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Have Your Vacation Plans Been Ruined by the Virus?

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What You Can Do to Ease the Disappointment!

Cancelled Travel Things To Do

We’re all in this together. We’re all home. We’re practicing self-quarantine. We’re practicing social distancing. We’re all saying our prayers and keeping our fingers crossed that no more of our citizens get sick. We have seen our stores get empty and our loved ones be afraid. So . . . a cancelled vacation is a disappointment but not what is most important at this time.

As a travel writer I’m usually on the road every couple of weeks. All of my travels through early May have been cancelled. I’m holding out with hope that a trip I have planned for mid-May will happen. Unfortunately, it most likely won’t since it’s an international trip. But we can keep hoping!

All we can do is keep hoping and keep ourselves and the kids entertained. I know that another unfortunate part of this will have many no longer being able to take a trip they had planned due to lost work during the virus crises.

So what we can all do to ease our disappointment?

cancelled travel things to do

If you had a Disney trip cancelled, fortunately Disney is working with their guests regarding fees and costs. Here are some ways you can bring a little Disney into the house to help with the disappointment:

  • Have a Disney PJ Party! Have the family all wear their Disney PJ’s and have one big sleep-over together in one room
  • Be sure to check out the Disney Parks Blog regularly to keep all your Disney information current
  • Check out Imagineering in a Box from Disney. Imagineering in a Box is a series of interactive lessons in theme park design and engineering, designed to give a behind-the-scenes peek into Imagineering’s development process. It combines 32 videos of actual Imagineers, real-world case studies, and lots of interactive activities to give you the opportunity to dream and design your very own theme park experience!
  • Learn to draw your favorite characters from a Disney artist. You’ll find step by instructions on how to draw all of your favorites HERE
  • Check out The Farm Girl Gabs for her post on 1000 Free Disney Coloring Sheets that you can print out to keep the family in the Disney spirit – Coloring can be a great stress reliever!
  • If you have lots of supplies stored in your pantry, do some Disney baking and copycat recipes. Here are a few to try: Mickey Mouse Cinnamon Rolls 🙂 Olaf Dessert Cups 🙂 Mickey Milkshake and everyone’s favorite – Dole Whip (cupcakes, smoothie (with or without rum and cake). You can find other easy recipes under our RECIPE tab in the menu.
  • Disney has a great list of educational shows on Disney+ and our friends at Adventures in Familyhood have put together a great list HERE.
  • Head over to YouTube and watch some videos of the rides, the parades, the shows. You know you won’t be disappointed! I highly recommend Big Fat Panda on YouTube for some of the best Disney video you’ll find.
  • In case you didn’t have the opportunity before isolating – ONWARD opened in theaters on March 6 and Disney has already released it on digital for everyone isolated at home! Read all about it and get some ONWARD coloring and activity sheets HERE.

If you had a non-Disney vacation cancelled or postponed, here are some ways to ease your disappointment:

  • Head over to YouTube and watch some video to get ready for when you will be able to travel to your cancelled destination.
  • Do some more research on some extra things you’ll be able to when you are able to travel again.
  • Have some fun researching new places you can travel to when things get back to normal. Let each family member come up with the own idea and have a family debate on the pros and cons of each destination.
  • Start a “Complainers Jar” and each time a family member complains about being confined – they have to deposit a quarter. I wonder how much extra spending money you’ll have when you get to go!
  • Take some virtual field trips with the kids. Adventures in Familyhood came up with a list of 20 Virtual Field Trips to Take – you won’t be disappointed.
  • The weather is getting warmer so go on a camping trip in the back yard. Don’t forget the s’mores!
  • If the kids are too little to sleep out in the yard – pitch a blanket tent in the family room and make those s’mores in the oven! And don’t forget the popcorn!
  • Get out those giant 10,000 piece puzzles that have been sitting in the closet.
  • Watch all the movies you haven’t had time to watch
  • YouTube can come in handy again – you can learn to do all the things you never had time to learn before – who knows – you may be able to fix your own toilet!
  • Make a cabinet scavenger hunt and have the kids pair up all the plastic containers with the lids.
  • Video chat with everyone you aren’t able to see and that you’re missing!
  • YouTube again – learn how to french braid your daughter’s hair.
  • Be creative with what’s in your pantry and learn to cook some new things.
  • Make a family list of all the museums, sporting events and concerts you want to visit when they finally reopen.
  • Rearrange all the furniture to make it feel like you’re in a new place!
  • Learn how to belly dance – YouTube again!
  • Learn origami – you guessed it – YouTube!
  • Be happy you are all together!

What ways are you keeping positive and easing your travel disappointment while quarantined?

cancelled travel things to do
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