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Around The World: The Best Nightclubs Of All Time

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If you are someone who loves to party, this post is just for you! Read on to discover more about the best nightclubs of all time.

Photo: Pixabay

Studio 54

If Studio 54 was still open, we would be hopping on a plane to New York to experience it for ourselves. If you think clubbing in your hometown is bad in terms of picky bouncers, you should have been around when Studio 54 was the hottest spot in town. If you didn’t make it through the velvet ropes of the club you could kiss goodbye to your social life.

Ministry of Sound

You may not be able to experience Studio 54, but you can certainly visit Ministry of Sound. Situated in London, this is one of the most famous dance spaces in the entire world. If you want to experience some of the best DJs on the globe, Ministry of Sound is a must-visit. The club also features a special sprung floor, a noise-containing design, and a world-class sound system.

The Viper Room

You may have heard of The Viper Room, which is a famous music club located on the Sunset Strip in Las Vegas. The club used to be owned by Johnny Depp. Despite having a huge reputation, the venue itself is intimate and is the best place to watch up and coming talent.


If you have a taste for luxury, you will love LIV. This nightclub is located on Miami Beach. The décor will literally take your breath away. There are six private skyboxes with individual minibars. The great thing about Miami is that the party never stops. There are boat parties by day and clubs at night. You can look into Miami yacht charters with BOAT.ME if you want to start your party off in the right way and then move onto LIV nightclub afterward.


It wouldn’t be right to continue this post without having an Ibiza nightclub on the list. After all, the Spanish island is considered party paradise. Pacha is a name that is well known all over the world. This club attracts the most famous DJs and is huge, with a capacity of 3,500.


Finally we have Marquee, which is a nightclub located in Las Vegas. As is the case with most places in Vegas, extravagance is the name of the game at Marquee. From four-story LED screens to infinity pools, this club has it all. The club has many different rooms, with the Library and Boom Box both offering more chilled and intimate settings.

From Studio 54 to Pacha, now you know a bit more about some of the best clubs from around the world! Which one would you most like to visit?