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Advantages of All Inclusive Resorts

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An all-inclusive resort is where you pay one fee to get on and then everything is covered. Unless it is a resort sponsored activity, you never leave the grounds and everyone is either a fellow guest or resort employee. Some things exist just to make life a little easier, and the advantages of all inclusive resorts definitely falls into that category.

advantages of all inclusive resorts

If you were to compare an all-inclusive vacation package to a non all-inclusive vacation, and take into account the cost of your meals, tips, drinks, and everything you’re going to want to do, you’ll find that all-inclusive resorts give you the best value for your money. Staying on budget is pretty easy when it comes to all-inclusive vacations.

Advantages of All Inclusive Resorts

All expenses are paid up front, and the price of all an all-inclusive will often include travel to and from the airport, accommodations, food and drink. This means that unless you go nuts with side trips and souvenirs, you don’t have to worry about overspending.

These packages are therefore particularly good for families and people who have a specific budget. There’s no need to deal with foreign currency and you can completely relax and switch off.

When you want to travel and enjoy your trip, you need to look at all of your options. While it can sometimes be exciting to plan your hotel, meals and entertainment, it can also be tiresome and complicated. For this reason, if you want to relax and not fret over any of the small details, you need to look into an all-inclusive resort.

Widely acknowledged as the granddaddy of the hassle-free, all-inclusive vacation, Club Med was the first tour operator to roll the costs of lodging, meals, drinks, activities and entertainment into one daily rate. By the 80s, others adopted similar pricing models. At that time, all-inclusive packages attracted singles, honeymooners and other young couples seeking fun-filled getaways on a shoestring.

Today, the vastly expanded all-inclusive market includes families, empty-nesters, groups of friends and multigenerational clans.

Most all-inclusive resorts are situated behind high walls, gated and with 24 hour security and staff on premises. Safe, secure and private – something very important today.

Although most all-inclusives are near a beach, they offer more than sun and surf. Daily programs cram in so many activities that they are reminiscent of a stay at summer camp. Think: yoga, water aerobics, exercise classes, beach walks, water volleyball, cooking and art classes, tennis, wine and tequila tastings, etc. Usually at an additional cost, resorts arrange off-premise opportunities to experience local culture. 

What are the reasons all-inclusive resorts are becoming so popular?

The convenience of an all-inclusive resort is the number one reason they are popular. This is especially true in a tight economy. You pay one flat fee and then no more unless it is for souvenirs. You know the price, the applicable taxes, and you can budget your vacation. No worries about food, to/from airport transportation or anything. Everything is in one compact and convenient package and price.

One of the great advantages of an all-inclusive vacation is the unlimited meals and nearly endless options of gourmet cuisine. Leave your wallet in the room safe and roam around the resort eating and drinking until your heart and belly are content. Unlike a cruise where you have to purchase soda, alcohol and other beverages, at all-inclusive resorts the beverages and alcohol are included.

Many resorts offer “24-hour all-inclusive”, meaning access to unlimited food and drink 24 hours a day. Other resorts are not open day and night and will usually specify meal times for you to follow.

Most all-inclusive resorts offer the essential water sports such as kayaks, snorkeling, paddle boarding, windsurfing, sailboats. There’s never a dull moment at an all-inclusive resort. From dawn to dusk, there are always activities taking place.

From the moment you wake up there are activities taking place all over the resort. Yoga on the beach, dance classes by the pool, art classes for the kids and so on. Go on a catamaran, go kayaking, go parasailing, go snorkeling, go on a glass bottom boat ride, go out on jet skis, or go horseback riding on the beach or just lay on the beach.

There will be nightly entertainment with live music, Broadway style shows, comedians and karaoke! Dance the night away at a beach party or in the nightclub. Try your luck at the casinos or hang out in the sports bar.

An all-inclusive resort trip can be a beautiful thing filled with activities to take advantage of.
There is no need to go too far when everything is provided and all within a couple of footsteps from your room. This is what makes all-inclusive trips so enticing. Everything from pool, beach, restaurants, entertainment and all-you-can-eat buffets tend to be included in the price that you pay.

The best part about a resort all inclusive is the simple fact that everything is all included without the hassle of having to pay for anything. However, some resorts do hide a few extra charges so be sure to read the fine print. Some examples of hidden fees include paying extra for “premium alcohol” or for wi-fi as well as for a certain exclusive restaurant on the resort.

This can defeat the entire purpose of a trip. Make it a priority to get as much info as possible on what exactly is included in the total cost.

Outside the All-Inclusive Resort

The reality is that you can get away anytime you want. Day trips and excursions are incredibly easy to book, with a number of resorts supporting tours offered by local outfitters.

Tour operators in the lobby will be happy to whisk you to famous dive sites, ancient ruins, a rainforest, perhaps a volcano. No one will stop you from venturing out. Most outside excursion packages make sure that you are collected and dropped back at your resort.

 Nothing is stopping your escape, though it can be mentally challenging to leave the confines of an all-inclusive hotel. With so much food, drink, entertainment and recreation offered at the resort, only a small percentage (around 15%) of guests sign up for excursions, meaning they miss the hidden treasures of a place.