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Aruba: A Landscape Of Cacti And Reliable Sunshine

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A sovereign state of the Netherlands, Aruba is one of those small islands that can truly be called a hidden gem. North off the coast of Venezuela, Aruba is just 69 square miles with a population of around 105,000 people.

One can gauge how popular this destination is for all kinds of holiday goers by taking one look at the $3 billion GDP. This is because it has something that most Westerners want when they look for a holiday That will be relaxing, sunshine. The land is bathed in it reliably and despite being a country in South America where you would expect consistent rain, the landscape is dry.

For people who want to chill and take it slow, sunbathing to their heart’s content is more than possible here. In fact, it’s so hot and dry that for much of the terrain, the only living plants are cacti. They are spread out across the land and they comprise of many different species.

However, since it is South America, you also have a lot of colorful festivals, buildings, brilliant barbecue food and of course plenty of water activities. It can look baron on a map but you will find some of the best pearly white sand beaches anywhere in the world.

No land for miles

Of course, if you come to any kind of small island in the Caribbean, you must visit at least one beach. That’s being rather lax and holding yourself back because you should be visiting all the beaches on the island.

On Aruba, chief among them is the best beach it has to offer with regards to accessibility, space, popularity and quality. Eagle Beach is just 6 miles (10 kilometers) from the capital city of Oranjestad which is about a 20 minute drive.

It’s a beach that has sand that is almost white, very smooth and soft underneath the soles of your feet. It’s little wonder then that so many resorts choose to make this their home and not just because of the view.

Since it is the most popular beach on the island, there are lots of things to do around it too. There are cafes, restaurants, bars and some nice ice cream shops to venture into.

You can enjoy a nice triple chocolate ice cream while watching people play volleyball. But, don’t get too comfortable as this is not a nude beach. Nude sunbathing is banned on the island for common courtesy reasons. However you can sunbathe topless if you wish but try to pick a spot where you won’t be out in the open where children are playing.

Overall the beach from end to end is around 1.5 miles (2.7 kilometers) so there’s more than enough room for everyone.


Trekking with a bit of horsepower

Aruba isn’t just about clear blue oceans, white beaches and rainbow lights in the night. It’s also about exploration and trekking around the island and it’s complex terrain.

The landscape is dry, with small stones that litter miles and miles of the countryside. The changes in gradient, the rocky hills and the flat shrub-land around the edges of the island make it perfect for hiking.

However, you can go hiking anytime you want back home, so why would you want to walk and walk while on a holiday that is supposed to be fun? That’s where the awesome ATV tours come in. Each person who signed up for the tour can get their own quad bike or they can share with 2 people maximum.

The all terrain vehicles are a blast, they have a lot of torque that can pull you up almost any slope. The landscape is made up of dry sand as well as yellowish brown soil that crumbles easily. This means that the ATVs can be thrashed around without much worry of them sinking into the surface.

All that’s required from you is a valid driver’s license so you can be trusted with a vehicle that has four wheels. You also need to be over 18 years of age. The tours usually run from Monday through Saturday.

The tour will last around 4 hours which makes it pretty long considering the size of the island. You’ll see and do many different things in that time-frame so it’s good for a day’s activity.


Ideal for a resort stay

Places like Aruba are prime locations for resorts. This is because they offer some kind of seclusion. The island is far from overpopulated and even though there are some tourist attractions, for the most part life is very normal.

Read the Diamond Resorts reviews for this part of the world and you can see why resorts like Aruba Ocean Villas are a very popular choice. Not only do you get full service from the staff for catering, room service, help and support for pretty much anything that will help you enjoy your stay, but they are known to care about their interaction with customers. The resorts have some of the friendliest staff known on the island and take great pride in having people that will genuinely hold a conversation with guests.

The resorts are comprised of villas that each party has to themselves. You will also have space outside your villa to rest. You may also have an outdoor swimming pool, a balcony and a choice of location so you get the best view possible.

Resorts also have a community feel but you are assured your own privacy will remain intact for however long you wish. Aruba is for all these reasons a perfect vacation destination that can be enjoyed in a resort that truly celebrates the island.

If there’s one thing you can count on in Aruba, it’s the sunshine. The weather is perfect for those that just want to do nothing and sunbathe the entire day.

Go down to Eagle Beach where the soft white sand will be your giant cushion and the calming waves will be your music. Resorts that are designed for the island give you the best kind of vacation if you want personalized care and your every call answered.

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