the health of our kids, to take enough breaks from the world of Ipads and TVs.

camping family vacationA camping based vacation is the perfect way to do some more organic activities, from hiking to swimming, sports, campfires or perhaps a board game. You’ll definitely arrive home feeling refreshed and energised if you have a break from the hustle and bustle of the digital world.

Cooking outdoors is another fun and niche activity which is an excellent bonding session for you and your family. Doing so will also teach your kids new skills. 

Camping vacations are the ideal way to spend quality time with your family, doing in healthy activities and experiencing beautiful places. Sometimes it can be difficult to decide where to go, with campsites all around the world there’s so much choice. From the U.S. to Europe to Australia, you’ll surely find an excellent spot for you all to enjoy! 

camping family vacation

America’s Most Amazing Theme Parks: No.11 Legoland

LEGOLAND is a chain of family theme parks, which has its main focus on the toy Lego. They are not fully owned by The Lego Group itself; rather they are owned and operated by the British theme park company Merlin Entertainments. Only two of the LEGOLAND parks are located in the United States (California and Florida). The other parks are located in Denmark, Germany, the United Kingdom, Japan, Malaysia and Dubai.

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The parks are marketed to families with younger children (11 and under), and although the attractions include a number of roller coasters, the roller coasters are not as numerous or as extreme as those in other parks, and there is a greater emphasis on rides suitable for younger children.

LEGOLAND parks are split into various areas, which are consistent among the chain’s parks. All of the parks include a LEGO mini-land, a model village which includes models of landmarks and scenes from around the world, made from millions of genuine LEGO bricks.

LEGOLAND and Education

An important aspect of LEGOLAND is education and learning. Examples include:

  • Water flow channels in which kids can construct dams from LEGO blocks to understand water flow. 
  • Interactive musical instruments, such as musical fountains, and the Aquatune hydraulophone, which is an underwater pipe organ in the shape of a giant LEGO block
  • A LEGO Mindstorms centre for fun-based learning
  • Duplo Gardens (for smaller children)
  • Driving area (including attractions such as Driving school, Boating school, Ballooning school, Flying school, and Fire Academy)
  • My Town
  • Wild Woods
  • Knights’ Kingdom

Photo via Attractions Magazine

The parks’ rides are all LEGO themed and many are made to appear as if they are built from LEGO bricks. They tend to be based on one particular line of LEGO: for example, a popular ride at all six parks is the Dragon Coaster, which is loosely based on the Knights’ Kingdom LEGO sets. Another popular ride is the Driving school, in which children can drive small electric cars made to look like LEGO cars around a small road network, after which they gain a mock driving licence.

Despite the commonality of the above-mentioned attractions, the exact set of rides varies between parks, although as with the Disney parks there is some overlap.

The LEGOLAND resorts located in the United States are made up of the theme park, water park, LEGO themed hotels. California also offers an aquarium while Florida offers a botanical garden.

LEGOLAND California Resort

The park is located in Carlsbad, California and opened in 1999. Legoland California is home to over 60 rides and attractions and 30,000 LEGO models. 

LEGOLAND California is split into sections including:  The Beginning, Explorer Island, Heartlake City, Fun Town, Castle Hill, Mini-land USA, Imagination Zone, Pirate Shores, and Land of Adventure.

Mini-land USA – Photo via Orlando Fun Tickets

A Sea Life aquarium is adjacent to LEGOLAND California. In 2010, a water park opened on its grounds, as one of the only three of LEGOLAND parks (Followed by LEGOLAND Florida [Formerly known as Splash Island], Malaysia, and Dubai being the newest) to feature a water park.

On May 24, 2014, an add-on was built for the water park, themed after Legends of Chima.

LEGOLAND Florida Resort

Located in Winter Haven, LEGOLAND Florida Resort opened in 2011 and houses over 50 rides and attractions. There are over 32 million LEGOs used just in the Mini-land USA section of the park.

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In Mini-land USA you can see replicas of iconic locations from around the country including Daytona International Speedway and Kennedy Space Center. LEGO Star Wars offers a chronological path through the Star Wars film saga with seven scenes depicted in 2,000 LEGO models.

The park was built on the former site of Cypress Gardens, a historically famous Florida theme park.

This park is divided into many areas: The Beginning, Fun Town, Duplo Land, Mini-land USA, Kingdoms, Pirates Cove, Imagination Zone, Technic, Land of Adventure, Lego City, Chima, LEGO Friends, Ninjago, and a restored replica of Cypress Gardens.

Most Amazing Parks Legoland
Photo via T. Settembre on Traveling Dad

LEGOLAND Florida opened a water park replacing the former Cypress Gardens “Splash Island” water park on May 26, 2012.


LEGOLAND hotels are located steps from the main entrance of LEGOLAND parks. The hotels feature interactive areas, entertainment and surprises around every corner.  Rooms are all LEGO themed.

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All stays at LEGOLAND  hotels include interactive LEGO features throughout the property, a FREE hot breakfast buffet, nightly children’s entertainment and an in-room treasure hunt that leads to even more fun for the kids.

