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Background Checks and Travel: 3 Ways Background Checks Can Ease Travel Anxiety

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When it comes to vacationing, there’s always a counterintuitive element of stress involved. 

Thoughts like ‘what happens if a pipe bursts?’, ‘who will water my plants?’ and ‘what should I pack?’ are probably already running through your mind. 

Background Checks and Travel

With all the impending unknowns, no amount of prepping and planning can completely prevent something from going wrong, right? 

background checks and travel

You’ll be happy to hear that’s not always the case. Travel experts swear by the use of background checks to make sure that all your plans, both at home and abroad, play out accordingly. 

If you’re desperately seeking a way to soothe some of those travel anxieties, then making sure that all of the people involved in helping your trip run smoothly is a brilliant idea. Read on for a list of reasons why you should be adding background checks to the top of your travel itinerary.

1. House-Sitting

While you’re lounging on the beach or flying down the ski slopes, any number of mishaps could be happening at home. For all concerns ranging from burglary to burst pipes, paying someone to watch your house for you while you’re away is a solid solution. 

That said, your mind will only be at ease if you hire the right person. To ensure that your new house-sitter is responsible, consider running a background check with in advance. 

Chances are your house-sitter is great, but the last thing you want on your trip is to play host to a whole slew of new problems. 

2. Pet Care

Similar to hiring a house-sitter, it’s a good idea to run any pet-sitting candidates through a background check service, as well. Most pet parents will agree that they can only enjoy their vacation if they know their beloved animals are having a good time too. 

Most pet-sitting job boards and networking sites seem reliable, but there’s never a total assurance that the sitters listed are thoroughly vetted for safety and training. Ordering a background check is the easiest way to know more about them than simply what’s on their online profile. 

3. Home Renovations

Regarding travel accommodations, owning your own vacation home is an unbeatable experience. All the comforts of home are included, and your family and friends will jump at the chance to join you. 

Having to handle home repair and renovations from afar, though, is certainly a downside. While your second home might be in your absolute favorite exotic destination, you still can’t be there 100% of the time, which means you’ll need someone else to take care of the basic maintenance. 

Construction is stressful enough without having limited interaction with the builders you’ve brought in. You can still oversee the hiring for faraway home reno projects from the architects to the landscapers when you opt for background checks. 


Aside from the reasons above, there are many ways in which background checks can enhance your vacation experience by eliminating some of the stress involved. 

Beyond personal hiring, they are also beneficial for obtaining travel insurance and fulfilling visa requirements, to name a few. 

No matter what the cause of your travel anxiety, getting some quick and easy background checks before you pack your bags can mean a huge weight off your mind down the line.

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