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Oh! What a Guy – Gaston!

Beauty Beast Gaston Clip

It’s been a long wait, but Disney’s live-action Beauty and the Beast is just around the corner and will be opening in theaters on March 17.

Lots of dancing and the really catchy song – “Gaston” is sure to have everyone humming and singing this song again for sure! The melody and song in the clip will sound familiar to Beauty and the Beast fans, but with a few new lines added to the lyrics that were not in the original song. Josh Gad as LeFou is fabulous and is perfectly cast and just may upstage Gaston (Luke Evans) every now and then.

Gaston doesn’t sing much in the clip but LeFou sings all about Gaston’s skills while Gaston pouts (in the most handsome of ways) nearby.



Beauty Beast Gaston Clip

Beauty Beast Gaston Clip


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BEAUTY AND THE BEAST opens in theaters everywhere on March 17th! 

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