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PLUS meet a Master Model Builder and follow step-by-step instructions as you build your own LEGO souvenir in the Master Model Builders’ Workshop – an experience exclusive to hotel guests.

LEGOLAND Water Parks

The water parks on both coasts are a separate admission ticket and are themselves a full day of enjoyment for families.

As with everything LEGOLAND, even the floats in the lazy rivers look like LEGOs!

Most Amazing Parks Legoland
Photo via


On either coast be sure to bring your appetite! LEGOLAND has all of your favorites from cheeseburgers, pizza, and a wide range of sweet treats. Freshly prepared choices from grilled paninis, tasty salads and fried chicken can also be found. Popcorn, novelty ice cream and cold beverages are available at carts weather permitting.

LEGOLAND is also concerned with food allergies and food sensitivities.

Most Amazing Parks Legoland

LEGOLAND Discovery Center

Legoland Discovery Center is an indoor family attraction. There are over 20 throughout the world (over 10 in the U.S.) and they feature models and attractions inspired by the LEGO building toys. 

Photo via TravelZoo

A typical Legoland Discovery Center occupies approximately 30,000–35,000 square feet of floor area.

Discovery Centers include models of local landmarks rendered in LEGO bricks. Visitors can also learn how the LEGO bricks are manufactured or take a building class taught by a Master Model Builder. Some locations may also include 4-D movie theaters offering multiple showings throughout the day.

A number of children’s attractions, such as small rides and play fortresses, are also available. The centres can host birthday parties as well as scholastic and group functions and also include restaurants and gift shops selling LEGO merchandise.

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Most Amazing Parks Legoland

Excellent Experiences Philadelphia Has to Offer This Summer

The history, spirit and diversity of Philadelphia is undeniable. The friendly faces that pass you on the street and the exciting activities that surround you are enticing to say the least. Whether you love theme parks or nature, there will always be something wonderful for you to experience in the heart of Philly.

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Planning a trip during the summer should definitely be at the top of your to do list, especially as the warmer temperatures are appealing at this time of year. You have the chance to enjoy the open parks, popular beer gardens and soak in the sunshine wherever you may be. If you are looking for some exciting experiences in Philadelphia, some of these might just entice you!

Be a Daredevil 

Everybody has a small daredevil inside them that is just bursting to come out. What better way to see and experience this stunning city than a zip line Philadelphia? Experience the thrill of a canopy ziplining tour at Refreshing Mountain; it is one of the top attractions in Lancaster County, so you won’t want to miss out.

Philadelphia experiences
Photo by Mam NC from Pexels

Whether you’re visiting with family or a group of friends, you are bound to make memories from this thrill seeking experience. Make sure you book in advance to avoid disappointment and enjoy every moment of this exhilarating activity.

Recreate a Famous Movie Moment

You can’t visit Philadelphia without running up the rocky steps and recreating that famous moment. Even if you haven’t seen the movie, there is bound to be somebody in your travel party who is familiar with the memorable scene. Rocky is definitely a notable piece of history in the world of cinema, so you definitely want to grab a picture of this moment. You could even download the famous theme tune to make your experience even more special. 

Philadelphia experiences
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Creepy Culture

The Mutter Museum in Philly is a freaky, but fantastic place to visit during your stay. If Halloween is your favourite holiday then you are in for a treat! Inspect the largest colon in the world or discover real pieces of Einstein’s brain.

Philadelphia experiences
Photo via Mutter Museum

It might not be the ideal place for squeamish people, but it is definitely a unique and memorable experience.

Glorious Gardens

If you’re looking for the perfect place to snap a picture for social media, then Magic Gardens is the ideal place for you. The stunning, well kept area is the ideal backdrop for your new profile picture, so make sure you put this on your list of places to visit.

Shop ‘Till You Drop

If shopping is your thing, then you need to visit South Street for a touristy, yet charming experience. Grab some lunch in a popular restaurant or bar and invest in some souvenirs to take home from your trip.

So enjoy all of these perfect experiences in Philly this summer, whether you’re a daredevil on a zipline or a shopaholic on South Street. There are so many memories to be made in this fabulous area, so pack your bags and enjoy a trip that is bursting with vibrancy and variety.

Philadelphia experiences

America’s Most Amazing Theme Parks: No. 10 Knott’s Berry Farm

In 2017 Knott’s Berry Farm was the tenth-most-visited theme park in North America. Knott’s Berry Farm is also the most-visited theme park in the Cedar Fair chain.

Amazing Parks Knott’s Berry Farm

Nearly 100 years after opening as a roadside stand to sell berry products, the park has grown to be an amazing park welcoming close to 6 million visitors annually.

The main park is full of roller coasters and family friendly rides. There is also a water park, hotel and a very famous chicken restaurant.

Amazing Parks Knotts Berry
Photo via Orange County Archives

History of Knott’s Berry Farm

The theme park dates back to the 1920s when the Knott family began selling berry products at a roadside stand in California. By the 1940’s, a restaurant, several shops, and attractions had been added to entertain the growing number of visitors.

Amazing Parks Knotts Berry
Photo via Orange County Archives

The site continued to transform into a modern amusement park over the next two decades. An admission charge was added in 1968. Over the years the park grew to include close to 160 acres of thrill rides and family friendly attractions.

