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10 Best International Destinations for the U.S. Dollar

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Imagine luxury hotels and gourmet meals without breaking the bank. Here are indulgent international vacation getaways that will make your heart and wallet sing! Budget doesn’t mean boring in these deluxe vacation getaways.

Traveling involves two types of expenses: getting there and staying there.

best international destinations

For Americans traveling internationally, getting there means the cost of flights plus any additional travel required upon arrival. The flight costs largely depend on where you’re traveling from. If you live by a major international airport, you can expect cheaper flights than if you’re flying from a tiny regional airport and have to make several transfers.

It is a good time to look into traveling to some of the world’s best destinations. Luckily, the American dollar goes a long way in many spots and the flights are neither too long nor too expensive. You don’t have to be made of money, or even spend months and months in hibernation saving up, to see the world. In fact, there are a plethora of international destinations where Americans can stretch their dollars.

While you only have so much control over flight costs, it’s easier to predict and control the cost to stay in any given destination. From favorable exchange rates to a dramatically lower cost of living, many of the most beautiful places in the world offer cheap travel opportunities for Americans.

Best International Destinations for the U.S. Dollar

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Mouthwatering steak dinners $5 – or less! Horseback riding, wine tours, and Iguazu Falls. Chomp on choripan, a chorizo sandwich while wandering San Telmo’s antique fair every Sunday, exploring Buenos Aires’ overflowing booths and stalls. Custom made clothing at a pittance will have you tango-ing all the way to the bank.

Bangkok, Thailand

The Land of Smiles holds elephant treks, rice barge cruises, and $1.50 T-shirts for friends at home. Vivid floating markets, Thai canoes selling colorful fruits and vegetables drift along the Damnoen Saduak Canal. Experience hard core bargaining at Chatuchak Weekend Market and its jaw dropping 9000 booths, Thailand’s ultimate shopping destination!

Quito, Ecuador

What was once the Incan capital is now a budget friendly playground! Open air markets, mostly free museums, jungle hikes, even deep sea fishing create ample opportunity for Ecuadorean fun! Be sure to take the teleferiqo cable car through the Andes for stunning views and photo ops.

Budapest, Hungary

Discover hidden nooks, enchanting boutiques, Roman ruins and sunset river cruises down the Danube River in this Paris of the East – without the hefty price tag! Tour Budapest via segway or bike tour to check out the jazzy architecture and Chain Bridge. Spend a day at Buda Castle, the phenomenal zoo, or one of many museums.

Luxor, Egypt

Get lost in history in what is considered the world’s largest open air museum – well preserved larger than life statues, monuments, temples, as well as museums scattered across beautiful Luxor. Five star hotels for less than the cost of a gourmet meal only sweetens the deal – and Egypts allure.

Ubud, Bali

Hand feed the friendly and revered monkeys at numerous protected sanctuaries. Line your home with lively Bali art, elegant wood carvings, and luminous teak furniture at amazing prices. Rejuvenate in steaming hot springs, explore ancient Balinese temples, even bathe an elephant!

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Bring an empty suitcase for Ben Thanh Market, a bustling stall market with unbelievable prices on items ranging from clothing to snake wine. Laze along the Mekong Delta, enjoying serene rice paddies and forests. Tour Cu Chi underground tunnels, the Reunification Palace, and Notre Dame for a sampling of history and architecture.

Istanbul, Turkey

Savvy travelers talk Turkey for big bargains on items like handmade textiles or shining silver at the Grand Bazaar, a 75 acre shopping extravaganza. Tour temples and tombs then unwind at Turkish baths. Join in tradition and share a cup of tea with hospitable locals. Sweet tooth? Enter a Muhallebici (milk pudding caf) and sample treats like Asure, a sugary confection to dondurma, ice cream!

Edinburg, Scotland

World famous golf courses, medieval castles, hot air ballooningthe activities are as varied and dynamic as Edinburg itself. From castles to ghosts to whiskey, a tour for every taste, not to forget the free museums! Charity shops hold unique one of a kinds at next to nothing prices.

Tulum, Mexico

Mayan sites like Tulum’s ruins and Chichen Itza dot the landscape. Head to nearby Xel – Ha for tubing, snorkeling, even Dolphin Swims. Trek through nature preserves, splurge on top notch golf courses, or just relax on the beach, simple yet satisfying.

No matter what style of vacation your heart desires these dollar friendly destinations deliver! Travel in the off season or book online tours and adventures to save even more. Your international adventure is waiting. What are YOU waiting for?