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About Our Authors

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Janice Brady –

Janice is a mom and a grandmother. After retiring in 2005 she began writing as a hobby. In 2010 she began contributing to Disney related blogs and sites since traveling to Walt Disney World is one of her greatest joys. It wasn’t long before she decided to go out on her own and she created “The Adult Side of Disney” blog. She is also author of a book by the same name (available on Amazon). In 2015 Janice realized that she was traveling to many areas, not just Walt Disney World, and wanted to share those travels with everyone. She re-branded The Adult Side of Disney into An Open Suitcase. This site gives her the opportunity to share all of her travels through life with everyone. Alone, or with family and friends, not much time goes by before Janice is packing her bags and heading out on her next adventure. 

Janice has worked on numerous campaigns with travel companies and destinations. She has participated in media trips and FAMS for destinations including Florida, Texas, New Orleans, Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando. Janice has been invited to attend Travel Media Showcase and Disney Social Media Moms Celebration. She is currently a “Top Florida Blogger” for Destinations in Florida Travel and is also been an invited attendee/social media influencer to press junkets and movie premiers by Walt Disney Studios. She is an HP Smart Mom and Chick-Fil-A Moms Panel Member.

Janice has also done product promotion on local television news shows in the Myrtle Beach area.

Caitlin Brady

As a Certified Chef and sufferer of multiple food allergies, Caitlin always strives to teach others with food allergies the best way to dine out, travel and enjoy their food as much as, or more than everyone else. Although many of her allergies have been with her since childhood, some are adult on-set allergies that have forced her to change how she eats and travels. She is the perfect person to help our readers learn about travel with food allergies. Walt Disney World is one of her favorite destinations since she feels they maintain the safest procedures and practices when it comes to food preparation for allergy sufferers.