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5 Amazingly Affordable Countries to Visit for Your Next Beach Vacation

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Affordable Beach VacationsBelieve it or not, some people prefer to stay at home rather than spending a lot of money for a beach vacation. Most people think it costs so much to have an unforgettable beach vacation in one of the most popular destinations for beach holidays. However, it is not true for all the destinations. If you associate your vacation with spending a lot of money, you may be surprised to find there are many affordable destinations you can go for your next beach vacation.

Let’s discover five of the cheapest destinations for your pleasure time on the beach. You can enjoy your time sitting on a beach under a sturdy beach tent or take part in various beach activities in one of the following countries for very affordable costs.


Today, Ukraine is one of the cheapest countries for a beach vacation in the world. As it doesn’t belong to any list of top tourist destinations, it has affordable prices for accommodation, transportation, and food.

Even though Ukraine lost Crimea Peninsula after the conflict with Russia in 2014, it still has access to two seasides – the Black Sea and the Azov Sea.

The Azov Sea has beautiful sandy beaches, and they are mostly suitable for vacations with children. But the Black Sea has more clear water and more appropriate places for swimming and snorkeling.

Odessa is the largest city in the Ukrainian seaside. It’s old historical city with Baroque architecture and the most important seaport of the country. Moreover, it is full of beach resorts from the cheapest to luxury ones.

Craving for saturated nightlife, tourists go to Odessa’s nightclubs (“Ibiza” is the most popular one). But those, who want relaxation, visit campsites in the Arabat Spit and the Black Sea side.


Albania is a real hidden gem of Europe. Albania does attract tourists to both its untouched nature and historical heritages. Surprisingly, bunkers are considered to be a symbol of Albania. There are thousands of bunkers all over the country, which belong to its communist past.

The Albanian seaside is considered to be the wealthiest trait of the country. It is full of attractive sandy beaches for swimming and snorkeling. Moreover, you can find a lot of touristic resorts with prices, cheaper than in neighboring Greece and Montenegro. Albanian resorts and infrastructure are still being developed which makes it the right time to visit this country, while the prices are still affordable.


Planning your beach vacation to the Southeast Asia, think about visiting Cambodia. Although this country is located right next to the incredible touristic Thailand, it has no less outstanding places to visit.

Sihanoukville is considered to be the central city for those who go to Cambodia for the beach vacation. You can find plenty of cheap hostels and cafes around the monument of the Golden Lions. People spend most of the day time swimming or sunbathing, but meet each other to watch stunning sunsets every evening.

Even though there are a lot of places to visit in Sihanoukville and around it, people go to islands looking for an atmosphere of the Beach Paradise. The most popular and luxury islands are Koh Rong and Koh Rong Samloem. But if you want to feel the atmosphere of wilderness and save some money, go to the islands Koh Ta Kiev, Koh Tang or others. You can rent a bungalow there for a reasonable price.


Looking for an affordable place to stay on a secluded island in the Caribbean Sea, pay attention to Montego Bay in Jamaica. Many tourists who want to save some money, go to Ocho Rios. This is a perfect place for hiking, swimming and visiting attractions in the national waterfall park.

Tourists all over the world adore Jamaica for its extremely long white-sand beaches and tropical climate.


The biggest incomes in Egypt come from tourism. The country offers a wide range of hotels of all the classes. The best time to go to Egypt – December, January or February, when the weather is not too hot. If you want to visit for an extremely low price, look for hot offers for package tours to Egypt.

In general, tourists go to Egypt for fantastic snorkeling, diving and visiting ancient Egyptian pyramids.

Choose the cheapest and the most enjoyable country for your beach vacation right now. And remember, if you want to save some money, you have to be flexible with travel dates. Be sure to have all the essentials for a beach vacation to have an unforgettable experience with friends and family on the beach.