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Food Allergy Chronicles: Travel Tip #1 ~ Always Be Prepared

epi penALWAYS BE PREPARED. Sounds like common sense to most of us. However, you would be greatly surprised by the number of allergy sufferers that leave home totally, completely, positively, 100% unprepared.

Having a plan is the best way to stay safe when you are traveling with food allergies (and remember what I said last week ~ anytime you leave home, you are traveling ~ see Traveling with Food Allergies?).

The most important part of the plan is to never leave home without your auto-injector. Not having the medication you need when you need it is a huge mistake that people make. I get it; they’re huge and bulky and totally uncool. In case you’re wondering anaphylaxis is also totally uncool (and can be deadly). There are loads of carry cases you can use ~ I’ve seen clutches that have a place for an auto-injector, and Mylan even offers a case for free when you register your EpiPens.

The second part is plan your meals ahead of time. If you know where you will be dining, look at menus on-line, call and talk to chefs, and make reservations. Disney (special dietary requests) is a great resource if you are traveling there. Allergies are taken very seriously and it’s probably the easiest place for the food allergic to eat.

The third and final plan is to have an emergency back up. Always keeps a safe quick food with you. It could be an Enjoy Life bar that you keep in your EpiPen case, or a some Sunbutter and an apple. Always have a quick snack just in case. Keep your auto-injector some place that is easily accessible to anyone that is with you.

Quick Review

  1. Never leave your house without your auto-injector – if you can remember your cell phone and keys – you can remember this!
  2. Plan your meals ahead of time
  3. Always keep and emergency backup snack


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