Easy and Convenient Ways to Save Money When Booking a Vacation

Booking a vacation isn’t hard, but accumulating the funds to pay for it can be. A lot of people feel as though they can never get the vacation they want because they just can’t afford it, and this can put a real downer on the whole trip.

Luckily, there are ways for you to save money without having to compromise your trip too much.

Check the Exchange Rates

The first thing that you need to do is look into the exchange rates of the destination you’re planning to visit. If somewhere has a favorable exchange rate then this can make it much easier for you to gather the spending money you need.

You should note however that a favorable exchange rate can be a sign that there is a deeper problem with the country, and if you are not careful then you may end up making a bad decision.

Sign up for Newsletters

If you are not 100% set on a specific destination, then it helps to sign up for a flight newsletter. This will let you know if there are any bargain flights coming up and it will also help you to save a ton of money too.

There are so many sites that you can do this through nowadays, and if you are an avid traveller then you may find them very useful.

Of course, it also helps to sign up with travel agent newsletters too, as they may be able to show you deals for destinations that you are quite keen on visiting.

Pricing Alerts

It’s always a good idea for you to set pricing alerts for every hotel or  flight search engine you use. Aggregator sites are great here, but if you are not careful then you may end up being bombarded with useless emails. If you want to get around this set any alert threshold low.  

As soon as you have booked, make sure that you remove your details too.

Book in Incognito

When you surf the web, you need to do so in incognito mode. Your browser won’t collect cookies this way and this will stop sites from bumping their prices up as soon as they realise that you are interested in a destination. Another option would be for you to use a VPN. This will help you to conceal your location and it will also encrypt any data that you choose to send.

Negotiate with the Hostel

A lot of travelers don’t realize this, but rental car companies, hotels and even hostels will pay dearly for business that comes through a travel aggregator. For this reason, you need to try and do everything you can to negotiate with the accommodation provider.

When you do this, you can save significantly. It’s also a good idea to book with the Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club too, as they can give you even more options when it comes to your vacation and any other trips that you plan on booking as well so do keep that in mind.

How do you try to save money for vacation?

Why So Many People Return To Indonesia After Crossing It Off Their Bucket List

Why is it that people go back to Indonesia, time and time again? It’s not a place that you simply cross off your bucket list, but somewhere that you want to go back to because of the experience.

Indonesia is the world’s largest archipelago or island chain. It stretches from the northern coast of Australia up towards Malaysia in south-east Asia, covering a distance of more than 3,000 miles.

What’s so fascinating about the country is the range of environments. There’s the tropical island of Borneo in the north of the country, filled to the brim with rainforest and unique ecology. And then there is the heavily urbanized area around the Java Sea, including Jakarta.

Remember, more than 240 million people call Indonesia home, making it one of the most populous countries on Earth. Nearly as many people live in Indonesia as live in the US.

Here are some of the many reasons why people keep going back to Indonesia, time and time again.

Bali Is A Backpacker’s Paradise

If you’re the sort of person who likes to go on long excursions out into nature, then you’ll love backpacking in Bali. While the island is famous for its nightlife and tourist scene, the moment you go off the beaten track, you find yourself in the wilderness: an expanse of ancient jungle, dotted with ruins and ancient landmarks.

Photo via GoodFreePhotos.com

You can be making your way through a jungle path and, without warning, suddenly stumble across a magnificent ancient temple.

What’s so exciting about Bali is how it combines the wild with the civilized. The island is relatively small, so you can go hiking in the interior during the day, and then return to the coast in the evening for some much-deserved rest and relaxation.

Being a tourist hotspot, Bali is home to dozens of places to eat, all of exceptionally high quality.

Experienced Bali trekkers try to incorporate landmarks into their journey. You can hike past the island’s famous rice fields, or take a trip to the volcanoes in the north that are responsible for the island’s very existence. You can also walk around the Bali Barat National park freely, one of the best places to spot native wildlife on the island, such as macaques and wild boar.

The Javan Hills

Java is a famously populated place, with more than 140 million people crammed onto the small island. But just like in other densely populated regions around the world, there are still places where people rarely venture.

Photo via Wikimedia

If you’re planning on staying in a beli rumah murah in Java, then you can use it as a base to explore the island’s epic countryside and temples.

Java is home to more than twelve national parks outside Jakarta. Many of the national parks encompass volcanoes, some of which still spew out ash daily.

Java is also home to some of the most famous Buddhist temples in the world, including the one at Borobudur. The temple is renowned for its latticed chimneys that run alongside the region’s many rice paddies.

Early Buddhists chose many of these locations for sacred sites because of their peacefulness and tranquillity. Even with the modern development of megacities on the island, these remain places of refuge to get away from the mania of city life.

Adventures In Sumatra

Despite being geographically close to Java, Sumatra is an entirely different place. The human population is much lower, the island is much bigger, and rainforest takes up a much larger area of the available land.

Photo via Pexels.com

The center of Sumatra is like a lost paradise, with endless rainforest interspersed with jagged mountains.

