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6 Tips to Help You Save Towards Your Dream Vacation

6 Tips Save Towards Dream Vacation

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If you want to go on your dream vacation and you are like most people, you will need to save up to do it. Dream vacations tend to be expensive! So how can you go about saving up enough cash to make it a reality? Here are four strong tips to get you there:

6 Tips to Help Save Towards Your Dream Vacation

Move it up the priority list – If you want to go to Tahiti, you need to forget about going up the street to the fancy restaurants for a bit. Take the money that you would spend there and put it into your dream vacation fund instead.

Start a change fund – People simply don’t realize how quickly pocket change can add up. Stick those quarters away and watch it grow! Pocket change can pay for a ton of vacation fun over the course of a year!

Set up your bank for an autosave feature – Banks now can automatically save your change overage when you use a debit card. Why not apply this to your savings account and go on vacation? Or an automatic deposit once or twice a month from your checking account into your savings account.

Make it a contest with your travel buddy – If you are traveling with someone on this dream vacation, have a contest to see who can save the most by a specific date. The competition helps you to make good decisions. The winner should get a reward!

6 Tips Save Towards Dream Vacation

If you’re not using Honey, a Google Chrome extension, you’re basically throwing money away. This genius Chrome extension scans the Internet for any available coupons and automatically applies the best one to your cart at checkout. Honey does all of the work in a couple of seconds, and it’s free.

6 Tips Save Towards Dream Vacation

While shopping on-line, don’t forget ebates! Last year I received $360 directly deposited from ebates just for going to sites I normally shop at through the ebates websites. It’s easier than ever now with an “ebates button” you can use in case you forget to go to your favorite on-line site without going through ebates! 

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