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6 Extraordinary Family Dude Ranch Vacation Ideas

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Are you looking for exciting family vacation ideas? Think outside the box and perhaps consider a dude ranch vacation out west! For more than 100 years dude ranches and guest ranch vacations have provided limitless fun and engaging things to do for the whole family.

Mom and dad will appreciate the all-inclusive rates – and that all the planning is done by the ranch to facilitate outdoor activities for the kids.

You won’t have to worry about a thing once you are at the ranch! And kids of all ages will have a full day of activities and evening entertainment to put that sparkle in their eye.

Take a look at these destination recommendations and you’ll see that dude ranch vacations are more than just horseback riding! Each ranch is unique in their additional offerings for family vacation ideas that are completely unique.

Sprucedale Guest Ranch, Arizona

Western dancing, trail riding, cow milking and a picnic ride
Sprucedale Guest Ranch is a summer vacation idea that the entire family will love.

Here, you can step back in time with cowboys and cowgirls who are living the lifestyle and inviting you to join their family run operation. You’ll arrive as strangers, but leave as friends. Here, families connect to each other and children roam free for a week in the beautiful Arizona countryside.

Western dancing, trail riding, cow milking, rodeo activities and a picnic ride are all iconic western events on the ranch that your family will
get to experience on this week-long vacation. And there are even more activities offered so everyone in the family will have a blast!

Triple R Ranch, South Dakota

Take a horseback ride to see Mount Rushmore. Right in the Middle of the Black Hills National Forest lies a family friendly vacation idea that maybe you hadn’t thought of. If you are planning to go to Mount Rushmore, why not take a more exclusive route to get there?

The ranch itself is full of history and the family run operation invites guests to share in genuine western hospitality. And with such a small setting, only 8 people max, you’re sure to get an insider view of this part of South Dakota.

You’ll have a personal guide to the “Grand View” vantage point to see Mount Rushmore and the Dakota Badlands via horseback. To capture the moment, you can take a picture with your family on horseback with Mount Rushmore in the background.

You’ll also have a fun trip in a ranch vehicle to the Crazy Horse Memorial. What a way to experience such a famous destination!

Upper Canyon Outfitters & Guest Ranch, Montana

Outdoor enthusiasts dream – horseback riding, fishing, hunting and hiking. Appealing to families with older children – 8 & up – the Upper Canyon Outfitters & Guest Ranch is the place to go for the great outdoors and a great getaway idea for your athletic adventurers.

The ranch is an all-inclusive destination with special packages designed for horseback riding, fly fishing, hiking, hunting or a mix of everything if you are so inclined. There’s also a special non-riding rate, so each person in the family can have their own itineraries for the week.

Friends and family will spend quality time together and make some unforgettable memories. Upper Canyon Outfitters is located in the beautiful Ruby Valley and along the banks of the Ruby River.

The setting is exclusive and incredibly beautiful. Everyone is sure to have a great time at Upper Canyon Outfitters!

Blacktail Ranch, Montana

Cave exploration, fishing and rafting together with the family – The Blacktail Ranch is immersed in the beautiful Montana countryside -surrounded by mountains, fields and forest with a clear river running through the ranch.

You’ll really understand a new meaning of “picturesque” when you arrive at the Blacktail Ranch. Located in a unique setting in Wolf Creek, Montana the ranch is home to the Blacktail Cave, a private cave that the ranch has exclusive access to.

Your hosts will take you on a kid friendly trip into the mouth of the cave and through a museum tour of artifacts and histories of the area. You’ll be surprised at how much fun everyone in the family will have exploring this gem of Montana! Not to mention all the horseback riding and other outdoor activities you’ll get to do with the ones you love.

K Diamond K Ranch, Washington

Spring Cattle Drives, Fall Roundups and year-round fun! Start planning now for your next great family adventure at the K Diamond K Ranch in Republic, Washington.

The ranch offers a distinctive visit no matter what time of year you are traveling. In the spring and fall you can participate in traditional western cattle drives that many people can only dream of doing. And throughout the year there are various other projects to be involved with – hay harvesting, fencing and calving if you like ranch work and horseback riding, fishing and even a massage for a well rounded time at the ranch.

You’re welcome to sign up each day for whatever activities you would like to participate in. Your ranch experience is sure to be a one of a kind visit that you’ll always remember.

Parade Rest Ranch, Montana

Visit “Old Faithful” on an interpretive van tour of Yellowstone National Park. Parade Rest Ranch is famous for making your travels easier. They provide a vacation for the entire family that will bring everyone together in a very relaxing environment.

Sit together in the dining room and enjoy great food and great conversation with the ones you love and perhaps make some new friends too. With comfortable cabins you’ll get a great night sleep and be ready for the adventures of the next day.

Horseback riding, mountain biking, fishing and hiking right from your cabin will take you to incredible mountain lakes and unbelievable views. And the best part? Parade Rest Ranch is very close to Yellowstone National Park and offers an interpretive van tour of all the great places in the park, including “Old Faithful” that your family will love!