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Food Allergy Chronicles: Allergy Pro Tips

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Allergy Pro Tips – How to Make Our Food Taste Good

  1. Let your toaster be your friend – toast everything!

 Gluten Free bread isn’t always appetizing. Personally I love Udi’s gluten free bread products. I know there are some complaints over holes in the bread but I still think they are the best tasting. No matter how good the product is, the texture isn’t great and toasting makes a huge difference. This goes for everything – bagels, hamburger buns, hot dog buns, etc.  I even place a finished wrap in the toaster oven for a few minutes. Makes a huge difference!
udis 2.  Savor your seasonings – Use natural seasonings

 Unless you are on an elimination or elemental diet, flavor is your friend. Some jarred seasonings can be scary and unhealthy so trying to avoid them is best. Use fresh garlic (if you can), fresh herbs, onions or shallots. Wheat free pasta tastes o.k. (really – just o.k.) but the right seasonings are a huge help and actually make it very good.

    3. Experiment (with everything) Find what works best for you

After eating way too many soggy, falling apart gluten free wraps, I realized I should following my own advice – toast them – just a little. Play around and experiment. Find the things that work best for you. Order different products to try. Enjoy Life has so many choices. Be adventurous! Get a sampler box full of a variety of things and find what you like best.


The best thing anyone with allergies can do is play with their food. Find what works best for you. Break some rules. Try putting a Sunbutter cup on top of an Enjoy Life cookie dough and see what happens. I probably do some things that seem weird to others. Most can be time consuming to prepare but I always end up enjoying my food. It’s a win in my book because when you are very limited with what you can eat – what you eat should taste good!