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Tips for Selecting Cookware for a Camping Trip

Camping is fun and comes with its fair share of thrilling moments. As you plan your long awaited camping season, making delicious dishes while out there is a crucial issue you need to consider.

More so, if you’re an adventurous cook, you’ll need more than a pot or a pan. Carrying a few ceramic bakeware pieces guarantees you a few outdoor delicacies for your feasting while camping.

What’s in camping cookware?

Kitchen cookware, pans and pots meant for camping and other such adventures are made especially for travel. Such cookware is lightweight and has multi-functional parts. For instance, they can come with fold-away or removable handles that help to carry hot pots. 

camping cookware
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Outdoor camping means you’ll have to cook under diverse weather conditions such as wind and sunshine that you rarely encounter in your kitchen at home. Choosing heavy cookware may mean carrying less food items or for camping for lesser days. You’ll also need to consider stoves and cookware meant to perform under such conditions.

Your cooking style also determines the kitchen cookware you’ll need. An insulated mug, aluminum pot may be all you need if you’ll boil all your meals. However, if you’re a group’s chef, or want different meals, you’ll need a variety of outdoor cookware such as a frying pan and oven.

Types of Camping Cookware

A Pot with a Lid

These are the basic set for any outdoor cooking. You can boil water, reconstitute a dehydrated meal, make instant coffee or oatmeal, or even sterilize your utensils. A frying pan allows one to make bacon, fry eggs and cook other fresh foods.

Several manufactures are making camping cookware fit for single or family of six or medium-sized groups. Many of these cookwares include a lid that serves two pots or doubles as a fry pan, a strainer, a plate or a chopping board. Others include utensils and dishes.

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Cookware with Heat Source

You can opt for cookware that integrates a heat source. For instance, some are lightweight with highly portable water boiling units customized for fuel efficiency and fast heating. 

Camp cooking devices vary depending on the campsite and activities. Where groups share meals, a multi-burner camp stove helps make a variety of meals and saves time.

Camping stoves consist of three pot supports attached to a small burner with an underneath miniature fuel canister. The stoves use different types of fuel such as kerosene, propane, methanol to white gas. 

Camping Cookware  Material

Camping cookware comes in a variety of material such as aluminum, steel and titanium. Heavy cookware cooks faster and gives evenly cooked food. Cast iron cookware is versatile and offers the best heat distribution. It’s however, too heavy and may be ideal if you’re car camping.

Plain aluminum is the lightest and most affordable. However, foods with more flesh than broth, often stick on the bottom of the pot. The food will also suffer uneven distribution of heat and will cool much faster than the heavier, darker materials.

Camping is quite adventurous and requires proper planning to keep you well-nourished while outdoor. Be sure to carry the most appropriate cookware for your preferred meals while camping!

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