If you’re the type of person who likes an adventure, then Sumatra should be at the top of your list of Indonesian destinations. In the north, you’ll find the protected rainforest of Tangkahan, an area that is free from deforestation and poaching. It’s here that you’ll find one of the world’s most vibrant ecosystems, with thousands of species living alongside one another in close quarters.

Hospitality on the island is pretty good too. You can grab a cup of the great Sumatran coffee before starting your expedition for the day, and enjoy views overlooking the stunning wildlife and scenery.

For people who want to venture even further, there is the Kerinci Seblat, the island’s largest and most remote national park. You won’t find much in the way of touristic amenities here, but you may get a chance to glimpse the elusive and rare Sumatran rhino. And even if you’re not treated to this most unusual of creatures, there are all kinds of other animals that will be of interest to keen naturalists.

Komodo Dragons

Komodo dragons are rare creatures and make their home on just five of the 3,000 or so islands that make up Indonesia. Currently, the world’s largest lizards live on Komodo, Padar, Gili Motang, Flores and Rinca.

Many people do not know how large these creatures are. On television, they look like they might be the size of a small dog. But in reality, they can weigh up to 150 lbs, putting them in a different league altogether. Even Dobermans can look small compared to these epic beasts. No wonder they got the nickname, “dragon.”

Komodo dragons are also highly dangerous, so if you do go and visit them, you’ll want to go with a guide. The lizards produce a venom that can quickly put people into shock and induce heart failure. Komodo dragons, however, are worth the risk. Just seeing these creatures on a far-flung Pacific island is as close as you can get in real life to Jurassic Park.

Sprawling Jakarta

Jakarta is a chaotic place, and home to 10 million people – that’s two million more than London. The city is home to the biggest and best that Indonesia has to offer, including luxury hotels and famous night clubs.

The town is a jumble of towering skyscrapers and more modest and humble dwellings for people newly emigrated to the city. There’s always somewhere new to explore.

Best Musical Destinations In America

America has had a huge influence on world music especially with people like Dolly Parton and Elvis Presley. People often forget about all the fantastic musical places to visit.

Photo by israel palacio on Unsplash

America is associated with many attractions and theme parks but take a look below to get a really good sense of America’s music heritage.

Motown Museum

Take a trip to Detroit where you can check out the Motown Museum more commonly known as Hitsville. You will find thousands of people visiting the home and heart of Motown. It’s definitely become a tourist hotspot and not one to be missed.

Photo Credit: Trover.com

The museum shows the history of Motown from 1959 through to the present day. Visitors love to spend a bit of time in studio A where many Motown hits were recorded.


Attracting over 600,000 visitors a year Graceland is probably the most visited musical tourist spot in the USA. Graceland was, of course, made famous by being the home of Elvis Presley.

The private mansion sits on nearly 40 acres of land and is seen as a symbol of America’s musical greatness. Taking a trip here will really give an insight into the life of the king of rock and roll.

Visitors are able to take an iPad tour around Graceland, spend time in the meditation gardens and it’s even possible to hire it for special occasions such as weddings.

While your visiting you should also think about visiting Sun Studios where Elvis made his first record.


What music list would be complete without the famous Dolly Parton?

She’s an iconic part of America’s music history. She is known as one of country music’s most famous stars and people travel from all around the world to visit Dollywood. She has a 150-acre family-friendly theme park making it the perfect excuse to fit it in on a family vacation.

While at Dollywood visitors can enjoy loads of different shows, make crafts, go on different rides and celebrate a variety of festivals throughout the year.

There is plenty to do around Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg while you are visiting. Vacations Made Easy have some brilliant ideas for you to consider.

Musical Instrument Museum

This one is definitely for the musicians out there. It’s the home to musical instruments from many famous musicians such as Maroon 5’s Adam Levine, Taylor Swift as well as Johnny Cash.

Love the song Imagine? Well, this Phoneix museum has the very piano that John Lennon composed it on. Isn’t that’s reason to visit in itself.

If you’re wanting to continue your musical tour around America you can also find some of Dolly Parton’s items here too.

It holds more than 12,000 musical instruments all together from all different destinations in the world. It has brilliantly interactive displays where you are able to listen to the exhibits through headsets.

This is another musical destination that is ideal for the family where children have a go at instruments such as the harp and African drums. If your a musical expert or just love instruments you’ll find it  interesting to be able to watch over experts restoring historic instruments using only authentic materials.

Las Vegas

This famous American destination just couldn’t be left off the list! Where else are you going to be able to see the like of stars such as Rod Stewart, Elton, Celine Dion and Jennifer Lopez all in one place? They all perform on a regular basis making this a vast musical place to visit.

Vegas is amazing, with its glitz and glam who can blame the stars for wanting to perform here. This isn’t the only thing that you can see in Las Vegas though. There are also many acts that you can see such as the Blue Man Group and Cirque du Soleil which are masterpieces in their own right.

There are also attractions such as the famous Bellagio, Caesars Palace and the Axis Auditorium that should be seen when visiting. Not to mention the fact you can take a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon and along the strip.

You can arrange a day trip where you sing songs around a campfire during the day and then return to Vegas to see it in all its glory at night.

What musical destinations would you add to the list? Let us know in the comments section below.

