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5 Best Epcot Drinks to Keep You Happy

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Best Drinks Epcot

If you saw my list of 5 Must-Have Epcot Snacks, you might have guessed that a list of the 5 Must-have Epcot Drinks wouldn’t be far behind!

Here are my top picks for Epcot Drinks – and if you’re travelling with someone who is abstaining, many of these can be ordered without alcohol!

Mexico’s Frozen Margaritas

The first of three frozen drinks I picked for this list because Disney World can get hot! If you’re visiting during a cooler month, you can of course opt for the non-frozen varieties of these drinks but I’d probably just wrap on a scarf and still pick these!

The Frozen Margaritas come in a few flavors, and you can even ask the bartender to mix the flavors for you for a layered frozen margarita!

Best Drinks Epcot

Brown Elephant in Africa

Africa is no longer a “country” in the World Pavilion now that it is heavily featured in Animal Kingdom, however they have kept this delicious drink at the African Trading Post and it is worth stopping for. Think of it like a Coke Float for grown-ups, featuring Amarula cream liquor.

Sake in Japan

If you can handle it and they have cold sake available, this is one of the most affordable ways to try a variety of premium sakes. However, I have noticed that they sometimes don’t chill the sake so ask before you order – warm sake is not worth it!

Beer in Germany

Grab a pretzel and a beer, and sit for a while in Germany. While shots and wine is available, this is an opportunity to drink a German beer the way it was intended to be enjoyed – with the smell of caramel wafting by, kitschy German waltzes playing in the background, and a soft salty pretzel in hand.

Best Drinks Epcot

France’s Grey Goose Citron Slush

Okay, no one’s going to hold it against you if you opt for champagne or a glass of French wine – but if you’re looking for something cold and a little bit different at the end of your tour, check out the Grey Goose Citron Slush – a frozen lemonade-type drink served in a plastic martini glass with premium vodka added in for good measure.

Have you ever visited Epcot’s World Showcase? What drink would you add to this list?