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Why Your Family Should Take a Camping Vacation

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When it comes to the ideal vacation, everyone has different ideas about what it is that they want. Some want luxurious city breaks; others want cocktails by the pool. If you’ve got kids, perhaps your ideal trip is Disneyland to keep them happy!

Many people shy away from camping or caravan based vacations because they dislike the idea of ‘roughing it.’ On the contrary, vacations that are camping or caravan based have so much to offer to you and your family.

You’ll find experiences that you just wouldn’t get in another type of vacation. Let’s jump on in and take a look at just why you might be grabbing your campers clothes and heading for the hills! 

The great outdoors  

Whether you’re staying in a caravan or pitching your tent somewhere a little more rural, you’ll be immersing yourselves in the great outdoors in a way that’s highly beneficial for your bodies and minds. When you are leading such busy and digitally dependent lives, sometimes what you need is a break from that to reconnect with nature.

Experiencing the natural world is always praised for its therapeutic benefits; the ability to raise our endorphin levels and allow us to feel more connected to the earth. 

Beautiful Destinations 

Camping doesn’t have to be limited to your local area nor conjure images of struggling in the rain! There are so many beautiful caravan and camping parks all over the world for you to choose from.

One excellent spot where you’ll get the great weather too is Australia. One of the popular touristic parks to stay in a caravan, or to camp, is Kalbarri National Park. You’ll find beautiful forestry, mountainous terrain and stunning waters that make this the perfect spot to get away from it all.

Another famous place for camping is America’s Yellowstone National Park, famous for being the world’s first national park. A beautiful area of mountains, wildlife, and hot springs. If you’re looking for beautiful locations with family-friendly caravan parks, you can’t go far wrong with these. 

Ditch technology 

In our current society, sometimes it feels like we are daily experiencing a technology overload. It’s far better for our health, and the health of our kids, to take enough breaks from the world of Ipads and TVs.

camping family vacationA camping based vacation is the perfect way to do some more organic activities, from hiking to swimming, sports, campfires or perhaps a board game. You’ll definitely arrive home feeling refreshed and energised if you have a break from the hustle and bustle of the digital world.

Cooking outdoors is another fun and niche activity which is an excellent bonding session for you and your family. Doing so will also teach your kids new skills. 

Camping vacations are the ideal way to spend quality time with your family, doing in healthy activities and experiencing beautiful places. Sometimes it can be difficult to decide where to go, with campsites all around the world there’s so much choice. From the U.S. to Europe to Australia, you’ll surely find an excellent spot for you all to enjoy! 

camping family vacation