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Bowes Signature Candles at Disney Springs Co-Op

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The Bowes Signature Candles company started in 2009, and is located in Disney Springs Marketplace Co-Op. All of their products are locally made, in Florida, with only the safest and best ingredients. 

Bowes Candles Disney Springs

bowes candles disney springs

Bowes Candles Disney Springs offers a wide variety of products: Classic Candles, Disney Resort Signature Candles, Wax Melts, Diffuser Oils, Reed Diffusers, Fragrance Linen Sprays, Gift Set, Scented Hand Sanitizer and more. Each product is hand-poured by a small team of dedicated people.

Bowes Signature Candles is one of those really interesting spots at Disney Springs that we stumble upon that will easily become one of your new “must visit” spots.

The displays that sit prominently in the center aisle of the Co-Op immediately grab your interest. The scents are strong, yet not overwhelming. The colors of the candles are festive and make you stop to take a look and sniff the different aromas.

If you are lucky enough to visit when the owner, Dave Bowes is on site, I highly recommend you take a minute to chat if he has the time.

He is a truly inspiring young man. He came from Jamaica to the United States and has definitely made his dream of becoming a true American success come true. He did it through a vision and the hard work it takes to make a vision become reality.

Dave is an artisan who discovered his passion for candle making in 2002. His company now boasts over 110 inspired scents sold at Disney Springs and shipped worldwide through the website.

Interesting FYI: When Dave first started making and selling his candles, he sold them from the trunk of his car! During COVID shut-down, he took time to go back to his roots and loaded up his car to bring candles to his local customers.

He still works in the production shop daily – creating new scents and making products. There are only 8 employees that create all of the beautiful candles sold in the Co-Op and on-line.

Candle Making Class

The employees that help you make your own signature scent or passionate about candle making. They explain the different steps – color creation, scent creation, decor, etc., and walk you through the process in a fun and energetic way.

You get to start from the very beginning of the process: Decorate your glass, mix different scents together and different colors together to make your candle your own special gift for yourself or for someone else.

Interesting FYI: Bowes considers his signature scent to be the Lemongrass Ginger. Why? Because it reminds him of the early morning tea his grandmother would make that he would sip with her in their backyard in Jamaica.

This is definitely one of the things everyone should try while spending time at Disney Springs and the Co-Op. You won’t be disappointed!

Although the shopping and candle making area is just a small part of the Disney Springs Co-Op, you can definitely spend lots of time looking through and sniffing the candles. The employees are eager to help you make just the right choice!

Magical Memories Collection

Do you just love the smell of the lobby of your favorite Walt Disney World resort? Well, you’re in luck!

Bowes Magical Memories Collection has candles of your favorite spots on Disney property. Of course, the names are changed slightly for licensing purposes, but you definitely know where the scent comes from by the color, name and scent.

Interesting FYI: Dave definitely celebrates his roots through smell. Another of Bowe’s signature scents is “Jamaica Me Crazy.” It’s a masterful blend of mango, papaya, orange, pineapple, coconut and watermelon.

I bought a candle (popcorn inspired) for my daughter and when she used it she called and said “OMG! it smells just like I’m walking by a popcorn cart on Main Street at the Magic Kingdom!”

The Magical Memories Collection will call to mind feelings of comfort, nostalgia, adventure, and peace. Taking home one of these candles will enhance any memory with the great fragrances. You can take home the scents that you never outgrow!

For all you Disney loving candle fans, the three wick candles burn Mickey!

If you haven’t shopped Bowes Signature Candles yet, be sure to stop by on your next trip through the Co-Op at Disney Springs. The shop is open daily 10 a.m. to 10 p.m

DISCLAIMER: I was provided a candle making class experience for the purposes of this review. All opinions are my own.