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Can’t Travel: 4 Easy Tips to Give Your Home a New Lease on Life

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An Any Budget Home ReDo: Thanks to the global pandemic that has taken over 2020, travel has been pushed down the list of priorities for many people. Spending more time at home often gives way to wanting to make improvements to make your living space somewhere you want to spend more time in when you can’t go pretty much anywhere else.

any budget home redo
Photo Credit: CondoWizard

Any Budget Home ReDo

The best thing is, you can make changes to your home in pretty much any way and on any type of budget, you need to work within.

Garden Renovations

Much in the same way adding an extension to your home can give you more living space, so can a well-designed garden area. Whatever your imagination can come up with, you can guarantee there is a company such as Austin Outdoor Living can bring it to reality.

Whether you opt for a low maintenance garden with little to no greenery or flower bearing plants in modern planters or you want to bring your garden to life by adding vegetable patches and bountiful flowerbeds. By creating a space outdoors you want to spend time in, you can spend your days in your own outside oasis in lieu of a holiday to a far-flung destination.

Fresh Lick of Paint

If you are becoming sick of looking at the same old walls inside your home, change them up. Give your paint a new lease on life by freshening up the color or even changing it completely. Move around pictures or ornaments to give the room a new fresher look or even choose to totally redecorate the whole room.

Whatever your budget allows for, work with it to help you reimagine the space you spend all your time in and make it somewhere you want to be.

Want to know that the color you pick will be good in your room? Most major paint companies offer a tool on their websites that allow you to put different colors on some virtual”walls” before you even purchase the paint.


Much in the same way you repaint your walls should they need some TLC, the same can be applied to your furniture and furnishings too. Up-cycling what you currently own not only gives the item a new lease on life but helps you rework what you have and create a whole new style for your home.

You can use old clothing and blankets to reupholster cushion covers or even window dressings for your home. Recover your sofa or give your kitchen a makeover by up-cycling your current cabinet units and changing the color and look for something new and fresher.

Have a Garage Sale

Suddenly noticed how much ‘stuff’ you have in your home? Why not hold a garage sale or donate unwanted items to Goodwill. You will never fail to be surprised at how much the look and feel of your home will change by simply clearing out unwanted items.

Finding extra space in your home means you can then look at reconfiguring what you have left and changing up the vibe indoors by maximising all the extra space and/or storage your clearing out has afforded you.

Dig through your garage, basement, attic, closets, cabinets, and under all the beds. A good rule of thumb is: if you don’t use it or wear it regularly (or you forgot it even existed), it probably needs to go. 

The extra money you make clearing out your space can help with the cost of fresh paint or expanding your living space into the backyard.

The possibilities are endless when you really set your mind to changing up your home and creating a space you love to spend time in.