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9 Reasons Why Camping And Glamping Are Summer’s Best Value Vacations

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This summer, family travelers on the hunt for a bargain are searching for the best value camping vacations.

camping and glamping

Start your research at Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park Camp-Resorts, where a wide variety of family activities is included in the cost of a cabin or RV site rental.

Jellystone Park glamping cabins are great for families because they often have all the comforts of home: multiple bedrooms, full bathrooms and complete kitchens. Many locations offer special summer value camping packages as well.

Here are nine good reasons why camping, glamping and RVing are emerging as this year’s best value vacations.

Best Value Camping and Glamping Parks are a Short Drive Away

With more than 75 locations across the U.S. and Canada, Jellystone Park and other campground locations are often closer than you think. New Jellystone Park Camp-Resort locations recently opened in Maine, Michigan, Illinois, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Texas, and Virginia. Most locations are within a few hours’ drive of a major city, saving on fuel costs.

Driving Saves You the Cost and Nightmare of Flight Delays

The year’s record flight delays and cancellations are legendary. Parents are not only looking for ways to save money on their vacations, t hey are also looking to make travel easy, which makes road trips more appealing. 

Family Vacation Guide survey found that travelers flying out of American airports would opt to drive for 6 hours and 14 minutes (on average) rather than take a one-hour flight, given the current uncertainties.

Save Your Travel Budget By Taking Short Staycations

“Taking vacations and making memories are as important as ever to parents, and many are discovering camping and glamping are amore convenient and affordable way to travel,” Rob Schutter, president of Camp Jellystone, said. Read about affordable close-to-home camping adventures at Jellystone Park location on

Save on Expensive Theme Park Costs

Theme Park costs have risen dramatically over the past few years. At Jellystone Park locations, unforgettable interactions with the classic Yogi Bear characters are included in rates. “Spending time with Yogi Bear, Boo Boo, Cindy Bear and Ranger Smith can’t be replicated anywhere else,” Schutter adds.

Bring an autograph book for character meet n’ greets and get ready for bear selfies – maybe on a golf cart. Looking for other theme park staples like amazing pools, water slides and mini golf? Find them on your best value camping vacation.

Special Family Events and Programs Don’t Cost More

Families love Jellystone Park’s non-stop, kid-friendly activities such as foam parties, wagon rides and dance parties. On a camping vacation, you don’t need to buy premium tickets.

The Environment is Important to Families

Sustainable travel is important to families who care about the environment. There’s no better way to teach kids to appreciate nature than by choosing an outdoors camping vacation. “Families new to camping at Jellystone Park are also finding a new appreciation for being outdoors together,” Schutter says. Enhance the learning free with Jellystone Parks’ hiking and fishing activities. Or create your own adventures in nature.

Overnight Camping and Glamping Is Cheaper Than You Think

Value is a big part of Jellystone Park’s appeal. The best value camping vacation is to choose an RV or tent site, which average approximately $60per night. Grandparents with an RV can invite grandkids along and they can sleep outside under the stars at no extra cost.

Best Value Glamping is Like an Affordable Vacation Rental

First-time family campers appreciate that the typical Jellystone Park glamping cabin features hotel quality furnishings, air conditioning, Wi-Fi, and flat panel TVs. Along with cabins, some Jellystone Park Camp-Resorts provide RVs that are already set up.T he average nightly rate for glamping style lodging–outfitted cabins, safari tents, treehouses, vacation homes, covered wagons – is approximately $180. By comparison, research from travel app Hopper found the average U.S. hotel room had already leaped to $212 a night in January, 2023.

Timing is Everything. Book Early for the Best Value. Camping Vacation

Parents who have not yet booked a summer vacation are urged to make reservations quickly. Weekdays typically have greater availability and lower rates. Visit to view the Jellystone Park Camp-Resort locations near you and learn about their attractions, activities, and special promotions.

What’s more, each Jellystone Park hosts fun themed events throughout the year, such as Chocolate Lovers’ weekends, Christmas in July, and Halloween Spooktacular Weekends.

Many families have already booked fall weekends at Jellystone Park to take advantage of the ever popular Halloween weekends which feature trick-or-treating, costume contests, magic pumpkin patches, and more. Most activities during themed weekends are included in rates.

Share your tips on ways to save even more on best value camping vacations in the Comments below.

About the Author

Brad Ritter, Eagle Scout, fan of camping and memorable summer vacations, authored this blog post on behalf of sponsor Jellystone Park Camp-Resorts. It was first published by Family Travel Forum here. Brad will next be pitching his tent in Glacier National Park this fall.