In the late 1990’s the children of the original founder decided to sell the family business.

In 1997, they sold the amusement park operations to Cedar Fair Entertainment Company. The family was  given an opportunity to sell the park to The Walt Disney Company. The park would have been a sister park to Disneyland and converted into Disney’s America, which had previously failed to be built near Washington, D.C. The Knotts refused to sell the park to Disney fear most of what Walter Knott had built would be eliminated.

Knott’s Berry Farm Today

Knott’s Berry Farm has found a good balance of rides and attractions. The park allows a family with younger or older kids to have a great day. Whether you are looking for an extreme roller coaster, a kiddie ride, a family ride where you can join your kids or something in between, Knott’s Berry Farm has something for you.

Amazing Parks Knotts Berry
Photo via Orange County Tribune

The park is made up of different themed lands.

Ghost Town is the land where Knott’s Berry Farm started. Modeled after an 1880s California “Boom Town,” Ghost Town is the home of the world’s first log flume ride, one of the longest roller coasters in the world, and a host of other themed attractions. The best part of this land is the opportunity to go “panning” for real gold!

Fiesta Village is a tribute to the Spanish heritage of California. Colorful rides, mariachi bands and dining on Mexican favorites can be found here.

The Boardwalk area reflects Southern California’s seaside amusement piers. Here you’ll find  the world’s steepest, tallest, and wettest water ride; bumper cars and a Wild Mouse-style ride. You can play laser tag, arcade games, and visit a theater to see Broadway-style productions performed by talented actors, singers, and dancers.

Wildwater Wilderness is home to one of the park’s most popular rides, Big Foot Rapids, an outdoor raft ride that will get you soaking wet as you shoot the rapids on the longest man-made whitewater river! 

The Indian Trails area doesn’t contain any rides but there are some unique dining and shopping experiences as well as demonstrations of Native American dance and music. You can browse authentic tee-pees, hogans, and big houses, representative of a number of different tribes of the American Southwest. Don’t miss the world’s largest totem pole, whose story traces the growth of the park.

Camp Snoopy is based on all the delightful Charles Schultz Peanuts characters. This land is home to more than 30 kid friendly attractions that are just the right size for your little guys. Snoopy and the gang can regularly be seen throughout this area and pose for photos with the kids.

Annual Events

The park hosts five different events each year. The Seasons of Fun kick-off in the beginning of the year with the Knott’s PEANUTS Celebration, uniquely dedicated to celebrating the beloved PEANUTS characters.

Every spring, celebrate Knott’s delicious roots during the Knott’s Boysenberry Festival with an unforgettable lineup of exquisite boysenberry food, drinks and dazzling family-friendly entertainment!

During the summer the interactive Ghost Town Alive! experience returns to the park complete with bandits, cowboys, robberies, judges, a good ol’ western hoedown, and much more! The summer also brings fireworks, special entertainment and extended park hours.

Photo via

In the fall, the annual daytime, family-friendly Halloween celebration, Knott’s Spooky Farm, brings “spooky” activities geared for ages 3-11, including trick-or-treating, themed rides and live shows.

End the year with the merriest of seasons as the park wondrously transforms into Knott’s Merry Farm, a Christmas celebration for all ages. Knott’s Berry Farm harvests great special events in Buena Park all year long. No matter what the season, you will always find the most things to do in Southern California at Knott’s Berry Farm!

The Water Park – Knott’s Soak City

Knott’s Soak City Water Park is open on select days mid-May through early-September. Orange County’s largest water park boasts a total of 22 speed, tube and body slides plus a giant wave pool, lazy river and interactive kids area.

Photo via

The Hotel – Knott’s Berry Farm Hotel

The full-service 320 room hotel features a SNOOPY-themed wing, fitness center, pool with children’s activity area, lighted sports courts and many other amenities.

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Dining options include Amber Waves specializing in All-American fare and hotel room service. A variety of affordable family vacation packages, including admission to Knott’s Berry Farm, are available year-round with special early admission into Knott’s Berry Farm during the summer.

The Famous Chicken Restaurant – Mrs. Knott’s Chicken Dinner Restaurant

Mrs. Knott’s Chicken Dinner Restaurant first opened in 1934 with Mrs. Knott and her children serving the first customers in their tea room. The restaurant has grown over the years into one of the largest in California, but the classic fried chicken dinner is still made the same way using Mrs. Knott’s recipes. 

Photo via

Every complete chicken dinner includes handmade biscuits, side salad, choice of cabbage or cherry rhubarb, three pieces of fried chicken and mashed potatoes smothered with gravy.

For dessert: your choice of boysenberry pie or boysenberry sherbet. Many other dishes are also available including grilled chicken, salads, open-faced sandwiches and a number of appetizers. A full-service bar, serving signature boysenberry-infused cocktails, is also available.

Child Safety

Before you start your day at Knott’s Berry Farm, stop by guest services and register for the KidTrack program. You provide your telephone number and name and they will write that on a wristband for your kids to wear. Tell your kids that if they get lost they should tell a Knott’s employee who will call your number  on the wristband.

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