Always, Always Have a Plan! Get Down to Disness Daily Agenda


I received a free copy of Get Down to ¬†Disness Daily Agenda” for review. All opinions are my own. And – I love it!

Even with Magic Bands and the My Disney Experience APP, I still print paper to take with me on every trip. I’m old school. I like to have a sheet with all of my dining reservations and confirmation numbers. I like to have a sheet with all of my FastPass times. I think there are lots of people that are the same way. I have seen some people actually have huge color coded spread sheets.

There is enough room in the book to handle a full 2 week vacation at Walt Disney World with several different agenda type areas for dining, fastpasses, shows – anything you can plan. The book is light-weight and fits perfectly in your bag without adding extra weight or taking up too much space. Each page also has some fun little tips from the Walt Disney World experts that created the planner.

The book is available directly from the Get Down to Disness website or on¬†Amazon for $10.95 and here is what I love about it the most – IT’S RE-USABLE!! Get Down to Disness is printed on such a great grade of paper with a finish that allows you to use an erasable pen and use it over and over and over again! They even sell the pen to go with it! I also tested it with an erasable pen I had in my desk – and that worked too!




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This planner is definitely worth every penny and an absolutely priceless addition to the planning tools for not only new visitors to Walt Disney World but veteran visitors as well. I can’t wait to use mine next week!