Bringing Indoors Outdoors: Luxury Travel

They say that traveling brings out your true personality. There has to be some truth in it, seeing as how people’s preferences can differ so greatly when it comes to travel choices.

Some like to pack a bag, grab a tent and hit the great outdoors, while some are not that eager to leave the luxuries of modern life behind. If you believe you fall into the latter category, you’re probably looking for lavish options that grant you the comfort of your home – and luckily, there is no shortage of choices there.


The briny deep offers a great alternative to regular 5-star hotels that, well, stay in just one place.

A sail across the ocean with a luxury transatlantic cruise will provide you with world-class amenities while you get to see numerous iconic cities and exotic destinations. Cruise ships feature high-end dining options, various bars and lounges, and a myriad of activities you can participate in during your journey.

For some extra delight, you could even rent a private cabana to enjoy some tropical sun on a remote island as you’re docked at the shore.


Camping might sound like an inconvenience to you, but what if it was glamorous?

Glamping is just that; it’s a fusion of nature and modern facilities. The accommodation alternatives range from high-end tents with a bathroom inside, to lodges, domes, cottages and treehouses. So if you want to go out there and explore the wildlife, but would prefer to rest in a comfy bed rather than a sleeping bag, then glamping might be the perfect answer.

RVs and Motorhomes

Who said you can’t take your entire home with you on your trips?

Photo Credit: DoItYourselfRV

You can buy a luxury RV if you’re determined to travel the world by land, or you can look into some rental options to try out the experience of driving around in a vehicle that basically serves as a 4-star hotel. Luxury tourers swear by the perks of having a full-fledged kitchen, bathroom, shower and bedroom while you’re on the road.

Even when you want to park at a certain location for a longer while, you don’t have to settle for regular RV parks. You can stay at first-class RV resorts, which only allow class-A motorhomes and provide guests with fancy amenities like hot tubs, saunas, pet care centers and swimming pools.

Modern Trains

High-speed rail travel is also on the rise among luxury-seeking explorers. Modern trains are being designed with travelers’ convenience in mind – they offer great privacy with their spacious, well-decorated cabins that come with en-suite bathrooms.

Although the range of activities that passengers can enjoy are rather limited, a nice meal or an afternoon drink in the dining cars may appeal to those who want to dine with a view.

Private Tours

Rushing to keep up with a crowd of tourists following the same old itineraries is a thing of the past. If you want to book a city tour but do not care much for the hassle it traditionally comes with, you may consider going for handcrafted tours.

You make an appointment with travel specialists to tell them about your dream vacation, and they plan it specifically for you. Whether you’re interested in culinary experiences or want to visit the places that appear on your favorite TV show, you get to call the shots. You can customize your journey to include facilities you prefer, and don’t have to compromise your everyday comfort.


Barefoot Landing North Myrtle Beach Live Music Series!

Heading to Myrtle Beach this year for vacation? Or . . . are you a local looking for some perfect spring and summer fun?

Barefoot Landing and their merchants will be providing regional and local live music throughout the spring and summer every Friday and Saturday night beginning April 12!

Barefoot Landing will be hosting live music every Friday and Saturday evening at the Dockside Village Amphitheater starting April 12. Various duos, trios and larger bands will entertain audiences for free from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. with music from many different genres and styles. Guests are encouraged to bring a blanket or chair to sit on the lawn, relax and enjoy the sounds of live music. The first group on April 12, If Birds Could Fly, is a duo playing Americana. Other local favorites scheduled to perform this spring include Backfire, Cornbread, Wet Nose Dogs, The Grassabillies and many more.  For a complete lineup, visit http://www.bflanding.com/calendar.

In addition to the regular Friday and Saturday lineup, the Long Bay Symphony Orchestra will make a special appearance on Sunday, April 28. The family show will feature the Brothers Grimm folk tale set with music by Bernard Rogers. Shows will be at 5 p.m. and 6 p.m. in the Amphitheater at Dockside Village.Other Barefoot Landing merchants also offer live music throughout the week, including Greg Norman Australian Grille with performances from local talent five days a week. Taco Mundo has entertainment on Sundays and will have a whole weekend of music for May 4 and May 5 in celebration of Cinco de Mayo.

Of course House of Blues offers regular shows both in the Music Hall and at The Deck. Wild Wing Café and Dick’s Last Resort also showcase local talent occasionally and Lucy Buffett’s LuLu’s has nightly entertainment starting at 5 p.m.

About Barefoot Landing

Barefoot Landing, located at 4898 Highway 17 South, North Myrtle Beach, is owned and managed by Burroughs & Chapin, headquartered in Myrtle Beach, S.C. It combines the traditional retail functions of a shopping venue with attractions and other leisure amenities to deliver an outdoor-centric recreational experience. Its unique seaport-style architecture, proximity to the Intracoastal Waterway, and lake combine to create a charming coastal village atmosphere ideal for shopping, dining, and social interaction. Boardwalks and bridges weave through the 100-acre nature-friendly complex and its wide variety of specialty and retail shops, waterfront restaurants, and entertainment venues. More information about Barefoot Landing is available by calling (843) 272-8349, or logging on to www.bflanding.com.