Alcohol Coming to the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World

alcohol magic kingdom

Behind the Thrills ~ Theme Park News and Reviews reported this week that rumors are coming from Magic Kingdom Cast Members that the Walt Disney World Resort will be introducing alcohol to most of their full-service restaurants in the Magic Kingdom next week. Just in time for the Christmas peak season. Currently, alcohol (beer and wine) has only been served in Be Our Guest restaurant or during private events not open to the general public taking place in the Magic Kingdom. The rumor circulating indicates that Magic Kingdom cast members in the Magic Kingdom who work at the restaurants have started to receive alcohol training. FYI: I have not been able to find any other site reporting this information.


alcohol magic kingdom

According to Behind the Thrills:

“Our sources have indicated to us that Champagne and wine are to be introduced first into the full-service restaurants with beer coming early next year. Our sources also didn’t indicate to us when exactly the full-service restaurants will start to serve alcohol, but that the sale is going to start late next week around Christmas eve.”

If this rumor is true, I’m torn on my feelings about this. I enjoy a nice glass of wine or a cold beer as much as the next guy. But I also enjoy that “alcohol free zone” that the Magic Kingdom has offered for years. The feeling of complete innocence that the Magic Kingdom gives me and many others. The limited wine and beer that was introduced into the park when Be Our Guest opened doesn’t appear to have created any issues of over-indulging by guests. Let’s face it, we have all come across one or two of those guests in Epcot that simply don’t know how to enjoy a cocktail without making a complete fool of themselves, climbing the wall of a pavilion, jumping into the lagoon or vomiting along the walkways. As a family that enjoys Epcot, I resent having to explain someone else’s poor behavior to my granddaughter when we are on vacation. The last thing the Magic Kingdom needs is for someone that has had too many cocktails to decide to fly like Tinker Bell from a railing!

alcohol magic kingdomLimiting the sale of alcohol to the few table service restaurants (according to the rumor The Crystal Palace will be excluded) I would hope will limit the over-indulgence. But again, we all know someone that can put down multiple drinks – drink after drink – with dinner. My Disney nerdy side comes out when I hear about these types of changes. The Magic Kingdom to me just doesn’t feel like a spot where moms and dads or groups of friends should be getting tipsy. Of course, I understand that the decision is most likely based on money and revenue but at some point shouldn’t Disney draw the line on where and how that revenue is gained. If this rumor is true ~ what do you think?

Don’t get me wrong – I will be the first one to share with you the 5 Best Drinks to Keep You Happy in Epcot or the Drink Around the World in Epcot Challengebut I’m just not a fan of alcohol in the Magic Kingdom (it’s that Disney nerdy thing again). After all, An Open Suitcase did start out as The Adult Side of Disney, but I wasn’t thrilled when it was announced Be Our Guest would be serving alcohol and I’m not really thrilled with hearing this rumor. I would hate to see the magic ruined.


Do you think serving alcohol at Magic Kingdom table service locations is a good idea?